My Dreams

A poem written for the Strange the Dreamer competition.

Dreams are something magical and unpredictable, something to be treasured, and something I long for when I am awake.
At night, I dream of the most amazing stories, while at day, I hope to bring them to life with the written word.
This poem is about untold stories and worlds that are yet to be explored. This poem is about my dreams.

1. I dream



I dream of faraway lands.

Of gods so ancient, their names are no more than a whisper on the wind.

I dream of dark kings and those who wish to dethrone tyrants.

Of princes in distress, and of the dragons who save them.

I dream of thieves in shadows, of courtiers enslaved to nightmares.

Of those who serve the dark, of beasts, cold and wicked at heart.

I dream of sorcerers who fear the gift they have been given.

Of legends, of truth, of lie and deceit.


I dream of worlds and stories untold.
They dwell in my mind,
At night, they unfold.

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