Roommates With A Bad Boy

A girl named Ava is 17 so she joined college. When she got her own room she though she was gonna be alone but turns out she was with The most popular bad boy in the whole college. She felt feelings for him but she knew it was bad. Who knows what this Bad Boy is capable of.


11. Relax

(Okay, So I forgot Zander's eye color so I'm just gonna change it to blue eyes (;  it's been a long time but oh well I'M BACK! I was just making books on Wattpad)

The Class ended, I walked to Lily who was eating with Cole. "Hey guys!" I smiled, They both looked up at me smiling softly. Cole patted the seat next to him. I sat down "So tell me about this Zander guy.." Cole says, while eating his sandwich. I roll my eyes "He's nothing to me and never will be." I growled. They both stared at me 

"Ava, you would always talk about Zander..-"

"AHA!" Forced a laugh, followed by weird looks. I grunt "He had sex with a girl last night and shit." 

"can't you like tell him how you feel" Lily said, while eat popcorn. Like bitch since when did she get popcorn this ain't no movie, Cole gave Lily a look "well maybe Zander, isn't the one for you." He reached to grab some popcorn from Lily. I tilt my head in confusion "well, who else do you think loves me?"I ask, Cole stops chewing on the popcorn 


"hmm. Maybe someone close." He replied, swallowing the popcorn bits. I sigh


"Zander is like..something.." I say, trying to put words together. "He told me he's in a gang." they both stop munching on food and gave me wide eyes. I raised my eyebrow "what?" Lily cleared her throat, "Ava, what if Zander is apart of the Mafia?" she questions, my eyes widened "n-no! HE CANT BE!" I laughed nervously, I began to worry

"It all makes sense now..-" Lily said, but was cut off

"DON'T STARE AT ME!" said a voice behind me, I turn my head seeing Zander fighting a tall man in the whole cafeteria.  I hear gasps everywhere the poor helpless person on the floor getting beat up. I didn't know what to do, someone tapped my shoulder which was Lily "GO STOP THE FIGHT!" she said aloud, "you're the only one Zander will LISTEN TO!" My mouth was wide I hesitated then nodded. I ran to the fight. 'I'm screwed, i'm screwed, I'm SOO GONNA DIE! WHAT IF HE HITS ME INSTEAD!' I ran to them then grabbed Zander's fist. Which hurt like hell. His eyes widened "A-AVA!" He said, his eyes hardened,"move!" my eyes went wide at his words "Zander please is this what you want?!" I ask him, he looks at me then at the poor guy "Ava, listen just move out the fucking way!" He growled,

I shook my head "no." i firmly say, his eyes widened but his blue eyes turned dark, with anger in them. He clenched his perfect jawline 

"Ava, JUST GET THE FUCK..-" I pulled his arm and wrapped it around my waist, pulling him in for a hug. His body tensed at my actions but relaxed. Surprised he didn't pull away from my embrace 

"Calm down okay." I say calmly at him. He nods his head. I never knew I can make Zander, relax and not be rude every once in a while. Maybe I can change him.

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