BATIM Fanfiction

I haven't found ANY Bendy and the Ink Machine fanfiction on here, so I decided to make one ^-^


3. 2

????'s POV.
Everyone had been quitting left and right. Sammy Lawrence just disappeared. They've been using random excuses like 'I'm moving,' or 'I found a workplace with better pay,' but we all knew it was because Joey was going crazy. Slowly, but it was visibly there. Henry and I were the last ones there, before Henry quit too. I understood, but without anyone to finish the animations on the deadlines, Joey eventually just disappeared as well. Not like Sammy, though. Sammy came in one day, went downstairs, and never came out. No one else that worked downstairs ever saw him. I spent most of my time at the studio, keeping the inklings company. Then Joey made a reappearance. He seemed fine, until he took Boris into a backroom and came out without him. He told me I wasn't to go back there until his 'project' was finished. Not until he found out what made them 'tick'. He then continued to push me out of the studio and locked me out without giving me a chance to get anything off my desk. I hadn't been back in almost thirty years, having heard nothing from Joey.

Spot's POV.
Everyone has been disappearing recently. Sammy had left, Susie had left, even Joey and Henry. Bendy never liked either of them, but they had left. Joey did come back one day. He took Boris into another room for a while, then came back out without him. When he left, so did Sohara, me and Colby's creator. It confused me, as she had stayed before, when everyone had left. But now she's gone too. Boris never did come out of that room, and we were told by Joey not to go in there. But curiosity got the better of me when Joey had disappeared again. He'd been gone for a few days, and the room he took Boris into had no door, and I had been wondering what on earth could Boris possibly be doing in there? He hadn't come out since the day he went in, and I could tell Bendy was eager to know what his friend was doing as well. And although he didn't like Joey, he never once went into that room. Colby was the only one who didn't bat an eye when Boris didn't come out for a few days. 
"Joey's probably just fixing him up, nothing to be concerned about." She said. Oh how wrong she was. The day curiosity got the better of me, I wished I hadn't gone into that room. Me, Bendy, and Colby were playing hide n' seek, and I was the finder. I thought they could make do with hiding a while before I actually started looking for them, and decided to go into the room. If no one saw me go in, I wouldn't get in trouble. So I went in, and screamed at the sight of Boris's corpse held to a table, and his chest, oh the sight of his wide open chest almost made me gag. I wanted to turn away, to erase the sight of him from my mind, but I was frozen to the spot, screaming like there was no tomorrow. Colby and Bendy had come running, I could hear their footsteps. Colby was about to say something when she had seen Boris. Her mouth gaped open as she continued to stare. I had stopped screaming sometime between when Bendy had reached us and when he stood at Boris's feet. The silence could have suffocated us, if Bendy hadn't started sobbing. I wanted to step towards him, to comfort him, but Colby held me back.
"We should leave him for a while. Let him calm down a bit." I wanted to ignore her, but she was right. Nothing could have hurt worse than loosing someone close to you. As we sat in the projector room, staring sullenly at the floor, Bendy's soft sobs echoed off of the deserted studio walls.

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