My Killer Love

Winter is a scaredy-cat. Not very tall for his age at 23. He stands 5'3 feet with pitch black hair and clear deep blue eyes. No one can hate his innocent, scared, cat behavior. Not even the trained right-hand of the most feared mafia in America, whom Winter quickly becomes attached to, when he learns who the mafia man really is.

Cain is tall, like very tall. He is 6'7 feet, chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes, almost black. With only his 29 year, Cain is fear among the country. No one can order him around, sometimes not even his boss and childhood friend. That is until, Cain meats a certain small, black haired guy, with the most innocent eyes and soul.

How will such a uncommon pair make it, in a world full of blood and war? Will Winter maintain his innocent, will Cain keep on being ad feared as before and will it even work out in the end?
WARNING!!! This book will contain boyxboy sex, so if no like, no read. Violence and torture will also occur. Please don't copy anything.


4. Chapter 4; New fear, new love

Winters pov.


Finally home. What a day. Those girls from lunch wasn't the only once flirting and coming on to me. This guy kept flirting with me and asking for my number near the time of closing. HE WOULDN'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!! It was around closing time, so I didn't dare leave before I was 1.000 % sure he was gone. I THOUGHT FOR SURE HE WAS GOING TO RAPE ME!!! I THOUGHTI WAS GONNA DIE!!!

Luckily Lindsey followed me home. She kissed me on the check, though. She told me it was for the act, that she was pretending to be my girlfriend. I just hope it worked. I need something to calm my nerves down. Maybe some hot chocolate, ice cream and a few episodes of Fairy Tale will do the trick

Let's see what we got. Cookie dough ice cream, check, chocolate ice cream, check, vanilla ice cream, check, hot chocolate powder, check, but no milk. I HAVE to have milk for my hot chocolate. Nothing ells works. I need my milk. Okay, that could be misunderstood. I'll just go to the convenience store for milk. Maybe can find some other snacks while I am there. Yeah, I'll do that. Nothing scary about walking in the streets, in the middle of the night, in a new city where I don't know anyone, where killer clowns roam the streets. Yeah, nothing scary about that. I shouldn't be thinking this, let's just go out in the deathtrap of a city I live in.

***Time skip to the way home***

That didn't end in me getting killed. I got my milk, nothing ells, though. They had no reasonable snack or anything like that, AND THEY ONLYHAD DIEGHT COKE!!! Who even drinks that. (No offense to you who does. I just don't like it) Maybe that's why it was the only kind left.

Huh, something landed on my forehead.

I take my hand up to see what it was, and another drop landed on my hand. Nonononono. It can't start raining. Raining leads to lightning, and lighting leads to thunder. I really don't like either of those. My apartment is a 15-minute walk away and I didn't bring my headphones!

The stores are closing so I can't go to any of them. I have to find an ally, where I can have my little panic attacks until the rain has calmed down. This one looks find, and I can take cover in this one so I won't get wet.

A sudden lightning strikes nearby. The alleyway I am right in front becomes enlightened by the lightning. I scream as loud as I can. Right there in front of me, stands a masked man. But not any mask, a clown mask.

He stands above a dark form. I can't see what it is. But my mind tells me it is a body.

I start shaking, dropping my bag with milk and it floats out in a white pool.

The masked man steps forward, closer to me. I want to run, but I can't. I am paralyzed by fear. My terrifying fear of clowns. When the clown gets to stand right in front of me, but still inside the ally, he stops. He reaches his hand out to remove a hair from my face.

"Don't be afraid kitten. I won't hurt you."

And then everything goes black.


Cains’ pov.


The cute, little kitten blacked out. Luckily, I caught him before he could hit the ground. I take my mask of to get a clearer look at him. Oh my f**cking god, he is beautiful! His black hair shines in the little moonlight that comes through the clouds, the rain giving it a sparkling look. Even though his eyes were wide in fear, they were still as beautiful as ever. He can't be much older than 18.

Please be 18 so it's no crime when I make sweet love to you for nights and nights on. Because I WILL make him fall for me. It's a bit weird for me to suddenly caring about the law, never did before. Doesn't matter, things and people change all the time.

Let's get my sweet, little kitten home in the warm.

I take him up in my arms, bride stile. As I exit the ally, I look down at the milk my little kitten dropped in his bag. I'll have to buy some new milk for him. Funny, how you usually buy milk or hear people buy milk for kittens.

***Time skip to Cains’ house***

If I went back to headquarters, I would have gotten a lot of funny looks. No one really brings anyone back with them, mostly because we are in the mafia and no one must know where we hang out, but also because it’s not something we do, and especially me, in all my 16 years of been in this mafia, I have never shown interest in anyone, or sympathy for the matter

As I walk be the kitchen, an annoying voice stops me. Can I please put an axe through his head? He isn’t even supposed to be here.

“Cain, what is that you are carrying? Something went wrong with the kill?”

“No, it went as planned. Target killed and left in an ally like the scum he was.”

Michael looks at me with a weird look on his face. But that is actually hard to say, his face is always weird.

“You didn’t answer my question; what is that you are carrying?”

I’m gonna kill him.

“None of your business, Michael. Get the fuck out of my house, before I kill you.”

“Humph, if you are gonna act like a teenage girl, then I hope you soon get off your period. I am out of here, since I don’t feel welcome.”

No kidding. I give Michael a death glare as he makes his way out of my house. How did he even get in here? I have to check the cameras. If that little louse could get in without setting of the alarms, then it might be time to update the old system, especially if I’m going to have my little kitten around. I can’t risk his life because of my stupid mistake- I would kill myself before I would led anything happen to him.

Of course, I don’t know him yet. But damn, I would love to. And I will. He will be mine.

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