Roommates With A Bad Boy

A girl named Ava is 17 so she joined college. When she got her own room she though she was gonna be alone but turns out she was with The most popular bad boy in the whole college. She felt feelings for him but she knew it was bad. Who knows what this Bad Boy is capable of.


7. "Where did you get that Scar?"

* okay, okay, okay sorry for not uploading. School is coming as we all know and I went on Vaca
i'll try to keep making chapter so I hope you can forgive me for the long wait.. Let's continue!"

Zander's POV

I wake up and went into Ava's room, Which i remember our talk the other night. I thought about a nice breakfast for Ava would be nice so I did my best. Ava woke up and sat on the chair "something smells good" She smiled at me. I softly smiled back "yes and that's the food I made you" I smirked. She looked into my eyes I can see lights sparkling on them.

"wow! really thank you!" she said yawning "yeah you're welcome Kitkat" I replied. Ava looked at me. As I turned around

to continue the stove I heard her gasp. I quickly turn around confused. She looked up and me and said nothing then looked back down at her food 'What the fuck was she on about?' "Um Zander wanna watch a movie later?" Ava asked. I grin "sure Kitkat, anything for you" I winked at her she chuckled. 


It's liked the day was so fast, I had to make popcorn and get pepsi's. Good thing school starts tomorrow. I sighed she looked at  me confused.  I grin, I put a shirt on since I was shirtless the res of the day, and sat back down with Ava.  We watched a scary Movie Wish Upon it wasn't that scar for me. Ava was scared as hell so she cuddled next to me I smirked then chuckled. She knew she was cuddling me so she quickly moved away. I laughed a little. Her focus was back on the movie which ended pretty good. Ava looked at me again we both got me

"Zander..." Kitkat quietly whispered "yeah?" I questioned. She got closer to me "where did you get that scar" she said pointing at my back. I frowned no wonder why she gasped. I hate when people ask me "tell me!" she said growling a bit. I tried my best not to get mad at her but she touched my back again and my eyes went on fire. I grabbed her wrist and she yelped. "I DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU!" I said in anger. Her eyes were wide I can feel her trying to escape but struggles. I can see her eyes getting watery. My grip on her was so tight. I finally let go and she ran to her room

probably think about what I was gonna do to her she's probably afraid. I smirked and sat back down.

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