It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


11. “What happened?”

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"Did you see that?!" Holly yells as she comes off the mini roller coaster laughing. "He threw up! On the ride. Like it's so small, and not really crazy. How do you throw up on it?" She asks coming over and sitting beside Merlin who's feeding Lilith french fries he bought for him and Arthur.


"He threw up?" Arthur asks them and looks at the ride Holly just came off of and frowns scrunching up his face like he used to do back in the days in Camelot. 


Merlin looks down at the small dragon on his shoulder under his scarf and frowns. 


"Hey you okay?" Holly asks and Arthur’s attention gets taken away from a ride he was watching to Merlin. 


Merlin looks up and pulls a fake smile on his face. "Yeah. Totally okay." 


Arthur frowns and Holly scoffs. "Okay so I call bullshit. What's really wrong?" She says crossing her arms and turning her whole body to face Merlin.


Merlin's fake smile disappears as if it wasn't there to begin with and his frown replaces it in seconds. 


"It's nothing. It's stupid and I'm dumb to even get upset about it." He says standing up and making his way towards the parking lot with a frown etched on his face. 


He can feel the other two stare at him and it's not long after he hears foot steps crush the fallen snow as they rush up to him. "Merlin, hold up."


Merlin slows down just a little but doesn’t fully stop for Arthur to catch up to him. Arthur gently grabs ahold of Merlin’s sleeve making him stop and face the king who looks concerned and a little frustrated. 


“What’s going on Merlin? You were just happy two seconds ago.” He says frowning. Merlin sighs and looks down at his snow covered boots. 


“I was just thinking about what Holly said before. About reincarnation and everything and how if others from Camelot are here they wouldn’t recognize us.” He chooses his words carefully and frowns while saying them. He doesn’t meet Arthur’s gaze but keeps his gaze on the ground. 


It’s silent for a few moments before Arthur says anything. 


“Merlin?” He whispers and Merlin lifts his gaze up from the ground up to the blue eyes of the Pendragon. “I’m sure they would come up to you, even if they thought they were crazy.” He says his hand sliding down from his sleeve to his glove covered hand. “Would you recognize anyone of the knights if they came up to you? Or if you randomly saw them one day?” He asks and Merlin doesn’t even think or hesitate before answering.


“Of course I would.” He says frowning. “There faces are burned into my memory. All those trips into the woods and tasks that we’ve done together are in my brain and I won’t ever forget them.” He says shaking his head and Arthur smiles softly at the sad Warlock. 


“Well then maybe Holly is wrong and they would remember you and all those adventures we’ve been on.” He says and Merlin slowly starts to grin at the thought of seeing the knights again even after all this time. 


“Maybe. That would be amazing you know. To have them all back again.” He says and Arthur squeezes his hand grinning at him before letting his hand go.


“Exactly. If anyone knows about waiting for someone it’s you.” He says and Merlin chuckles nodding his head. 


“That my friend is very true. I waited so long for your butt that I’ve forgotten all about it.” Merlin says and Arthur can’t seem to get mad at how Merlin forgotten him. 


“Hey. You’re the cute guy who bought the brackets.” The girl from the booth says walking over to them grinning as she eyes Arthur up. 


Merlin feels his blood boil and he feels his magic at the tips of his fingers, ready to be used. 


“Um hello?” Arthur says confused crossing his arms. 


“Yeah hi. I was wondering if you wanted to go on some rides with me.” She asks as if Merlin isn’t even there in the first place. 


“What? And just leave my friends?” He asks sounding a tad bit mad. 


Oh this is going to be good. 


Her eyes flick to Merlin and they have a little spark of surprise there like she just noticed Merlin with him. 


“Yeah hi. I’m one of the friends.” He says giving her a fake smile and narrowed eyes.


She crosses her arms over her chest glares at Merlin not even caring that it looks bad to Arthur. 


“Well I’m sure you can go find some other friends. Or just go home. Isn’t it past your bedtime anyways?” She sneers and Merlin just laughs and Arthur chuckles. 


“Listen to yourself. Compared to you, I’m old enough to tell you to go to bed. You’re just a young girl who’s throwing her self at random guys she doesn’t even know one bit. You should not be prowling on guys who you can’t seem to take a hint aren’t interested.” He says chuckling and Arthur bites back a smile as he tries to hold in a laugh. 


She opens her mouth to say something but gets interrupted. 


“Yeah hi bitch. I’m the other friend.” Holly says tapping the girl on the shoulder. “And those two don’t swing your way honey. Go find some other helpless boy who will pay you for your pathetic time.” Holly says smiling sweetly as the girl gapes at her.


“You fucking bitch.” The girl snaps and Holly shakes her head while Merlin is laughing and Arthur looks very highly amused. “I am not a prostitute. How dare you assume that!” She almost screams. 


“Did you not listen to her?” Arthur speaks up for the first time in awhile. “I’m not interested. Well not in you anyway.” He says his arms still crossed and the girl flips her black hair over her shoulder as she looks back at Arthur and smiles. 


“I’ll change your mind pretty quick boy.” She says and winks making Merlin gag and she shoots him a glare. 


“Sense none of us can seem to get through to you with words let me show you.” Arthur says and the girls full attention goes to him as she awaits him to show her. 


He turns back to a confused but very amused Merlin and grabs his face and presses there lips together taking Merlin by surprise and Holly bursts out laughing and the girl gasps. But those are just background noise to the two boys kissing by the parking lot. 


“Fucking gays. I swear.” She screams in a huff and storms back into the fair grounds as the two lads pull apart but not far from each other. 


“I think that went quite well actually.” Holly says coming up to Merlin and Arthur who are just staring at each other and Holly smiles to herself. 


“I think it’s time to go home.” Arthur mumbles and turns to look at Holly who’s got her eyebrows raised but a smile on her face either way. 


She shrugs. “Okay. Whatever you say your highness.” She says and bows as they make there way back to her Jeep. 


They climb in and before Merlin can get far, Arthur pulls him into the back seat with him and he leans his head against his shoulder and Merlin smiles while leaning his head against Arthur’s and they both close there eyes. 


Holly keeps the music on low as she drives out of the parking lot. She keeps her eyes on what’s in front of her but keeps glancing back at the two boys in the back once in a while. 


This is the happiest she’s ever seen Merlin. And she’s known Merlin for what feels like forever which isn’t true now that she knows everything. 


She still has some questions but those are for another time. 


She really wants to know the true story about Arthur and his kingdom. There are so many different stories and theories out there on those two but no one really knows the truth. 


Except for Merlin and Arthur themselves. 


She still is having a hard time wrapping her brain around that it’s really them. There a few moments where she was sceptical but those vanished as Merlin produces a butterfly out of nothing. He couldn’t have randomly caught it because it’s to cold for butterfly’s. Plus the dragon helped a lot as well. 


A dragon. 


She sighs wondering what there going to do with a dragon as she gets older and bigger. 


It’s not like they can just release her into the wild. 


Imagine if someone found her? Just going through a stroll in the woods on a nice Sunday morning when all of a sudden a fucking giant lizard comes flying out at you. 


Yeah no thank you. She would die of a heart attack if that ever happened to her. 


She slowly comes to a stop as the light turns red and it’s silent on the empty snowy streets. She closes her eyes and leans her head against the steering wheel of her vehicle for a moment before lifting her head back up and focusing on the road. 


After a few moments the light turns green and she puts her foot on the gas to go and only makes it a little ways into the intersection when something smashes into the side of her car sending her car and everyone in it flying and rolling. 


After everything finally stops and the car is stilled upside down and she can focus on something she slowly starts moving her limbs, checking to see if everything is working. So far so good. 


She slowly turns around to see Arthur and Merlin hanging like rag dolls from the seat belts. She slowly reaches out and just barley reaches Merlin. 


“Merlin? Merlin!” She yells and he groans but doesn’t open his eyes as tears fill her eyes but she doesn’t let them spill as her gaze goes to the king. “Arthur?” She asks and she can’t seem to reach him from her spot. 


She slowly undoes her seat belt and groans as she lands on broken shards of glass and slides out of the car and grabs her phone she found laying on the road a few feet away and dials 911. 


“Hello what’s the emergency?” A women on the other end asks politely. 


Unstoppable tears start rolling down Holly’s cheeks. “We were in accident. Someone hit us and now I can’t get my friends out of the car and there hurt and I’m freaking out.” She says as she wipes blood from her forehead. But it’s just keeps coming. 


She hears the lady on the other end gasp. “Oh my god okay I have picked up your location and help is on the way. Can you try to wake up your friends for me?” The lady’s asks sounding so worried. 


Holly shakily nods her head but then remembers that she can’t see her goes, “Ye-ah.” She says between a hiccup. 


She rushes over and gets on her hands and knees, ignoring the pain it brings her and goes to Merlin and Arthur as best as she can. 


“Merlin, c’mon wake up you idiot.” She says as more tears roll down her cheeks as she pushes Merlin a little and he groans and moves his head and Holly lets out a sigh of relief because he’s alive. 


Then she looks over at Arthur who hasn’t moved or made a sound sense they got in the car. 


She hears sirens coming up fast to her and she rushes out into the road and yells for them. “Over here! Please help!” She sobs as they come to a stop in front of her and fire trucks follow along with police cars. 


One of he paramedics rushes over to her. “What happened?” She asks her eyes scanning over Holly. 


“Someone hit us and sent us flying. My friends are still in the car.” She sobs as the lady rushes her over to a stretcher and others rush to the car to get the other two out. 


A police lady asks a bunch of questions and Holly tries her best to answer them while the paramedic lady checks on Holly’s head and bleeding forehead. 


But the stops short when she sees them bring Merlin over on a stretcher. She jumps off the the stretcher she’s on and runs over to Merlin. 


“Merlin! Oh my god.” She sobs and he slowly blinks at her and for a moment he looks at her confused and she fears he’s forgotten all about her. 


“What-? I don’t understand? What happened? Where’s Arthur?” He asks and Holly is fearing that he’s forgotten everything over the last millions of years. But relief washes over Holly when he goes, “Holly, where’s Arthur what happened?” He asks as tears well up in his eyes. 


Her gaze goes to the car just as they get Arthur out and Merlin follows her gaze and gasps. 


“Arthur!” He screams and goes to get up but he gets pushed down again by paramedics. “No I have to check on him! I’m the fine one here not him!” He screams but it’s ends in a sob and Holly joins him. 


“We need to get you guys to the hospital.” The one guy says and Holly just cries as they lead her away and put Merlin in an ambulance and she gets in another just as another one pulls up beside them. 


They lay her down as silent tears roll down her face as she thinks that if Arthur died again it’ll be her fault and Merlin would never forgive her. 


She sobs again into her hands and the lady frowns at her and brushes her hair away from her cut to examine it again. 


After what feels like only  a few moments they pull up to the hospital and Holly isn’t sure what happens, maybe they gave her something but she’s passed out in seconds. 



Merlin on the other hand is wide awake and loosing his mind. Is Arthur alright? Will he be okay? Is he dead? 


What even happened? Holly was to busy crying to give him a proper answer. 


Where’s Lilith? 


He closes his eyes at the bright lights of the lamps outside the hospital and frowns as they bring him in and he hears noise all around him but he blocks it out only listening for one voice. 




Tears slip out the corners of his eyes as they take him to a random room. 


They take his clothes and help him put on a gown, carful of the wires and stuff. They hook him up to a bunch of different things and he just lays there not caring that he’s getting needles jabbed into his arm. They give him something because before he can ask any questions or answer any, he’s passed out. 




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