It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


15. An Adventure.... Sort Of?

"So later we can go and look at that house you showed me earlier if you want to." Arthur says and Merlin looks up from his phone and smiles. Arthur grins small. "I wrote down the number and the address of the place for you, you know before you closed it and you forgot to save." He says chuckling and Merlin can't help but feel his cheeks heat up from the pure adoration he feels for the blonde idiot. Why is he so precious?


Merlin put the horrible thought to the back of his mind about why Arthur is back and just wants to focus on the now. "That's actually really nice of you.... Arthur? Are you feeling well?" Merlin asks and Arthur shoots him a glare which Merlin just grins back a cheeky smile.


Arthur's eyes go back to the book he has in hands. "At least you being annoying hasn't changed." He mumbles and Merlin chuckles hearing him. 


The door opens and they hear a loud groan. "I hate my life." 


They both share a look and both there gazes to the blonde girl who's in the walkway with her arms crossed and her work uniform all dirty and messed up. A hard glare set on her face. "I'll say it again; I hate my life." She storms past them and up the stairs grumbling under her breath doing so. 


"She thinks she has it bad?" Merlin says under his breath and Arthur snorts, eyes not leaving the book.


Merlin shakes his head at his friend wondering what's got her all grumpy all of a sudden? He frowns and looks back at his phone at the house he's been staring at for the past hour, debating to call or not. 


He pushes the call button and gets up off the couch, getting a confused look from Arthur. Merlin just holds up a finger and walks up to there room, ignoring how Holly has music loud in her room. 


He goes in and locks the door behind him. "Hello?" A women's voice comes threw after a few rings.


"Yes hello, I'm calling about the house you have for sale? The one away from basically any civilization in the country?" He says smiling and praying the women knows to take a joke and has the house for sale still. 


Luck is on his side cause the lady laughs lightly. "Yes I know exactly what you're talking about. Are you interested in it?" 


Merlin breaks out into a giant grin. "Oh yes. Is it possible to come and look at it?" 


"Of course! Is tomorrow okay for you?" She asks and Merlin nods his head, then stood realizing she can't see him.


"I'll make it work if not. What time?" He asks taking a seat on the edge of the bed, phone close up to his ear. 


"How about 1 tomorrow?" She asks. 


Merlin grins. "That sounds amazing. Thank you so much." He says.


"No problem, I'll see you tomorrow." She says. They say there goodbyes and Merlin's smile never leaves his face. He puts his phone in his pocket as he practically skips out of the room bumping into Holly. 


He blinks as he grabs her arm to stop both of them from falling in there ass in the hallway. "Oh shit, sorry Holly." He says chuckling and she chuckles.


"No worries. Who was that on the phone?" She asks tilting her head and leaning against the wall.


"Oh that was a real estate lady. Tomorrow we're going to look at house, do you work?" Merlin asks and she frowns. 


"House? Are you moving?" She asks and slowly crosses her arms as a frown turns into a sour look. 


"Me? Holly last I checked you kind of lived with me..." He says trying to figure out why she's frowning...


She tilts her head from one side to the other a few times before shrugging. "Well I guess you're not wrong. And I haven't unpacked like anything so." She says and Merlin smiles. 


"Does Arthur know?" She asks after a few moments. 


"Yeah he's the one who saved the number and stuff for me to call." He explains. "We're going tomorrow at 1 and I hope you don't have to work, if you do then I'll FaceTime you and we can all talk that way if not face to face." He says and Holly nods her head. 


"Last I checked I didn't have to work, I'll double check though." She says turning around and going down the hall to where her room is. 


Merlin goes down stairs and sees Arthur reading yet another book. "What are you even reading and where are you getting all these random books from?" Merlin asks as he walks over to Arthur who looks up. 


"I'm not to sure." He says closing the book but not before putting a random piece of paper as a bookmark. "I just kind of found it buried in dust in a box in the basement." He shrugs and Merlin gets even more confused. Those boxes will be the death of him. 


"I don't recognize it?" Merlin says shaking his head and sits beside Arthur. 


"Yeah it's......weird, I don't understand it. Like at all. Like I'm not to sure it's even English if I'm being honest." He says and hands the book over to Merlin who takes it and opens it. 


His eyes widen as he flips from one page to another. "Do you know what you've been reading this whole time?" Arthur shakes his head. "This is one of Gaius's old books, one full of spells he used to use- one he gave me to use but I never got around to this one, that's why I didn't recognize it at first." He says and he can feel his heart twinge at the thought of the old physician and friend.  


The father figure in his life.


"Merlin?" Merlin jumps a little when he feels a hand on his shoulder. He looks up from the book up to the worried blue eyes of Arthur. "Are you alright?" A twinge of worry in his voice and blue eyes full of concern for the young looking warlock. 


"Yeah. I'm fine, just you know..... Thinking." He says and Arthur nods his head. "Anyway, I called and chatted with a lady about the house. We're going tomorrow at 1." He says and Arthur grins while nodding his head. 


"Good. The sooner we can get out of the city the better. Lilith is growing faster then I thought she would." Arthur says and nods his head towards the dragon who is laying on the floor sleeping in a throw blanket that's almost to big for her whole body. She now is the size of a medium size dog. 


Merlin frowns. "Yeah I know. So hopefully tomorrow we can look around and buy the house." He says and Arthur nods his head and then leans back against the couch and Merlin follows. 


He looks back at the thick book in his hands and flips it open to a random page. "I wondered what happened to these books... Are there anymore?" He asks looking up at the king. 


Arthur smiles down at him. "Maybe, I didn't really look." He says and leans down to kiss Merlin. 


"Can you guys not make out for like two seconds oh and Merlin I don't have to work tomorrow." Holly says chuckling, and takes her seat in the chair she has claimed as her own. "This is the one time where I'd like it if you didn't make out and come up for some air for a little bit. Let's go do something, like let's go on an adventure. Well for Arthur it would be." She says. 


"Alright," Merlin says. "Like what? What did you have in mind?" He asks and then the smile slips away as soon as he sees the smirk. "Holly the answer is no."


"Oh come on, it's still kind of early out. Only like 2:30." She says and Merlin sighs. 


Arthur frowns looking confused. Oh poor Arthur.


"Let's go do shit. Like we could, oh I got it! We should take Arthur to the museum!" She says leaning forward so her hands are glued to her knees.


"Holly that's an awful idea- wait. Did you say Museum?" He starts off but changes directions once he realizes what she says. "Um I'm not sure how well that will go over..." He bites his lip looking over at Arthur who just looks confused and more than a little lost.


"Yeah sorry to interrupt whatever creepy thing you guys are doing and talking about, but can someone fill me in on what the hell a museum is." Arthur says crossing his arms and raising his eyebrows the way he always did when Merlin did something stupid. So like always. 


"Well your highness, you just have to wait." Holly says and goes back upstairs to get whatever it is she needs. Arthur turns to look at Merlin who just shrugs and walks into the kitchen leaving Arthur to think of what torturous thing Holly has suggested this time around. Last time they did what she wanted to do they ended up in the hospital. But they did get Gwaine back so that was a plus.


"Prat! Are you coming? Let's go slow poke!" Merlin shouts from the kitchen breaking Arthur from his train of thoughts. He frowns and as he gets up from the couch, a pair of socks fall from his lap. He bends down and picks them up and puts them on not even questioning where they came from. 


He's learned not to ask questions like that.


Then he gets up and follows Merlin's voice into the kitchen. He sees Holly is with him as well and was wondering how long he's been spaced out for... he gets on his stuff and and the frown and confusion never leave his face. 


"So where are we going?" Arthur finally asks and Holly chuckles leaving the house and Merlin just sighs shaking his head at Arthur's confused face. 


"Just go with it." Merlin says and grabs Arthur's hand in his gloved one. 


"Alright but if I end up in the hospital again I'm swear to god I will find another way to to punish you if I can't put you in the stocks." Arthur says and Merlin just grins. 


"Yeah but you said it yourself, you love me. So if you truly loved me then you wouldn't do that to me." Merlin says raising his eyebrows and Arthur can't help but laugh. 


"Merlin, just because I told you I love you doesn't mean I wouldn't have thrown you in the stocks back in Camelot." He says smirking as Merlin raises his eyebrows higher if that's possible. "I just wouldn't have left you out there for as long. Maybe." Arthur says walking out the door with Merlin in tow now. 


That tables have switched. Who's in lead now? Not Merlin. 


But then again Merlin knows the way. And where there going. That stops Arthur in his tracks and he glares at Merlin who for some reason realized what Arthur thought of and grins. 


Now Merlin is pulling Arthur towards the rental car. 


Holly's car is being fixed up in the shop so they have to deal with this..... mini van? If he heard Merlin properly explain the car to Holly who was not a all impressed with the choice of car.


"I feel like a fricken soccer mom." Holly mumbles from the drivers seat. 


"Um Holly? Maybe I should drive this time..." Merlin says and Holly opens then closes her mouth in a fish like fashion. 


She sighs. "Fine." 


Arthur coughs. "Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, I've seen Merlin try to ride a horse so I'm going to take it that his driving as you call it isn't going to be much better than the horse."


"What the hell do you mean? I was great on a horse, you just didn't know because you were to busy being a royal prat and looking for something to kill most of the time like a poor rabbit or deer." Merlin sasses back and Arthur laughs but what Merlin doesn't know is that Arthur was paying attention for listening to animals but if he's being honest, he was paying more attention to Merlin when he wasn't looking... keeping an eye on him he would have said back then, to make sure he didn't do anything stupid or fall into a hole or group of bandits. Merlin would have probably fallen on someone's sword. But now he can say he's just watching Merlin because he wants to. Because Merlin is very good to look at. With his black hair that when gets long, curls around his to big ears and his lovely smile which Arthur can now kiss whenever he feels like it. 


"Hello? Earth to King Arthur?" 


Arthur blinks and comes to see blue eyes right in his line of vision. "Huh?" 


Merlin gives Arthur one of those smiles that makes his heart beat pick up speed and his insides turn to mush. It was the same back in Camelot- he just couldn't act on it like he can now. 


"I've told you not to think to hard, you'll hurt yourself." Merlin says and before he can start to laugh, Arthur leans forward and catches Merlin's lips with his, something he's wished to do back in his chambers more than he'd like to admit. 


Merlin makes a little surprised noise but kisses back nonetheless. Arthur pulls back a little. "What uh, what was that for?" Merlin asks a little breathless and stunned. 


Arthur's eyes go back to looking at Merlin's mouth then back up to his eyes. "Trying to make up for all the times I couldn't kiss you when I wanted to back in my chambers or even in the court yard. Anywhere really." He says and Merlin turns 100 shades of red and pink but he gives Arthur another smile and he pecks his forehead before Merlin's switches spots with Holly (not before helping Arthur with the seatbelt of course). 


They drive a little before Holly leans forward and pushes something and sound surrounds Arthur- who tenses up and looks around wildly before his eyes land back to the front to see Merlin biting his lip and glancing between Arthur and the road in the review mirror. 


Arthur let's out a breath. "Where's the sound coming from?" He asks and Holly chuckles and Merlin shoots her a sideways glare but his eyes go back to the blonde in the backseat who feels confused and a little upset that he's left out even though it's not his fault at all. Merlin pushes the button again and the sound stops.


"Well Arthur," Merlin clears his throat. "Do you remember when we had people come from other kingdoms to play instruments at feasts and at your birthdays and other stupid get togethers?" He asks and Arthur can't help but wonder why Merlin is bringing these times up now.


"Well yes." 


"Right well, music has um evolved. Since then." He starts and Arthur is just confused. Because there isn't anyone playing music in the car, he would know.


"Merlin are you alright? Are you suggesting that the sound I just heard was music? Merlin I would know if someone was playing an instrument in the car..." He chuckles shaking his head and he can see Merlin trying not to smile but failing at it. 


"Like I said," He chuckles. "It evolved. So now we can hear music anywhere and we don't have to have people play it for us live- I mean lots of people do and it's a lot of fun." He says grinning. "Not that back then wasn't fun cause I just loved serving lords who couldn't care less about others and drink wine for all hours of the night." 


Arthur can hear some bitterness and edge in Merlin's tone of voice and he feels guilty from all those times he made Merlin stay up with him and serve others. But he just wanted to spend more time with Merlin without causing a scene. 


So being an ass was the only way. 


"As I was saying Arthur," Merlin pushes a smile that looks a little to forced to Arthur. "Music is different, it's not just instruments there's actual singing, I mean lady Helen was really good- so I've heard. We never actually got to hear her sing now that I think about it." Merlin goes off and Arthur can't help but agree with the lady Helen part. 


"So that sound coming from- the car? Is music?" He asks confused and Holly chuckles while Merlin rolls his eyes. He smiles back at Arthur threw the mirror. 


"Yes. Listen." He says before pushing the button again and turns something so when the music comes out it's not as loud as before. 


"What's this song called?" Arthur asks after listening to it for a few seconds. 


Merlin grins back at him. "It's called No Promises." His eyes go back to the road as they make a left turn and start into town. 


Arthur smiles. "Who's singing it?" 


"My little Canadian Shawn Mendes." Holly says turning around in her seat, giving Arthur a cheeky smile. 


"Who? Canadian? What?" Now Arthur is even more confused than he was to begin with. What's a Canadian Shawn Mendes? 


Merlin laughs and Holly smiles. "What she means to say is that the singer is a guy named Shawn Mendes. The Canadian part is where he's from." Merlin explains and Arthur nods his head like he actually understands what Merlin is talking about. 


He leans back and listens to this Shawn Mendes guy and watches out the window as they come to a stop, turning right into a place Merlin called the parking lot. 


Merlin turns the car off and they all hop out, Merlin giving Arthur a lingering touch on the arm and a giant smile for getting out of the car without needing Merlin's help with the seatbelt or anything.


He looks down as his cheeks heat up and grins as he stuffs his hands into his jean pockets. 


He follows Merlin and Holly who are silent as they walk towards a huge building, so big that Arthur has to stop and crane his neck up to see the top of the building, he brings his hands up to shield his eyes from the sun so he can look. 


"Arthur? You coming?" He hears Merlin ask and he looks back to the two to find them giving him confused looks. 


Arthur smiles. "It's a big building." He shrugs and Merlin chuckles and bites his lip before slowly grabbing Arthur's right hand. Arthur looks down at there hands and thinks that they fit together so well. 


He gives Merlin's hand a squeeze and Merlin beams at him before doing the same thing back. They walk the rest of the way holding hands and squeezing every once in a while.


They go into the building and Merlin gets out money and pays for him and Arthur while Holly pays her own way in. The guy puts something on there hand.


"What's on my hand?" Arthur asks looking down at the hand that's not holding Merlin's where a little building in black ink is on. 


"It's called a stamp. It's to let others know you've actually paid to come in instead of just sneaking in. Like I do sometimes." He says casually.


Holly comes over to them rolling her eyes. "Yes say it louder Merlin, I didn't think the security upstairs heard you." And Merlin just grins. 


He shrugs. "What can they do to me that I haven't done to myself before? Throw me in jail? Not like I can actually die from getting to hurt or upset." He says laughing and Holly shakes her head and walks a head of them but still smiles. 


Arthur feels a twist in his gut as he looks at Merlin. He's seen Merlin's body before but he never actually took time to notice any scars on his body. And Merlin is covered really well right now so he can't exactly look.


"Hey, you alright?" He asks and Arthur nods his head and blinks a few times, ignoring Merlin's confused look. 


"I'm alright. So where are we anyway? You guys never actually told me." He says changing the topic. 


Merlin gives him a weird look but goes with it anyway. Arthur can tell Merlin will keep thinking about this till he's figured it out. No doubt Merlin will have figured it out by the end of the day. 


"We are in what is called a museum." Merlin says walking forward to see what Holly is looking at. "It's a bunch of old shit in one building really." He says and Arthur smirks at Merlin. 


"So you fit in very well then." 


Merlin hits Arthur on the head and Arthur just laughs. 


"Can you guys like not kill each other right now? They've added new sections." Holly says grinning and skips ahead of them. Her blonde hair in a messy ponytail and her trench coats not done up and flapping open as she skips. Merlin shakes his head. 


"No but like what do you mean a bunch of old shit?" Arthur asks again. 


Merlin looks at a painting randomly and Arthur tilts his head a little to try and see what Merlin is so keen at looking at. "Everything in this building is old. Like super old. Like me old. Okay not me old, but almost as old as me." He says and Arthur doesn't understand why people would pay to see old stuff?


"Why would people pay to see stuff like this? It's just stuff that's old?" He voices his questions and Merlin shrugs. 


"I'm not sure. I mean I've seen all this stuff a bunch of times already. Hell I've lived through 98% of it." He chuckles and Arthur gives him a smile before leaning down and pecking Merlin on the head. He watches as Merlin blushes and looks down. 


"Come on guys, were burning daylight." Holly says before grabbing both there hands and pulls them to the stairs to the upper part of the building. All the bottom floor is just statues of people who Arthur doesn't know and Merlin doesn't have the energy of explaining everything to Arthur at the moment. Another day he'll explain everything to Arthur. 


Some day.


They follow Holly around and Merlin points out the stuff he finds are cool and that are worth talking about. Of course Arthur is confused as all hell but that's why he asks questions and Merlin explains from his own point of view and not what some paper says. He listens to every word Merlin says because it's part of Merlin's life that Arthur didn't get to see or hear about. This is a part of Merlin that Arthur missed out on and he'll be damned if he's missing it again.


"Hey guys," Holly asks sounding a little weird from a few feet up ahead of them. "I think I found what was new about the additions..." She says and bites her lips as Merlin and Arthur walk towards her confused. 


"What are you talking abou- oh." Merlin says and goes quiet once he sees what Holly was talking about.


There's a sign that says "Welcome to Camelot." And Arthur feels his stomach tighten and Merlin looks like he feels the same. 


"Well." Merlin says a little breathless. "This is most certainly new."


He turns to look at Arthur. "We don't have to look if you don't want to." He says and people around them give them weird looks as they hear Merlin's words.


Before Arthur can answer a guy comes over wearing a uniform that indicates he works here. "Hello, welcome to Camelot." He says chuckling and grins while Merlin makes a small sound that resembles a small whimper. Arthur swallows. 


"Hey man, when did this get added?" Holly swoops in and saves them, sensing there uneasiness. 


He smiles turning his attention to her. "A couple of weeks ago-it was a surprise." He grins like he's proud. 


"Oh trust me, it's a surprise alright." Merlin says and looks a little pale- more so than usual. "Um what's the thing in there that gets the most attention?" He asks before he can stop himself. 


He's curious. Sue him. 


Arthur gives him a looks but then goes with Merlin as him and Holly follow the guy. 


"Well I'm glad you asked," He starts off and he feels Merlin tense as they walk into the giant ass room. 


All around them are things from Camelot. Down to Arthur's bedsheets that both he and Merlin recognize immediately. Merlin because he's washed them so many bloody times. 


"They have the blankets from the royal chambers?" Arthur asks before stoping himself and Merlin looks just as confused as he is. "Why?"


"Those were King Arthur's bedsheets if you're wondering." The guy says. They both jump a little because honestly they forgot he was with them. 


"I know." Merlin says. I've seen these sheets every single day when I was in Camelot.


The guy gives him a weird look but Merlin ignores it. The Merlin way of doing things. 


Arthur snorts a little. Glad to see that hasn't changed.


"As I was saying- the main attraction is King Arthur's sword, Excalibur." Both boys snap there head up when the name is mentioned. Holly comes over confused. 


"Where?" Arthur asks sounding all king like and Merlin grins at the tone. 


The guy looks taken back for a second but composed himself quickly and leads them to a stand where a sword lays. 


Holly, Arthur and Merlin don't take there eyes from it. 


"It's so pretty." Holly says and Merlin snorts. 


He leans in closer to Holly and whispers. "Yeah but the real one is even prettier." 


Holly gasps and pulls back. "What do you mean?"


Merlin gives her a looks like 'are you serious?'. "You really think I would leave the sword in the lake after all these years?" He asks sounding offended. 


She puts her hands up and chuckles. "Hey I didn't know. I thought it wasn't even close to here in all honesty." She says shrugging and going back to looking at the fake sword. "It is pretty though."


Merlin crosses his arms. "You try sharpening it for years and tell me how pretty you think it is then." 


Holly sticks her tongue out. Merlin does the same back at her. Arthur shakes his head and rubs his face with his hands. 


"Anything else you'd like me to show you?" The guy asks sounding way more confused than before. He probably heard there conversation. If Arthur were an outsider he'd be confused as well if he heard what they were talking about.


"No thanks." Holly says and the guy nods his head before walking away. Holly walks away and goes to look at something while Arthur and Merlin stand by the fake Excalibur. "Hey uh guys? How accurate are these photos?"


Merlin and Arthur share a look before walking over to where Holly is looking down at a bunch of photos. 


Arthur is taken back by the photos and how real they look. "Oh my god." He mumbles. 


"Hey Arthur, it's you." Holly says pointing to a picture of Arthur. "And I'm assuming that's Merlin because he never left your side, I mean he doesn't now either but you get what I mean." She says smirking. 


Merlin pushes to get a closer look. "What? I'm not suppose to be in there... why did they put me in this photo? I even remember when it was being done, I wasn't anywhere near you." He says to Arthur who looks a little freaked out by seeing himself in his armour again with the crown on his head. 


His crown.


"Where's my crown?" He asks and Merlin looks away. "Merlin, where is my crown?" He asks and crosses his arms. Merlin looks at him and gives him a small smile. 


"I'm not sure." He says and Arthur rolls his eyes. "Hey it's not like it's my job to watch where it goes. I mean it kind of was when you were king but that's because you were attached to it." He says and mimics Arthur. Arms crossed.


"Well you told me Gwen married again, so that must mean that sir Leon had worn it." Arthur says and Holly watches them with amusement written all over her face. Even though she has no idea who Leon is. 


"True, but I didn't go back. Not really. I couldn't. I just left. Well Percival found me by the water after and tried to get me to go back to Camelot with him but I refused- told him I'd catch up with him and meet him back....." Merlin gets a far away look in his eyes. "I didn't want to go back. But I went back when it was dark out, when the guards were patrolling the grounds and everyone was gone. The guards didn't even spare me a second glance because they were so used to me being there. I went in and magicked everything into boxes and kept them hidden with magic till I found houses to live in. I moved around a lot." He shakes his head slowly and blinks a few times. He swallows and looks up to see the worried faces of Holly and Arthur and about a dozen other people watching him. 


He forces out a smile and shakes his head. He goes back towards the photos and he misses the look Holly and Arthur share behind him. 


He ignores all the stares he's getting from people who think they know him but in reality they don't. Know one really knows Merlin. Sometimes Merlin doesn't even know himself. 


"Hey they got a really nice picture of Gwen." He says and he feels his throat tighten a little. 


Arthur comes over and looks over Merlin's shoulder. He gives a small smile. "She was a very beautiful queen." He says. 


"That she was." A voice says from behind them and they come face to face with Gwaine when they turn around. "Wasn't sure why this was my gut instinct to come here, but I guess I know now." He says shrugging and going to stand beside Holly as he glances down at the photos again. "Aye, she wasn't only a lovely queen but she was a really good friend." 


"Yeah." Merlin says and he sighs. "I really miss all of them." He looks up at Gwaine then back down again at the pictures. "Well everyone except Gwaine." 


He feels a punch in his shoulder and he gives a small chuckle. 


They heard gasps from behind them and they see that part of the room is outlined with yellow tape as there putting up another thing. 


"Great, more stuff to remind me of my past." Arthur says and Merlin chuckles and Holly coughs to cover hers. 


Gwaine just grins.


"What are they even putting up?" Merlin asks no one in particular. 


"It's a giant picture of King Arthur and his father, and Lady Morgana. I believe Guinevere and Arthur's manservant are in there as well. Or so I've heard." A girl says who's standing beside Merlin. 


She has really short blonde hair and glasses. A plain black shirt that has a picture of a pentagram on the front chest pocket and black jeans and boots and a coat on. 


"Are you sure? That sounds very specific." He asks wary of the girl and her random knowledge.


"Listen I just over heard some people talking about it." She says putting her hands up. 


She goes to say something else when another girl grabs her shoulder. "Logan lets go, we're going to be late." She says and drags the girl who's name is Logan apparently off. 


Merlin turns back around when he hears loud gasps and feels Arthur tense beside him. 


He looks up and sure shit. There they all are plain as day. 


Everyone stops to stare at it and Merlin feels Arthur shift awkwardly beside him and he can't help but agree with Arthur's moves. 


Anyone can tell that it's them on the wall. Well they look different but not so much that if people didn't know what they were looking for they wouldn't see it. 


But in a room full of people who's heart is set on King Arthur and Merlin, they'd sure see it. 


"Holy shit." And here we go. "You look just like Merlin, just you have longer hair and a scruff." A dude says and he looks over at Arthur then at Gwaine and his eyes practically pop out of his head. "Holy fuck, you two are literally King Arthur and Sir Gwaine. What the actual hell?" The guy grins and basically yells. People turn to see what the commotion is about and Merlin and Arthur and Gwaine all turn back to look at a case that's holding a piece of paper. Merlin frowns because he doesn't remember this.


He's gone over most of Arthur's work and speeches but he's never seen this one. 


As he reads it he realizes why. 


That's Guinevere's hand writing. It's the law that passed magic to be free in the land. Merlin feels his legs buckle under him and he grabs onto the railing around him to stop himself from falling onto the ground. 


Arthur is beside him in an instant. "Merlin, are you okay? What happened?" He asks looking Merlin over like a concerned mum. 


Well in this case a concerned prat. 


"I'm alright. Arthur I'm fine." He says and grabs Arthur's hand to stop them from seeing if Merlin is hurt anywhere. "I just read that, and it got to me." He says nodding towards the paper he just read. Arthur frowns but goes over and reads it. You can tell he realizes the hand writing immediately because his face pales a little.


He reads it and he quickly sits down beside Merlin and his eyes never leave the ground. 


After a moment he finally looks up at Merlin and Merlin can see the tears in his eyes and Merlin leans forward and presses his lips against Arthur's as his own tears spill and he feels Arthur's join him. 


Merlin throws all his sorrow and pain into that one kiss that it leaves him and Arthur a little breathless when they part. 


"I'm so sorry Merlin." Arthur mumbles with his eyes closed and his forehead against Merlin's. "I should have legalized it when I had the chance."


Merlin shakes his head. "Arthur you have nothing to be sorry about. It's not your fault. Plus she made it legal." He says opening his eyes to see Arthur already staring at him. "You have nothing to be sorry for." He repeats. 


Arthur hesitates then slowly nods his head as if he doesn't fully believe Merlin. Which he doesn't. 


"You guys are so sappy." Holly mumbles but gives them both a gentle smile and hands them both a tissue from god knows where. 


The both take one and wipe there face and blow there nose. 


They both smile at each other and they get up and continue walking around, not even caring that Gwaine disappeared off to some place. If he really wanted to he could probably find Gwaine. 


But Gwaine has a habit of finding them and at the most inconvenient moments as well.


They walk around and see all the random stuff they saved from the castle and what is fake because Merlin has the original of. He has a lot of stuff from Camelot.


"What language is this?" A random person asks themselves looking down at a book that's laid open for people to read. 


Merlin walks over and looks down and noticed that it's old Latin, a very old spell book that Merlin has read from before. Used a few spells here and there. Most people wouldn't even recognize it as being Latin because it's so old. 


"It's Latin," Merlin says before he can stop himself.  The guy looks up at him and gives him a confused look. "Old Latin, so old that it probably wouldn't even be considered Latin anymore." He says shrugging and the guy nods his head. He looks back down at the book and Merlin gets a feeling that that's his cue to leave and walk away before he makes it even more awkward. 


He turns to leave again but the guys voice stops him. "Since you know its old Latin, can you read it?" He asks and Merlin turns back around and blinks a few times at the guy then back down at the book. 


He doesn't even know what this spell does. He's never used it before. He goes through it quickly, reading it over and over again in his head to figure out what the hell it does. Then he realizes that it makes things change colour. 


Why the hell would there be a a spell about changing colours? Who would use that? 


Morgana would have used it probably. Gwen maybe. 


But what would he change colour of if he were to say the spell out loud? 


Guess he's going to find out. 


"Well the spell is about changing colours- don't ask why there's a spell to change colours because I have no idea. I know a lot of things but that one stumps even me." He says and the guy snorts. 


Merlin sighs. "Exlamenar fernag re hesko." He says quietly and he curses himself because something changed colour but he doesn't know what yet. 


He felt his magic respond to the spell like he breathes air. It's like getting on a bike after being off for years and knowing all the old tricks and ways of the bike. That's him with saying spells. 


The guy makes a weird sound and Merlin turns around his eyes widen. He holds his breath. "That didn't do anything, I mean I wasn't expecting it to but still kind of bummed that it didn't work." The guy says. He shrugs and turns and walks away, not even glancing back at Merlin. 


Merlin quickly walks over to where Holly and Arthur are looking at clothes from Camelot.


"Merlin wore this same outfit almost everyday. I tried to get him to change it up a little but he refuses to do so. So he always wore his neckerchief and plain trousers and a plain shirt. Same thing." Arthur says and Merlin can't find it in him at the moment to correct Arthur of his pratness. 


"Hey we should go." He says and they give him a confused look. "Like now." He says before walking past them and he hears them scramble to catch up with him. 


They get to the stairs when they hear a scream and shout and lots of cursing and more screaming. Merlin winces but doesn't slow down- if anything he walks even faster. 


"Merlin," Arthur says in a warning tone he's heard oh so many times. "What on earth did you do this time?" 


Merlin bites his lip and slows down coming to a stop in front of them, turning to look at them. "I may have said a spell that changes people's hair colours."


"I'm sorry you what?" Holly says crossing her arms. Merlin sighs. 


"It was sort of an accident...." He mumbles and Holly rolls her eyes and Arthur shakes his head. 


"How can it sort of be an accident when you have to say the words for it to work?" Arthur asks throwing his hands up. 


"Hey I don't always have to say the words." Merlin says defensively. Arthur shakes his head. "And for your information, the guy asked what it said and he found out I could read old Latin and asked me to say the spell so it's all actually his fault and all on him." He shrugs his shoulders and bites his lip looking away from the two. 


"Merlin he didn't know it would actually work. You should have known better." Arthur says frowning. 


Merlin frowns. "I didn't think it'd be that bad. Like I would know it changed hair colours." He snaps. 


No one realizes that a crowd as stopped to see what the argument is about. 


"How could you have not known? You're the one who read it!" Arthur says frowning even more and looking a little pissed. 


"It didn't say anything about hair! And I haven't read Latin in decades! You think you could do better be my guest, go ahead and try." Merlin sneers crossing his arms and glares at Arthur who glares right back. 


"At least if I said it his hair wouldn't be green, because unlike, you I don't have that thing you think is so amazing when really it's just a nonsense and poor excuse for something called magic!" He shouts. The section around them goes quiet and Merlin pales but Arthur isn't done yet. "This is why it was banned and people were arrested for it, because it does nothing but bring pain to others and I hate that it's a part of you." He yells and Merlin flinches. 


The whole place has gone quiet. Merlin feels his heart break and shatter into a million pieces and he hears Holly gasp. 


He sees the moment Arthur realizes what he's said and what's going on. Because he pales and goes to open his mouth but before a sound can even escape Merlin is gone. 


He turns and runs past all the people not caring if they see the tears going down his face or that Arthur just yelled he hated Merlin. 


Arthur may not realize it but when he said he hates the magic part of Merlin, he was saying he hated all of Merlin. 


They've even had this talk before- Merlin even told Arthur that he is literal magic. He was born magic. He is magic. And Arthur hates him.


Merlin doesn't remember the last time he felt this heart broken. Arthur dying was awful but he was dying, Arthur yelling he hates him is almost just as bad or even worse. Because he's alive and Merlin feels like Arthur just grabbed his heart out and held it bare for everyone to see and then crushed it under his boot. 


Merlin sobs as he runs down the sidewalk, not caring where his legs take him. 


Just away from the one person he thought he could trust, who would love him for him and not care. 


Guess he was wrong. 


So very wrong.

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