life of a wild horse

im giest im the dauther of spirit and rain wild horses im the cimarron heard i love it but it's not easy trying to survive in the wild well this is my life.....

this story has the pov(point of view) of all the horses or humans in the story


14. .

snow is now 2 years old she's playing ruff with the boys jake got a girlfriend everything is perfect but i do miss the humans i'd rather show how wild i am then being a caword i want to expireince the life that my dad had living life on the edge running for life running with the eagle 

i was making sure all the horses where fine before i could go to bed i saw a brigth ligth im a curious horse ''jake tell your dad im going somewhere'' i sad looking at the ligth ''k mom'' jake walked away so i galloped to the ligth when i got there humans like always and their horses i decided to mess with them i found a wierd bottle on the ground i licked abit but spat it out i sniffed a shoe get it off my nose i shoved it on a guy i kept roaming just being curious the guy wisperd to the others they all got up and one took a lasso i galloped away but i din't lead them to my heard i galloped until i was cornerd i reared and bucked but it was worthless i let them take me away when we got in it was similar the cheif came straigth to me ''we got this one now one chance she's not pregnant '' he said holding his wip up i bit it in half and threw it on the ground ''mustangs dauther not gonna be hard at all mares are usualy easier'' he walked away and they put me in the box but no warm ups today they saddled me and put the bridle on he got on me and the unlocked the gate i galloped turned twisted until he made me stop ''sir we found him by the water suplie'' a guy came in holding a man ''the post now'' they tied him up and the man watched the cheif was'nt ready to restart but i was i galloped twisted and turned rolled on my back i did everything until i was done until i was too tierd ''walk mustang'' i walked showly my head lowerd the man watched kinda disapointed i stoped in the middle of his 'great speach' (not realy great) ''walk '' he said in a sirious voice i shook my head and grabed the rain pulling them away from him i galloped into circles  and then rolled getting him off ''your just like your father run wild '' he opend the gate but i din't go i ran to the man and broke him free a guy pointed a gun at us and shot me i colapsed on the ground the man left me to die i got up weekly and walked but colaps again but this time infront of my mothers village i saw her old owner walk to me i neighed ''wow it's ok girl hey your spirit and rain's daugther'' i neighed again he helped me up and walked me to a pasture where he healed me he left me to heal propely in the pasture 


i woke up and saw falling in the pasture ''falling'' i got up and hugged him ''what hapend to you'' he said ''i adventured off to a camp site blah blah blah the humans caugth me blah blah blah the chief tried to breack me but it din't work blah blah blah after i got shot blah blah blah and my moms old owner found me so he decided to help me '' i said simply and nicely with my 'blah blah blah's ' ''one chance your ok'' i layed down and he layed next to me ''what hapens if i can't be free anymore'' i said ''trust me you will or im not going anywhere'' the guy came back ''hey girl you've got a new friend '' i shook my head no ''no then who is it'' i looked at him siriously ''oh he's your mate'' i shook my head yep he just smiled the guy opend the gate ''go be free be wild be like your dad be happy out there'' i got up and walked out with falling we ran back to the heard and i just watched over like always i loved it

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