A hot day out

A newly found couple's casual car trip turns into a sexy, hot and romantic experience!


2. The Perfect Solution?

Every minute I felt the journey get tenser and tenser, at one point I actually feared for my life! No James would never do anything bad I thought, but the growing sense of anger on his face said otherwise! I had to do something, anything- anything to make the journey a bit more pleasant.

After around 5 minutes of stressful thinking, my mind could only stick on one thing! Could I? No surely not! It would distract him right? Well maybe, just a quick one, it wouldn't hurt surely.

I knew it I knew what I had to do! I turned my face looking at James' red, flustered face. He was so hot when he was angry, scary, but sexy too! He glanced over to see what I was doing-

''You all right? Ah you're not going to puke again are you? It's alright I'll pull over!''

''NO!'' I exclaimed as a yanked the steering wheel back in the direction of the road.

''Something better!'' I whispered seductively, ''let's just say a lot is going to be going IN my mouth instead of coming OUT.''

He looked back at the road, no idea what was going on, it was the perfect time! I slid my hand down his leg reaching his crotch-

''wait- what're you... oh... okay!''- he murmured

I think he had caught on to what was going on but I carried on anyway.

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