The love binder


1. the love binder

Once there was a girl who loved to write. Her name was Sarah. That's me. I wrote down all my dreams and how I felt in my binder. Over the years I have customized it. I also love to draw. This binder is like my diary. No one knows where it is and knows about it. So one day I had to go to school to hand in one of my stories to my teacher. She was interested in hearing one of them. The story I gave her was my favorite. A boy who found his best friend. "This story is about a 9 year old boy named Christian. He hates to be ticked and had a bad dream. He soon finds a ghost friend named John who helped him in baseball and getting closer to his father." So when that teacher left the room someone in my class took the story and read it. He found out that I have a binder and write everything in there. So the fallowing week I had a party at my house for the end of the year. some of the eighth grade came and my class came. So the kids who took my story joe and Blake went in my room and took my binder. They went back outside and showed all the other boys and some of the girls. They started to laugh and make fun of me. Everyone was staring. I was so embarrassed I had to get out of there. I ran throw the bushes down to the beach. One of the eighth graders darragh went inside to ask my mom where I would go she asked what happened and he told her everything. My mom said it's nice to know that Sarah has a good friend like you. She then went in the back took my binder and told everyone to go home. Darragh felt bad inside because he wasn't really my friend he then went down to the beach to find me. When he got there, their I was sitting on the brick wall. He came over to me and asked if I wanted to talk. I said sure. He sits down next to me. "You do know they were just being jerks right?" Yes I do but I don't let anyone read my stories

I write on my own because they are all about how I feel and what I want in life. "Would you let me read one?" I don't know let's see." You took my binder? " yes but your mom told me to give it to you. You can trust me right?" I don't know I barley know you. " ok then. Hi my name is darragh Harkins. I have 3 other siblings, I am originally from Ireland and my mom goes there to visit our family sometimes, I like football and soccer math, and my favorite color is blue. So now you know." Ok well let's see. I have secret Santa, school sleepover, an elf in Texas, a boy who found his best friend, pattersons v/s Parkers, the girl near the water which you already heard, not really guilty... " wait how many stories do you right" well I have 11 stories and they go up to page 55. And I am working on one right now. I have 4 more. A Christmas miracle, end of my imagination, the portable closet and ummm that's it. " wait that was only three" yes well I guess i umm miscounted. " I know when you are lying just tell me the last one." Ok it's the best dream ever. " ok I want to read the last one." Fine. So as we read the story darragh catches on and knows that I was trying to hide this story because I was faith and he was Tylor. And thats why I don't let anyone read my stories. Hey Sarah this is really good. Why don't you want people to read them? Well I don't want people to read them because I am afraid that they won't like them or think I am a bad writer. But it means a lot coming from you that it is good. No prob. So Sarah when I read your story it was really interesting about the coach and the team players. What was there name. Tylor and faith. O that right I was reading it and I figured it out. Figured what out. I figured out that you are the main character faith. Umm yes I am I right most of my stories in my perspective because that is how I feel. I just change the names. I also figured out something else with your story. What will that be? That will be about Tylor? What about tylor. I know that tylor is the boy you have a crush on. And who will that be? Me. I was shocked when he said that and I didn't know what to say but before I said anything he kissed me on the cheek and said we should get going. It was getting dark. But before we left he asked me if I could meet him back here tomorrow at 5. I said that would be great he walked me home and there was his mom sitting with my mom having a cup of tea. So when he left my mom would not get off my back did he kiss you his he your boyfriend did he reject you did you go for a walk on the beach. I just told her that I was extremely tired and had tryouts in the morning. The bright news was that I will not be seeing my class for another 2 weeks it should be gone by then. But if it isn't then I still have darragh and soccer. O and when we met at the beach he did kiss me. Right when the sun was setting.

The end

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