The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


20. Arrest

My thoughts couldn't keep up with my words,

"Alessio? What are you on about!" I scream as i hear feet of soldiers break into the room.

His eyes wouldn't meet mine as i am pulled off of him, hands secured behind my back.

"Alessio! What the fuck! Do you really think i would give away our location to my ex husband? I don't even know where we are!" I cry out, struggling away from the men. They didn't budge as i begged with every ounce of my body to keep Alessio's eyes on me,

"Baby, please! Believe me! I love you, do you really think i would put you or my children's lives in harms way?" 

I kicked one solider in the knee, sending him buckling over and freeing my left arm. I reached out to Alessio and grabbed his hand harshly. My eyes finally sunk into his, the pleading and fear radiating through me barely reaching the surface of his,

"P-pllease believe me, Alessio. I would never do such a thing!" I scream out as a solider grabs my waist, arms tightly secured around me. Images of Ronnie tackling and raping me in this position flooded through me and it sent my mind into spasm. Nothing felt real as Alessio effortlessly pulled his hand from me, not bearing to look at me as another man walked into the room. 

Adam strut into the room with a proud beam on his face. Standing next to Alessio, he glared me down,

"Sweetheart, did you really think you would get away with this?" 

"What are you t-" I began but then a punch flew into my stomach, winding me. I gasped out in agony, doubling over and feeling my eyes roll back into my head. Alessio stood backwards and turned his back to me, obviously it being too much to watch me being hit.

"Fuck you!" I seethed,

"I trusted you, Alessio! With all my heart, and this is how you treat me!" 

I spit at him, it landing on his feet as i dug my heels into the floor, still trying to squirm away from the guards.

"Face it, doll, you never loved Alessio. You love Ronnie. It was all part of your plan to create a fake sob story and make Alessio fall in love with you so you can get his location. Ronnie put you up to this and you gladly applied." Alex lied, smiling at me as if he knew what he was doing perfectly. 

I cried out, my husky voice breaking with pain,

"Y-you're lying! Alessio, h-he is lying! I promise. I would never-" 

I was cut off by a hand covering my mouth from behind. The hand roughly snapped my head back so i was forced to look into a pair of dark greyish orbs as the smell of poison lifted through my body. 

The last thing i saw was Alex putting his arm around Alessio who shoved it off quickly with a growl, then, the world went black.


Bars. Metal bars.

I was in a cage in the middle of the room, the only thing accompanying me was the chair in the centre of this cage. My hand slapped to my mouth with fear as i let out a ghastly cry,

"No, no, no, no no." I repeated, racing towards the bars and tugging on them worthlessly. Of course, they didn't budge.

"Let me out of here!" I shriek, searching the room for something but there was nothing. 

"Mes enfants!" 

The french within me broke out  and i couldn't hold myself back from crying about my children. I sunk to the floor, the cold, hard metal ground and the sobs fell from me. High pitched, uncontrollable cries as i pulled my legs up to my body, afraid of a repeat of Ronnie.

My eyes scanned the room again, searching for something. A camera.

There was a camera pointing straight down at me from the corner of the room, observing me with it's oppressive red light. I scurried towards it on the floor, too weak to stand in case i fall,

"Alessio!" I cry out, hoping he is watching me,

"Alessio i promise, baby, i would never do something like this!"

My fingers grip the bars pathetically as my head rests against them with fatigue.

"The scars!" I blurt out to the camera before peeling my shirt off and displaying my whole torso covered with scars and wounds,

"Do you really think i would do this to myself?" 

The room went deadly silent before i heard a loud beeping noise and the red light flashed green.

"You tried to kill yourself. You are a suicidal manic." Alex voice came through the recording and my hope became lost,

"I am not! I am a mother who thought she lost her children!" 

My voice was now hoarse with crying and fear as i shook. I didn't even bother putting my shirt back on as i laid on the cold floor, it burning at my boiling skin, limbs vibrating with a panic attack.

"Can i see Lily and Victoria?" I whimpered, mainly to myself as my nails dug into the floor, forcing myself to stay put. However, the more i thought about them, the more the lump grew in my throat and my head pounded with pain.

"You are not sane enough to care for the girls. Therefore we are going to send them back to your husband." Alex spoke through the microphone and i could almost see his disgusting grin covering his face. My hand slapped over my mouth as the fit over took me,

"No! Please! pp-please! Anything but that!" I shrieked, my eyes rolling in the back of my head as i shook as if someone had put me onto vibrate mode. I couldn't control myself as my thoughts and the voices in my head screamed.

Suddenly, the loudest siren wailed through the room and the camera fell and smashed to the floor, the security obviously failing. The doors in the far corner of the room opened but i couldn't see who entered because my vision was blurred and black.

The clicking of metal bars rung through my ears as someone fell besides me. 

"Frankie? It's me, It's... Loch!" I hear a familiar voice echo through my mind as my head rolled back onto someone's lap. Hands grabbed onto mine as i felt sick rise up in my throat during this lengthy fit.

"Say something, Frankie!" He screamed again but the words in my mouth were replaced with a frothing foam, one that came out when i panicked myself too much. I choked and spluttered as Loch tipped me onto my side and held my head as i threw up.

"Shhh, It's okay darling. You are safe with me." His voice sounded through my ears again but i couldn't understand what was going on. Loch was dead. Like my children, i thought i watched him die.

"There is no such thing as christian!" He suddenly blurted, his fingers running through my hair as i dazed in and out of consciousnesses.

"i came to see you the other day. It was me. I had to lie and pretend i was someone else..."

The siren still shrieked around the room as my body was on fire, still with unanswered questions. 

"If i told you i was who i am, God knows how you would have reacted! Stupidly, to say the least. I was worried you would panic and tell Alessio." He explained, stroking my hair as i began calming down. The siren was still wailing which kick started my fit again.

The shakes now became painful and i knew that there would be bruises soon. My fingers clutched onto Loch's chest with fear as blood joined the foam. Suddenly, the doors burst open again,

"What have you done to her, brother?" Loch cries out to someone but i was too weak to try anything. Black swirling dots filled my mind as my skin burnt itself, blinding and numbing me.

My sound was the only thing responsive about me at this moment as someone fell down besides Loch and clutched my face, holding me sideways to stop me choking on my own blood. Tears streamed down Loch's face as he kept repeating,

"What have you done to her brother?" 

But then the voice which killed me completely echoed through the room. It was Alessio,

"Stay strong baby, you can get through this."


Loch and Alessio were brothers?

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