Roommates With A Bad Boy

A girl named Ava is 17 so she joined college. When she got her own room she though she was gonna be alone but turns out she was with The most popular bad boy in the whole college. She felt feelings for him but she knew it was bad. Who knows what this Bad Boy is capable of.


9. Cole

I opened my eyes it was morning at last. I smiled at the thought of being awake and i tried to get up but there was an arm around me 'Fuck I remember we had you know last night'. I sighed in frustration, I felt fine I felt like my world was upside down. I turned to my right and I see Zander's face. He's so cute when he 's asleep, I smiled then I thought about moving again I struggled but once I moved his grip tightened. I looked down and noticed I was fully naked. I blushed a little I looked back at him he was fully naked too, my eyes widened at the sight I hope i'm not near his...I am, I AM SO NEAR HIS DICK! I looked at his face and smiled again. His eyes opened up and my eyes went wide my face was so red. "good morning Kitkat" he winked at me. my breast were on his chest which made him smirk mischievously. I rolled

my eyes "good morning" I smiled, he let go of me I sat up and grabbed the sheets to cover myself up.

I got out of bed, He changed and whispered in my ear "you know it would be fun

having kids..." he softly whispered. I gasped and smacked is arm, He chuckled. 

Good thing I wasn't pregnant because my stomach hurts and me praying last night felt like a miracle. I went to go check to make sure and nothing I sighed in relief. I took a shower then changed.  I head to the living room "hey, Zander I'm gonna be out okay" I told him. He just nodded, I frowned I opened turned the door knob I hear Zander's footsteps coming close to me. "don't talk to any other boy's, you don't wanna make me mad do you?" he whispered in my ear, which sends shivers down my spine. I quickly faced him I cupped his face "Don't worry Zander" I bit my lip,"i'll try not too". he raised his eyebrow "try not too?" He repeated. I nervously laugh "what if I just want some new friends?" I told him. "Well" His voice trailed off. I kissed him, he put his arms around my waist I pulled away "Bye" I kissed is cheek, he looked down

and I heard him whisper "Bye..". I frowned and opened the door. I closed it behind me and went out,

The weather was beautiful I called Lily "Hey girl!" she said on the other line,

I chuckled softly "So, tell me did you tell Zander about Skylar" She asked. "no I didn't tell him yest but I will

I just need time to think how I am gonna tell him" I replied. "Do you guys have any connection between each other?"

She questioned. "well, when you put it that way I don't know". She gasped "What why what happened" she said quickly. I laughed "calm down" I told her. I can hear her breathe in and out "we just let's say had a little fun yesterday". She gasped "Zander went in your PANTS!" she squealed,"it's about time". "yeah, hey do you wanna meet me at StarBucks our something"  "BITCH I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK!" She squealed one more time. We said our goodbyes, so I went to StarBucks waiting for her. I had a weird vibe that someone was watching me I turned around quickly looking through the glass window but nothing I sighed. 'Do I really Like Zander, my mom says I should never date a bad boy always date a nerdy cute guy' i'm starting to regret what happened yesterday. A tear fell off my cheek, I don't think i like Zander... "hey are you okay?" someone said. I looked up and wiped the tears off my face, there was a cute boy brown hair, green eyes, His Jawline is perfect like Zanders, he has a grey jacket that goes well with his white shirt, i'm guessing he has abs since he has muscles. He looks perfect "uh, yeah everything's find thanks for asking" I smiled softly, "but you were crying" he said grabbing a chair and taking a seat. "it's just complicated okay" I said softly. he nods "i'm Cole" he put his hand out, I shaked it "I'm Ava" I smiled. He grinned "do you want some coffee" he asked 

"no, it's okay you don't have to if you dont...-"

"please I insist" he said. I sighed "I guess" I shrugged, He smirked "alright be right back"

I sat there quietly still having that weird vibe. Cole came back with some coffee he handed me mine.

"thanks" he smiled "you're welcome once coffee for a pretty lady" He winked at me and I looked

down to make sure he didn't see me blushing "why are you hiding your face from me I like it when

girls blush" he said putting my chin up. I blushed harder "u-uh t-thanks" I stuttered.

"I just moved here". "Oh welcome to this city!" I greeted him. He thanked me, our eyes were locked onto each other He bit his lip he looked so damn hot when he did it. Cole seems nice and I want to be his friend "well I have to go" I said sadly "let me take you!" He begged, I looked at him "sure, why not" I said. He grinned and we walked out of StarBucks to my dorm room "you go to this school too?" he asks "yeah..." I replied "me too! maybe we can see each other tomorrow" I nodded "yeah hopefully we do". I thank him again for taking me back here and he ave me a hug leaving to his house. I went inside my room and found high heels on the floor and a dress for sure those are not mine! my blood boiled!


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