The Cabin in the Woods

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  • Published: 13 May 2017
  • Updated: 7 Jun 2017
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Privington, Ashville not only holds the most interesting records of criminals, but it also is the home to the three young detectives; Marty, Wesley, and Jackie. After closing down yet another stolen goods operation, the trio is called upon to take on another task. However, this time it's different, and later on known to be extremely dangerous.

Chief Blanton, of the Privington Police Department, has given the young sleuths the task of finding his son, who has disappeared. Of course they accept, not knowing exactly what they were getting themselves into. When Jackie gets kidnapped, will the trio decide to back off or will they fight on? Will they find the chief's son, or will they fail?

Read on to dive deeper into this mystery.


10. Chapter 10 - (Jackie's P.O.V)

There was only about fifteen minutes left until we had to meet up with Chief Blanton. I was sat on the couch in our living room, and was comfortably stretched out so that the arm of the piece of furniture supported my back, and the minty green cushions my feet. Looking around the square shaped room, I smiled at the memories that were held here, specifically the day that we first moved here, together. We originally lived with our parents, but when things started to go downhill—mine passing away, Marty's and Wesley's not very involved in their lives—we decided to stay together. We have known each other since grade school, and surprisingly we didn't split up in high school. When we all had jobs and were just able to afford an apartment, we moved in together. Realizing that we would want something more roomy as we grew up, we decided to get a more well paying job. We discovered an ad in the newspaper one day, saying that new recruits were needed for police work. That sprouted the idea of detectives. So we discussed this with the chief, and he gave us our first assignment. When we efficiently completed the task, he accepted us. Not only would we be helping out with the police, but also with other crimes that were reported to us by the locals.


As we progressed, we started taking the more difficult cases; missing persons cases, and busting big operations such as the one we closed not long ago. We became so good that Chief Blanton had requested for us from time to time. We were also paid well by other clients, so well that we were able to eventually afford the home we live in now. We never accepted very large sums of money from the chief, though. It really was our pleasure to help out, especially when the chief had asked for us himself. The house hasn't changed much except for the little things we added to make it our own, like furniture and other belongings. There were two floors which consisted of four bedrooms, a kitchen, living and dining room, a storage room, and a bathroom that conveniently was right beside my room. It was a perfect living space for three, and worked well for our own headquarters in which we met our clients. It was time to go and, as I had predicted, Marty and Wesley were suggesting—more like giving me no option but to stay home—that I stay behind because of my silly little injury. I assured them that I was alright, and pushed my way past them even when they tried to stop me. They hardly put any effort into blocking my way, though, for they knew they might hurt me further. We locked the door behind us and hailed another taxi, this time directing them to the police headquarters.


When we arrived at the building, we hurried in realizing there was less than five minutes left until we were to meet with the chief. When we came across occasions like this one, we were never late. Keeping it that way was hard sometimes, but we tried our best to get there on time.


As we entered through the front doors and walked past the main office, we were greeted by many of the officers there which with whom we've worked with in the past. I noticed that not many were there, but that could be explained by the many possibilities. The one that seemed most reasonable was for the case Chief Blanton had assigned to us. If that was the matter, this task was of great importance. Was it a friend that was missing? Family even? The only family of the chief's that lived in Privington that I could think of was his son. Was that the missing person? We paused when we reached the secretary's office, and greeted the woman behind the desk whose name is Alicia.


"Hey! There's the three detectives!" she cheered as in ways of greeting. "How's it going?"


"Good, thanks," Marty replied. "How about yourself?"


"I'm doing well, thank you. Is there anything I can—" Alicia suddenly realized the bandages on Marty's forehead. She was a bit slow at times, but we liked her all the same. "Your forehead! My, what happened dear? Those pesky criminals put up a fight, did they?"


Marty shook his head. "Yeah, it's alright though. Just a few scratches and bruises. No biggy."


I just barely managed to hold in my laughter, amused that Marty was acting the tough guy.


"Is there anything I can get yous? A drink?" Alicia offered.


Before Marty could say anything I stepped on his foot, receiving a little screech.


"That'll be alright. Thanks though." I looked over at Marty. "You alright, Marty? You look kinda miserable..." The only answer I got was a stare full of annoyance. I could definitely anticipate some sort of come back later on at some point.


"Are we able to head in?" Wesley questioned.


"Yep, go ahead. Just knock to let him know you're here."

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