When Perfect Ends

Lace had a perfect life. Perfect boyfriend, perfect grades, and a perfect family. Later she learns how the real life really works. Good things come to an end. Her life falls apart. It's all because of one mistake.


1. The Truth

Lace's Point Of View

"Isn't it amazing!" I exclaimed. "Y-yeah it looks great on you," said Chase.

I showed him the new necklace my boyfriend Micheal got for me. Micheal was best boyfriend ever! We were dating for about 2 years now. 

"How much was it?" Chase asked. "I don't know, he never told me," I answered. "No offense Lace, but it looks pretty cheap," Chase said. "Nonsense Chase!" I snapped back. "Are you positive Lace?" Chase asked. "Chase! Since me and Micheal started dating you've been assuming that everything he does is bad," I confronted. "He just doesn't seem trustworthy to me," Chase said.

Chase's Point of View

I should've told her what's going on, but looking into her innocent eyes I couldn't. She was so fragile, and I really regret that I ever found out. But I had to. I had to tell her.

"L-lace," I said," I think you should know what's going on." "What? Chase you know you can tell me anything," she replied. "I-i caught Micheal with another girl," I reluctantly said. "Chase. You're lying right?," she asked. "No, I'm not,"I answered. "Chase! Stop joking around!," she exclaimed. "I'm not joking!" I exclaimed back. "Seriously Chase? Grow up!" she said as she walked away.

I knew I should've never told her. I didn't understand why she didn't believe me.

***4 hours later***

I was sitting alone in the downtown cafe studying. When my sister barged in.

"Chase! What did you do?!" she exclaimed, " I told you to never tell her! She never wants to talk to you again!" "Ugh you're right I should've never told her," I replied, "She just deserves to know the truth." "She does, but we both know Micheal won't admit it," she agreed. "Yeah," I answered. "Speak of the devil," she said. "What?" I asked.

"What did you do?!" Micheal said as he stormed. "Great!" I said sarcastically. "You told her?!" Micheal yelled. "She deserves to know that you cheated," I snapped. "You little -" "Break it up boys!" my sister said. "Stay out of it Lila," Micheal said sternly. "Don't talk to my sister like that," I said. "I can ruin you, Chase," Micheal threatened. "You may be the captain of the football team, but you don't scare. You never have and you never will. Lace will know the truth one day," I said. "You're weak," Micheal said. "Weak? Really? Because I think you're talking about yourself," I said turning away. 

I was getting up to leave, but Micheal wasn't done with me. He wanted to throw punches, and trust me he did. I ended up leaving with my pride a little bit broken. Not because I now had a black eye, but Lace might never see past Micheal's good looks.

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