The Poetry Revolution

This poem is about how poetry could change the world. We should use it more in everyday life.


1. The Poetry Revolution

The thing about poetry is that it reaches us in different ways,

Different minds interpreting different things.

Some things are more complicated to say,

But that’s what poetry can bring.


There are things that we know we know about poetry,

Something almost everyone can say.

It can rhyme, but not always, 

And knowledge has no price to pay 


There are things that we know we don’t know about poetry,

And that statement’s obvious too,

For how can we know everything about poetry?

There is no way that can be true.


There are things that we don’t know we know about poetry,

This stanza is quite deep,

For your subconscious knows things

While you are in your sleep. 

You may not know it, but half of your brain

Has knowledge that you seek  

And you may never find it 

If you are very weak


There are things we don’t know that we don’t know about poetry,

And this may seem absurd,

I may be fluent in nonsense,

But there’s a reason for every word.

Facts can fool us,

Pretending they are true,

We all make mistakes,

Him, her and you.

This means we should work it out,

Stop all the confusion,

All the unjustified, mislead opinions

In the poetry revolution.


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