It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


14. Why Now?

Yes hello, it is I. I hope you all enjoy this chapter, I wrote the first part while babysitting and the last part while stressing about exams... So I apologize if its shit. 


:) Let me know what you guys think.




I think he's said this before, but he has never been so glad that Holly has had to work today.


"What do you think of this place?" Merlin asks looking over a page quickly again before he flips it around so Arthur can get a look at it.


Arthur looks up from the book he was reading this morning and looks at the page Merlin shoved in his face. There both on the couch, Merlin laying down and his legs across Arthur's lap. 


He takes the page from Merlin and scans over the details and price of the place and smiles. "I like it a lot actually. Where is it?" He asks handing the page back to the Warlock relaxing across him. 


Merlin grins and eyes the page again. "It's out in the country, far away from people and there's a bunch of woods surrounding it so that'll make it easier for all of us I think." He says and sits up smiling up at Arthur. 


His Arthur. 


No one else's. 


"Why are you staring at me like that?" Arthur asks after a few minutes but smiles back anyway which just causes Merlin to smile even bigger.


Merlin brings his hand up and places it on the kings cheek and leans in kissing his nose before slowly pulling back. "Because you're mine and only mine." He says and then goes back to flipping through the magazine that has all the houses for sale. 


Merlin can see Arthur freeze and then redness takes over and he smiles sheepishly which just makes Merlin laugh. "Stop laughing at me." He says and Merlin shakes his head, continuing to laugh.


His laughter gets cut short by a pair of lips and he chuckles against them and kisses back. Arthur then puts his arms under Merlin's legs that are on him and pulls him closer- not breaking the kiss at any point. Merlin's wraps his arms around Arthur's neck and Arthur's right hand goes around Merlin's torso and the other grips Merlin's pants that are on his thigh. Merlin stops chuckling and just smiles as Arthur kisses him, glad that he's got him back.


He slowly pulls back but not far, just so that he can speak. His eyes meet Arthur's blue ones, he can see so many different emotions his eyes. Love. Passion. Trust. Desire. And if he's correct, that haze that's slowly made its way over Arthur's features is a little bit of lust. "I love you Arthur Pendragon." 


Arthur's smile grows and he grabs the back of Merlin's head and puts his lips back onto the Warlocks who responds just as needy. He runs is hands through the kings hair pulling his face closer and Arthur pushes himself closer to his body. The book and house completely forgotten about.


Arthur barley pulls back, his lips still touching Merlin's. "And I you Merlin." Before his lips are back onto Merlin's who feels his whole body heat up and he knows it's not just from Arthur's words. His hands start to wander and they end up at the bottom of the kings shirt and he tugs it, telling Arthur he wants it off, and off now


Arthur grabs Merlin by the hips and lifts him up, moving him onto is lap so he's straddling him, both legs on either side of Arthur and Merlin can tell you he likes this position much more than the other one. Arthur's shirt doesn't get off fast enough according to Merlin because in a blink, the shirt is gone and Merlin's hands have replaced it. 


Arthur makes an approving sound that sends Merlin's blood pumping and not all of it is going to his heart if you get his drift. His thoughts get tugged out when he feels his shirt being tugged on and he grins before pulling back and helping Arthur take his shirt off and his mouth is back on the blondes as his shirt gets thrown somewhere in the room, not that he cares at the moment.  (I'm typing this all while babysitting...)


Merlin's lips trail along Arthur's cheek and down to his neck where he starts sucking and Arthur's sounds make him suck harder and he grins as he hears Arthur let out a loud moan. He licks the mark he made before pulling back to meet Arthurs lust filled gaze. 


Only for a moment though before Arthur roughly pushes his mouth against Merlin's while he starts to fiddle around with the button on the front of Merlin's jeans and he feels Arthur smirk as his breath quickens at just the thought of getting them off and out of the way. 


Arthur seems to have the same idea cause he's just as hard as Merlin and he his breath is coming out of his mouth in little pants. 


Arthur finally gets Merlin's fly undone and his pants being slowly pushed down over his hips by the impatient prat when the door bursts open, making Merlin let out a girlish scream and jumps, only causing friction that's now sort of unwanted between him and Arthur. 


"Oh Jesus." Arthur gasps out when Merlin does that and both there eyes dart towards the kitchen where they see a very amused Gwaine leaning against the wall. 


"Well aren't you two a sight for sore eyes." He says and Arthur glares at the said knight. 


"Why are you here?" He asks narrowing his eyes. 


Merlin feels himself get all flustered and embarrassed to be caught in a situation like this. Well this is going swell. He feels his skin begin to heat up and from embarrassment this time and he goes all red.


"You guys didn't show up for your pain medicine but I can see you guys aren't feeling any pain- not from the crash anyway." He smirks walking into the room and dropping a bag on the coffee table. He crosses his arms and looks at the two again before he starts laughing, shaking his head. 


Merlin gets up to move to the chair but a loud snicker makes him look at Gwaine who points down to Merlin's pants, he follows his gaze and his face goes red even more before he quickly does up his pants again and moves even faster but goes to the washroom instead of the chair. 


He goes into the washroom and shuts the door quickly and lets out a big breath he didn't even realize he was holding in. 


He groans and sits down on the toilet seat and puts his head in his hands. "Stupid Gwaine." He mumbles into his hands. Don't get him wrong, he's glad he's back but Gwaine out of all people. Not even someone like maybe Leon? Leon would probably knock first at least.


He rubs his eyes and looks down at the hardness in his pants and glares at it, willing it to go away. 


But the earth hates him even though he knew this long ago and it stays. He lets out a frustrated noise before crossing his arms over his bare chest and bites his lip looking at the closed door. 


Arthur would probably hate him if he did it.... but then he wouldn't be uncomfortable in his jeans- or just in general at the moment. 


He taps his fingers on his thigh as his eyes drift back to his pants and he figures that it wouldn't hurt.  


Like it is now that is.


He'll just get in the shower. He gets up off the toilet seat and moves fast, wanting to move even faster than he actually can just to get out of his jeans and to get some relief. He turns it on hot and hot water starts spraying down and he bites his lip before quickly pulling off his pants and boxers and his socks. He sighs as the air touches him and he hops in quickly and sighs as the hot water touches his tense shoulders. 


But that's not what needs to be relaxed right now.... 


He glances down and closes his eyes. It's not like he hasn't done this before, millions of times that is, it's just that Arthur and Gwaine are just outside the door and down the hall. 


He will have to quiet about it. 


God have mercy on his soul. 


He swallows a lump in his throat and hesitantly brings his hand down and grabs a hold of himself before letting out a much needed sigh before he starts doing what the whole point of the shower actually is for. 


He leans his forehead against the wall and bites his lip to keep in sounds and he can feel his magic just under his skin, wanting to come forward and do something probably bad and unexplainable. 


The thoughts that fly through his head makes him squeeze his eyes harder and he lets out a low throaty moan, just imagining what Arthur would do if he caught Merlin in such a state, how he would handle it, what he would do to Merlin. The thoughts make him gasp out.


He can feel his stomach turn and get tighter as he starts going faster and he lets out a low moan and just as he feels it's about time, about to explode all over, the door opens making Merlin freeze and tense back up again. 


Oh god no.


He closes his eyes, hoping and praying that it isn't Gwaine. 


He would take Arthur finding him like this over Gwaine. Anyone but Gwaine. 


He hears the smirk. "Hope you're having fun in there." 


Merlin curses whoever is watching over him and wants them dead 1000x. 


"Why are you in here?" He asks trying to gain his breath back he's still achingly hard in his hand while the other is holding up against the wall. 


"Arthur wanted me to make sure you didn't do anything to drastic and thought you were to embarrassed to face us.... clearly he had the wrong impression of his sweet little Merlin." Gwaine says and Merlin wants to smack him back in time. "Arthur is going to be so offended, you know that right? You have fun, I'm gonna go fill him in on what's really happening in here." He laughs before leaving and shuts the door behind him as Merlin's whole body gets even hotter. 


He groans slamming his head against the wall before he starts moving his hand slowly again. 


The door opens again and he can't bring it in himself to care at the moment what Gwaine has to say. 


He closes his eyes and he starts to pick up speed a little and lets out a low groan, not having a care in the world at the moment. 


Gwaine already knows what's going on anyway so whatever. And it's not like Gwaine hasn't done this before, so he can't be one to talk.


That all changes when he feels a hand on his back, moving along his side, making him jump around ready to slap Gwaine to Friday next year. His hand is up and about to touch the face of his intruder but his wrist gets caught before he can make contact and he's pushed up against the wall and his wide eyes flash gold as he makes them switch places and pinning there hands against the wall while Merlin has his hand out, ready to blast whoever it is with his magic. Whatever comes to his head first is what he'll use. 


"I didn't think I could want you anymore than I did before but man was I wrong." 


Merlin's eyes widen and his face relaxes a little when seeing the wide eyes of the cherished king. 


"Arthur," he breaths out letting his magic let Arthur go. "You scared the bloody hell out of me." He says backing up a step.


Arthur lowers his hands and they automatically go to Merlin's waist. He pulls him closer and one of his hands goes up to cup Merlin's face in his hand. "Sorry. I had to come and see what Gwaine was telling me- wondering if what he was saying was true or just him being Gwaine and being an ass." He says shrugging and Merlin chuckles placing his hands on Arthur's chest. 


Arthur's eyes stray from Merlin's face and go down his body and then back up to his face which he can tell you is all hot and flustered and if not a tad insecure. 


"Clearly he wasn't lying." He says and brings his face towards Merlin who gladly kisses him back, anything to distract him from being embarrassed and his hard on. "You're very pretty, you know?"


Merlin lets out a shy smile. He slowly gets pulled against Arthur and he shutters at the feel of Arthur body flushed against his. They've never actually been naked at the same time together. Flesh against flesh.


Yeah Merlin has seen him naked countless of times before back in Camelot but that was different. 


This is different. 


Arthur's hands travel down Merlin's sides as he backs him up against the wall directly under the stream of water and he grabs under his thighs talking him to jump the best he can and Merlin jumps- not letting in he used some magic to help balance himself. No he would never admit that. 


Arthur presses Merlin more into the wall and his lips trail down the side of Merlin's neck where he sucks and Merlin's hands go straight to his wet hair tugging on it lightly. 


They both groan at the feeling of both of them touching and Merlin can feel his magic coming back up to the surface, right under his skin, ready to burst out and use at Merlin's command. 


The whole bathroom is full of steam and neither seem to actually care at all. Just at the pleasure of getting each other off is all there feeling. Moans flood out of Merlin's mouth and Arthur's. 


After what feels like forever but not at the same time they both finally get the release they both have been wanting since before Gwaine interrupted them. 


They both are breathing heavily and kissing sloppily while coming down from both of there highs. 


Merlin's arms dropped around Arthur's broad shoulders while Arthur's arms are wrapped around Merlin's middle. 


"We should get out," Arthur says between kisses. "You're starting to get all pruny and then you really will look like your age." He chuckles while Merlin tugs his hair only causing him to laugh even more but he leans down kissing Merlin's shoulder.




"A prat that you love." 


Merlin rolls his eyes as he shuts the water off and steps out, grabbing a towel and running it over his body to dry off. He grabs a spare one hanging up and hands it to Arthur who does the same and Merlin brings his up to his hair, drying it the best he can. 


He pulls the towel off and Arthur lets out a chuckle which makes Merlin give him a confused look will Merlin wipes away the fog from the mirror and joins Arthur's chuckling at the sight of his messy curly hair everywhere. 


They dry off and make there way to the bedroom with the towels wrapped around there waists. 


"Did Gwaine leave?" Merlin asks and he looks over his shoulder to see Arthur nod his head. 


"Yeah when I told him I was coming to check to see if he told me was true or not he then took it upon himself to leave, thank god." He tells Merlin who just shakes his head. 


They come to there room and Merlin gets out some of his clothes and Arthur's. 


"What do you want for super?" Merlin asks pulling on a pair of jogging pants and a loose shirt. 


Arthur does the same thing. "Doesn't mater to me, I'm not to sure in all the food here yet Merlin." He says and Merlin frowns a little.


"Oh right. Sorry." He mumbles before throwing his towel in the laundry basket and heads down the stairs to find some food. Wow does he feel stupid, like a right idiot. How could he have forgotten that Arthur was a king and not even close to the timeline there in now. 


His frown deepens as he enters the kitchen, glancing at the little dragon who has followed him from her place in the living room. Feeling her masters distress, she followed.


He opens the freezer in search of something that will satisfy both the hungry lads in the house. He finds a frozen pizza and takes it out, not really caring anymore. 


He hears shuffling behind him and he knows its not Lilith. "Merlin?" he hears Arthur say. "Are you alright?" He asks and it takes everything in him to not turn around and spill all his worries to him. But somethings are just meant to be kept to himself. Like these worries and self doubt.  


He takes the pizza out of the box and responds to Arthur without taking his eyes off the cold pizza in front of him. "Yes, I'm fine. No need to worry about me." He babbles and mentally curses himself for it.


He finishes taking the pizza out and places it on a tray and plops it in the oven, he turns the right temperature on and sets the timer on it. He pours water into his mug and adds a tea bag to it, letting it sit for a second before Merlin uses his magic to heat up the cup a little. He then turns around to face the king, cup in hand.


"Merlin? What's really on your mind?" He asks sounding worried and that makes Merlin frown even more. "You know you can tell me anything." He continues.


Merlin sighs and leans against the counter. He thinks back to his time in Camelot, that was such a long time ago, the memories are all mostly still there though. The way Gwen smiled at people, the way Leon was always respectful to everyone including Merlin, or even Lancelot's friendship in general. Then he thinks of his and Arthur's last moments together and what the Great Dragon has said to him, that little spark that's never left Merlin, kept him waiting and being even a little hopeful over the past millennia.


"He will rise again." Is basically what the giant lizard had said to him. Those few words has kept Merlin going for as long as he needs to.


Then he remembers the other part.


"When he is needed most." Does that mean-?


His eyes widen and he drops his fresh cup of tea on the floor, causing it to shatter and the conents to be splashed everywhere. 


Oh no.


Oh no.


Why? Why did Arthur now rise?


He jumps over the mess, knowing he'll clean it up later and rushes to the living room, pushing Arthur aside for a minute or two and grabs his lap top off the table before signing in as fast as he can and goes to google and opens the tab for weather and then he turns the tv on to the news channel.


"Merlin in what gods name are you doing?" Arthur asks throwing his hands confused as to what his former manservant is doing and why there is a giant screen. He's not even going to ask about that right now. Merlin ignores him and he almost feels at ease, Merlin ignoring him is something that hasn't changed he can see. 


He seems at ease but he can't say the same thing about Merlin.


Merlin skims through the websites fast and looks up at the tv every once in a while. Nothing seems to be happening.... 


Nothing big that Merlin can see anyway...


Maybe Kilgharrah was wrong, even though he has been right about everything else in the past... So there is a small chance that Merlin is right and the old dragon was wrong but Merlin can bet Arthur's life that the dragon was correct, that's just how sure he is about Kilgharrah's words. 


But what is the real question. What is going to happen that's so bad that caused Arthur to come back?


Why now?

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