It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


12. “Why a Doctor?”

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Merlin groans as he opens his eyes to a blinding bright light making him close them just as fast. He brings his hands up to his eyes and rubs them hard before slowly opening his eyes again and looking around the room confused as to where he is and what happened. 


He looks over to see a girl with blonde hair in a messy bun and her eyes closed as she sleeps in a chair. A chair that doesn't even look comfy. 


He looks around a notices he's in the hospital and everything comes crashing down on him and he gasps, looking around quickly and grabs one of the pillows from behind his head and chucks it at the girl in the chair to wake her up, not caring if this is the only sleep she's gotten. 


She slowly wakes up and blinks her blue eyes slowly and her gaze goes to Merlin as a huge grin makes its way onto her face and he now notices the stitches on her forehead and frowns. 


"Merlin, oh thank god you're awake. Nurses have been coming and going in here for the past few days checking on you and wondering when or even if you were going to wake up. I knew you'd wake up because, well you're you." She says shrugging before jumping off the chair and rushing over to him as she throws her arms around him and he smiles as he hugs her back awkwardly with all the wires and stuff attached to him. 


"Holly," he asks as she pulls away. "Um how am I here? Like, I'm not suppose to even exist." He says and she shrugs her shoulders. 


"Beats me. I have no idea honestly." She says and Merlin frowns remembering. 


"Where's Arthur?" He asks and she chuckles. "I'm not sure why you're chuckling, you could have gotten us killed Holly." He says frowning and she frowns and looks down at her lap. 


"I didn't mean to. The light turned green and I was just pulling up to go when some idiot hit us from the side sending us flying." She explains and Merlin frowns. 


Now he feels like an ass for yelling at her. "I'm sorry Holly." He says and she looks away and wipes a tear that's escaped. 


"Yeah well. It's fine now." She says and just as she says that a nurse walks in and stops in her tracks when's she looks at Merlin before turning back around and rushing out of the room as she sees Merlin is now awake. 


"Well that wasn't weird." He says. 


Holly only chuckles. "Remember what I said, they didn't even expect you to wake up." She says and he joins her chuckling. 


"Where are we anyway?" He asks and she scrunches up her eyebrows thinking.


"Um I think it's called San Antonio Memorial? I'm not to sure though." She says shrugging and Merlin tries to rack his brain for the hospital but comes up blank. 


"Yeah I got nothing." He says shaking his head and she just shrugs. 


"Hey I'm going to go get some food from the cafe, I'll be back. The doctor should be coming any time now sense you're awake." Holly says and Merlin nods his head as she gets up and leaves, shutting the door behind her. 


Merlin lets out a big sigh as he leans his head against his not so comfy pillow closing his eyes. 


He doesn't look when the door opens and shuts in front him, knowing its either Holly or a random doctor.


"Mr. um emrys?" A voice asks and his eyes snap open and looks up to see a guy standing in front of him in a doctors coat as he reads over his clipboard. He looks up and meets Merlin's gaze. "Hello, I'm Dr. Callahan. How are you feeling?" 


Merlin can't seem to think of anything at the moment. "Um I think I'm seeing things." He says not taking his eyes from the doctor. 


He chuckles lightly. "Yeah hitting your head at the rate you did will do that to you." He says writing something down on the paper. 


Merlin clears his throat. "Where's Arthur?" He asks and the guy stops writing and blinks up at Merlin frowning. 


"Arthur? The blonde one that was with you guys? He's okay. A little banged up but okay and apparently he's been asking about you. I haven't gone to see him because I'm not his doctor." He says and Merlin can't help but feel relief wash over him. 


"Oh thank god. I just got him back, I can't lose him again." Merlin says more to himself then the doctor who's giving him a strange look. 


"I'm sorry. I'm having such a strange déjà vu moment. Have we met?" He asks loosing his whole doctor stance and looks just as Merlin remembers him. Just this version of him doesn't know Merlin and he's actually cleaned up with a hair cut and everything and goes by the name Callahan.


"Why do you think we've met before?" Merlin asks and the guy just stares at Merlin. 


"It's just that- I feel like I know you..... but I'm not sure from what...." He says and Merlin can feel his heart beat increasing and he knows the doctor can as well because the heart rate monitor starts going crazy. "Wait so let me get this straight. So your name is Merlin and your friends name is Arthur?" He asks and Merlin nods his head. 


"Yeah. I feel like I know you as well." Merlin says but Merlin knows that he definitely knows him. 


"Huh. Maybe we do know each other." The doctor says. 


"Does the name Pendragon mean anything to you?" Merlin asks and the doctor freezes up. He looks up at Merlin and his eyes widen and his head goes into his hands as he groans. 


Merlin gasps. "Oh my god are you okay?" He asks slowly getting up and reaching over to grab the doctor. 


"Yeah, I- I'm okay now." He says and looks up at Merlin confused. "Just a headache." He says and Merlin frowns as the doctor gets up and leaves. 


I think it's time to go home.


He slowly pulls the wires out of his arms ignoring the beeping and the sting of pain along with it. He sees his clothes are in the corner and frowns but then remembers Holly probably went to his place and grabbed some clothes for him. 


He slips them on wincing at the pain in his side. He grabs everything he needs and goes into the hallway confused as to where to go because he doesn't seem to remember ever coming here- he would have remembered Dr. Callahan.  


He goes to the front office. "Hello can you tell me what room Arthur Pendragon is in?" He asks and the lady smiles.


"Yeah room 207." She says before going back to her phone conversation. 


He makes his way to the elevator and pushes the bottom and gets on and just as the door is closing a hand stops it and it's Dr. Callahan. 


He's breathing heavily and groans are the doors close and he bends over to catch his breath. 


"Mer-lin. Man are you're quick. Even hurt." He says and lets out a big breath as he stands up straight. 


"Can I help you?" Merlin asks confused. 


"You just left your room. Pulled out all the wires and left without even questioning if you're okay or not. Yeah I have to check on you." He says and leans against the wall and eyes Merlin. 


"Oh right." Merlin says but he doesn't really care because he'll heal eventually. He's just worried about Arthur. "I don't even care really about my health. I know I'm okay. I'm just worried about Arthur. I'm always worried about Arthur." He mumbles the last part but sense it's only them two in the elevator dr. Callahan hears him. 


"Always worried about him?" He says and he grabs his head again and he slides down the wall grabbing his head and groaning. 


Merlin rushes over to him and gets on his knees and grabs his shoulders. "Hey oh my god are you okay? What's happening?" 


After a longer moment then before in the room the doctor looks up confused out of his mind and when his eyes meet Merlin's he grins and Merlin can't help but grin back. 


"Merlin. Never thought I'd see you again honestly....." He says and Merlin's eyes widen as he backs away. "Well don't just stand there like a deer, help me up. My head is killing me, feels like I have a bad hangover." He says holding his hand out for Merlin to take, and he does hesitantly. 


"Um doctor Callahan? Are you okay?" Merlin asks and the doctor laughs. 


"Callahan. Right. Him. Merlin stop calling me Callahan." He says shaking his head and running his hands through his hair. 


"What? Why? That's your name." Merlin says his heart pounding fast. Does he remember like Merlin does? 


The doctor gives him a look he knows all to well he used to get from Gawain all the time back in Camelot when Merlin did or said something stupid. 


"Seriously Merlin? Do I have to spell it out for you?" He asks and Merlin's eyes widen. 


"No way." He asks.


He grins. "Yes way." The bell dings and the doors open and they step out the doors and make there way to Arthur's room. 


They open the door and Arthur's worried gaze goes straight to Merlin and he breaks into a giant grin. 


"Merlin!" He exclaims and Merlin's rushes over to him and throws himself at him as Arthur wraps his arms around him from laying in the bed. 


"I was so worried about you." Merlin says in to Arthur's shoulder. He feels Arthur relax against him. 


He pulls away only a little so he can smile down at Arthur and he grins back. 


A cleared throat breaks there small connection and they both look over at the figure in the doorway. 


Arthur's eyes widen. 


He shuts the door behind him and slowly walks into the room as Arthur and Merlin both look at him confused. Arthur more than Merlin. 


He clears his throat. "Sire." Is all he says and Merlin breaks out into a wide grin and throws himself at him. 


"Oh my god I've missed you so much." Merlin says as his arms tighten around him. 


"Wait. Gawain?" Arthur asks confused. 


He nods. "Yeah princess." Gawain says and Merlin can't stop grinning. "It's me."


"Why a doctor? Out of all things I did not plague you as a doctor type." Arthur says and Merlin chuckles. 


"Yeah I have no idea. Apparently I'm really good at it." He shrugs and Merlin's can't help but laugh at the thought of Gawain back in Camelot a doctor. 


"Well can we go home now?" Arthur asks and Gawain grabs the clipboard from the end of the bed and skins through it. 


"Well yeah it seems they don't know anything about you. Like you have no family, you don't even come up in the DNA data base. It's like you've appeared out of no where. Which I guess you have in a way. Where did you even come from? You know what? Tell me later I don't have the guts to hear it yet or have the time. And Merlin, you're not in the system either. I called you Emrys because it just felt right. And now I know why it did. Or does." Gawain says confusing himself and making the king and warlock laugh. 


"Can we go home Merlin?" Arthur asks and Merlin smiles and nods his head. 


"Yeah Holly brought clothes for us." Merlin says and he feels Gawain questioning gaze on his back as he helps Arthur take out the wires and stuff and Arthur grabs his clothes and makes his way to the washroom to change. 


"Who's Holly? Is that your girlfriend?" Gawain asks smirking and raising his eyebrows up and down at a quick speed and lightly shoves Merlin, making him roll his eyes chuckling. 


"Trust me, she's not my girlfriend. But she wishes." He says making Gawain laugh. 


Arthur comes out of the washroom and smiles at Merlin. He walks over to Merlin and throws his arms around him and Merlin burrows his face in the kings neck as if he was going to be taken away from him any moment. 


They pull back and Arthur looks at Gawain and he bows his head. He hold his hand out and Gawain takes it without hesitation. "Good to have you back Gawain." He says and Gawain nods his head and grins once they let go.


Just as they let go the door opens and in comes Holly looking around wildly before her gaze lands on Merlin and she lets out a relieved sigh then glares at him. "You jackass! I thought you left the damn building. How could you just leave like that? You don't even know if you're okay to leave you asshole." She blows up and Gawain raises his eyebrows and Arthur looks shocked and Merlin just sighs. 


"Is this Holly?" 


"Who's he?" She takes in the coat and everything and her mouth shuts up. "Oh shit. I'm sorry. I didn't even realize you were in here." She says going pale and Arthur and Merlin start laughing. 


"Yeah that's Holly." Merlin snickers and Gawain joins them. 


Holy then goes red and glares at them all. "I hate you all." She says and goes over and huffs in the chair near the bed. 


"We're just teasing you Holly. You know I love you." Merlin says and grabs Holly's hands and pulls her up and out of the chair. "We're getting ready to go home now anyway." He says. 


She frowns. "Did you get the okay from the doctor?" She asks. 


"Yeah that would be me. I say they can go, no holding either of them once they've put there mind to it. Learned from old mistakes." He says shrugging and Merlin and Arthur glance at each other then look at Holly who looks even more confused than before. 


"Let's just go home." Arthur says and the others nod there heads. He turns to Gawain. "Are you coming as well?" 


Holly furrows her eyebrows even more confused now.


Gawain looks at the clock on the wall and sighs. "Yeah I'll come. I can't exactly say no to you. But I want to come anyway." He says following them out and towards the desk. 


Gawain goes over to the front desk and chats with the lady there and he signs some papers and comes back over to them a few moments later. "Okay all good to go. I'm just going to put my coat away and grab my winter coat instead." He says and he heads off and just as quick he's back. 


They head out but stop once they realize they don't know where they are and they don't have a way home now. 


They all frown at each other. 


"What's wrong?" Gawain asks. 


"Well we have no clue where we are and don't have a way to get home." Arthur says and Merlin shoves his hands in his pockets and then gasps. 


"Oh no." He says and Arthur looks at him quickly and his expression matches Merlin's and Holly soon gets the memo. 


"Oh fuck." Holly says and Gawain is just confused. 


"Let's get home then go looking for her." Arthur says and Merlin can feel himself start to panic even more than before. 


"Hey we can take my car. Merlin just tell me where you live and I'll find my way there." He says not questioning who there talking about yet. 




Give it time, Gawain is nosey and finds out eventually. Whether people want him to or not.


They all pile in and Merlin tells Gawain where to go and no one talks on the way home. No music is playing but it's almost like they don't need music because the car is full of unanswered questions and that itself is enough to make anyone deaf. They pull up to Merlin's driveway and they all get out going towards Merlin's door. He unlocks it and they all go in, Gawain looking around as they all take there stuff off. 


A sound comes from the living room and Merlin drops everything and runs into the living room leaving Gawain even more confused. 


"Oh thank god." Merlin says as he sees a tiny head peek up from under the blanket on the couch. "How did you get in?" He asks as the dragon flaps her wings and flys up to his face and starts nudging his face with hers. 


"She must have gotten in when I left the door open by accident getting your clothes and stuff." Holly says from behind him. 


"What is that?!" Gawain asks standing in the doorway to the living room. 


Holly's eyes widen. "Uh a special kind of...... lizard?" She says it more of a question. 


He ignores her. "Merlin why do you have a dragon? Where did you even get it from?" He asks and now Holly is the one confused. 


"Merlin here thought it would be a great idea to save the dragons. Clearly he doesn't remember what happened the last time a dragon got lose." Arthur throws him a look as he sits in the couch and everyone else follows except Merlin. 


Holly in her chair and Gawain on the other cushion on the other end of the couch so there's a spot between them. 


"Really Merlin? Don't you remember? Wait," Gawain says turning to face Arthur. "Didn't you kill the dragon? If so then why is there another egg?" He turns back to Merlin. "Where did you get it?"


"You do know that he wasn't the last dragon right? Did you forget Morgana's dragon? Aithūsa?" Merlin asks and then Holly groans. 


"How the the hell are you so okay with all this? How are you not freaking out?" She asks. 


"Um well, nothing really fazes me anymore." He says not actually telling her who he is. 


"I was freaked out. Fine did you know Merlin here is really the Merlin?" She asks and Gawain chuckles at her. 


"Yes I knew that." He says.


"Did you know he has magic?" She says and Gawain eyes widen before they land on Merlin then flick to Arthur then back to Merlin. 


"You have magic?" He whispers. "Sense when?" He asks. Merlin sits on the cushion between Gawain and Arthur.


"Ever sense I was born. I could move things with magic before I could I talk." He says shrugging. "I never practised it, I was just born with it." Merlin says petting Lilith like a dog as she closes her eyes. 


"And you never told me? All those years of being friends and everything. I'm hurt Merlin." Gawain says frowning. 


"I couldn't tell you. You would have told Arthur and he would have killed me." Merlin says not taking his eyes from the now sleeping dragon in his lap. 


"You wouldn't have killed him right?" Gawain says to Arthur and all eyes including Lilith's goes to Arthur. 


Arthur meets Merlin's gaze steady. "Of course not. I would not let anyone or anything come even close to hurting you Merlin, you know that." He says putting his hand on Merlin's shoulder. "God do you know how worried I was in the hospital? Especially when they told me you might not wake up at all. I was crushed. I just got you back and I didn't want to lose you again." Arthur says as he hands go up to Merlin's face and Merlin holds his hands in place on his cheeks as his own tears build up. 


"It's been hell without you for so many decades Arthur that when we go to the hospital you're the one I was listening for to make sure you were okay. But when I didn't hear you I thought the worst had happened. I wasn't concerned for me because I know I'll be okay, it's you I get so worried about. I was scared you were leaving me just as soon as I got you back." Merlin says not caring that Holly or Gawain is in the same room as them. 


Arthur pulls Merlin's face towards his so fast that he hears a gasp and he's sure it came from Gawain but he doesn't care as he feels Arthur's lips on his own and once again everything fits into place and everyone is just background noise. Everything is right again.


Arthur kisses him hard and Merlin responds just as hard as Arthur's hands stay on Merlin's cheeks and Merlin's go straight to Arthur's blonde hair. They slowly pull back and lean there foreheads against each other and Arthur moves and kisses the top of Merlin's forehead before pulling back fully.


Merlin sighs and looks back to the dragon on his lap watching him and his gaze goes to Holly who's grinning like a fool and then to Gawain. 


His eyes are wide and his mouth is hanging open. 


"What just happened?" He asks after a few moments. 


 Holly starts to snicker then goes full on laughing. "I'm sorry I need a drink I think there's something stuck in my throat." She says going into the kitchen still laughing but trying to cover it with a cough. 


"That is what we call a kiss." Merlin says. "We had them in Camelot as well even if you didn't get many Gawain." Arthur starts laughing and Merlin joins him as Gawain looks even more confused if that was possible. 


"But why did you kiss?" He asks and that makes the boys shut up. 


Both lads look at each other and Arthur smiles softly and Merlin mirrors it. "Because it feels right." Arthur finally says his eyes never leaving Merlin's. 


Gawain is silent for a moment or two and sighs. "I should have seen this coming in all honesty." He says shrugging and that gets the king and the warlocks attention. 


"What do you mean?" Arthur asks. 


Gawain chuckles. "You guys aren't very subtle at all you know. With your small glances at each other and how you're always together. And not just because he's your manservant but because you wanted him around Arthur. Everyone could see it. Even Guinevere could see it. You're just glad that Uther didn't catch on." Gawain says shrugging his shoulders and leaning against the back of the couch. 


"What do you mean even Guinevere could see it? She was my wife." Arthur says and Merlin looks down at the dragon who moves closer to him, sensing is uneasiness. 


Gawain catches it. 


"She may have been your wife but she wasn't the one you really wanted to be with though, was she?" Gawain says as Holly comes back in and takes her place in her chair once again with a glass of what looks like orange juice. 


Arthur looks away and frowns and Merlin can feel his heart pick up speed again. 


"Did everyone know?" Arthur whispers and Gawain hesitates but then slowly nods his head. 


"Well almost everyone. Mostly everyone." He says and Holly tilts her head as if to hear the beginning of the conversation in her ear. 


Arthur lets out a big sigh and he leans back against the couch and looks over at Merlin beside him. He reaches out and traces his finger tips along Merlin's cheek and jaw. 


"At least I don't have to hide it anymore." He mumbles but they all hear him and Merlin smiles softly and Arthur does it back. 


"You guys are so cute." Holly says before yawning. "But your cuteness is making me tired. I'm off to bed." She says. She blows Merlin a kiss and says goodnight to the others before heading up the stairs to her room. 


Gawain looks at the clock on the wall and whistles low. "Crap. I should be heading home and getting ready for bed myself, got to work tomorrow." He says standing up and he notices Merlin and Arthur are to into each other, having a low conversation only for there ears making him chuckle to himself. "I'll let myself out." He says louder and they snap out of it and look at him. 


"What? Oh you're leaving?" Merlin asks and Gawain shakes his head chuckling. He makes his way to the door and he hears feet coming from behind him. 


He turns to grab his coat and sees Merlin and Arthur both now in the kitchen. He puts it on along with his boots and sticks his hat on his head. "Okay. So you guys should come by the hospital and ask for me, I'll get you both pain meds so you guys won't hurt as much. You're both going to feel it in the morning." He says laughing as he heads out the door and into the snowy night. 


Merlin turns around and bumps right into a blonde block. "Hi there." He whispers smiling and Arthur smiles at him. 


"Hi." He says and closes the distance and Merlin closes his eyes as he feels another pair of lips on his own for the second time that night. 


Not that he's complaining.

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