Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


25. Two New Additions

Lana’s POV-----------

         I didn’t’ know what had gotten into Addie. We had been at the hospital for a few hours and she began having anxiety attacks. She was worried about the world. She was worried about Bex and Jen not loving her. She was worried that I wouldn’t love her after her Daddy and I had a baby. I held her in my lap and listened to the conversations that everyone seemed to be having around us. Marcus came from one wing and Colin came from the other. They turned to us and couldn’t decide who would talk first.

         I stood up and shifted Addie to my other hip. Sean put a hand on my shoulder, Ginny and Josh both held one kid each while Marcus and Colin just stared at us. Finally I said something.

“Say something!”

“Bex is doing fine. She’s nearly eight cm dilated. The baby will be along shortly. We’re having a daughter. She wants to see Addie as soon as she has the baby.”

“See Addie Bex still loves you.”

“Jennifer is doing wonderfully, the doctors say our son will be born at any times. Jen’s seven cm dilated and can’t wait for her son to be born. She wants to see Addie as soon as Liam is born.”

“Elizabeth Maria Kane and Liam David O’Donoghue. This is a good day.”

“You can say that again Ginny.”

         Finally, an hour later Marcus came running down the hall. I held Addie and waited. Marcus started talking and at the same time he was crying.

“Bex wants to see Addie, our daughter is here. Elizabeth Maria Kane was born at 2:34pm. She’s a healthy five pounds and her eyes are the most beautiful blue, she’s got a head full of red hair and has my nose. She looks so much like Bex.”

         Addie climbed off my lap and started following Marcus down the hallway. A few moments after Addie had vanished Colin came walking in. He was happy and had a huge smile on his face.

“Where’s Addie? Jennifer wants to see her?”

“She went to see Bex. So, what news?”

“Liam David O’Donoghue, six pounds 15 ounces and a head full of blonde hair. He has dark blue eyes and he’s so chubby. Got his mum’s nose and my face. Well bring Addie down when she comes back.”

“Will do Colin.”

Addie’s POV

         Marcus carried me down a long hallway and we stopped in front of a huge window. Behind the window were a lot of babies in plastic containers. Marcus took his finger and pointed to a baby wrapped in a different colored blanket from the rest. It was green while all the others either had pink or blue.

“That’s her Addie, that’s your cousin Elizabeth or Lizzie for short.”

“No not Lizzie! Lizzie’s at the orphanage. Call her Beth.”

“Sorry Adelaide, her nickname’s Lizzie. You’ll have to talk to Aunt Bex about that.”

         Uncle Marc carried me past baby Lizzie and to this dark room. The room smelt like medicine and Aunt Bex was in the bed. She was covered with a sheet and had a tube in her arm. She didn’t wear any makeup and her hair was wet. When she saw me, her eyes lit up with joy and she smiled. She had bags underneath her eyes and looked very tired.


“Bexie! Let me down Uncle Marc!”

         He let me down on the bed and I crawled up to Aunt Bex. I put my head on her chest and she wrapped her arms around me.


“Did I hurt you Bexie?”

“No, I’m just sore.”

“Why are you hurting?”

“I just had a baby.”

“Does having a baby hurt?”

“Yes, it does but it’s an act of love. I love my daughter just like your mummy loves you.”

“I don’t want my mommy to have a baby.”

“Why not?”

“I’m scared she’ll leave me.”

“She won’t leave you. Don’t worry.”

         She kissed my head and I gave her another hug.

“You’re heavy.”

“I’m three.”

“Yes, you are.”

“Come on Adelaide let your Aunt Bex rest. You need to go see Aunt Jennifer.”


         Marcus picks me back up and carries me back to Mommy. When we get there, he puts me down and walks away. I then climb up and sit on Mommy’s lap.

“Did you get to see Elizabeth?”

“Oh, I forgot to talk to aunt Bex about not calling her Lizzie.”

“Why can’t Bex call her Lizzie?”

“Because Lizzie at the orphanage.”

“It’s okay Addie.”

         Uncle Colin walked in and sees me, he smiles and comes to pick me up. When I’m in his arms he starts talking to me.

“Do you want to go see your new cousin?”

“Yes, I bet Liam’s cute.”

“He’s dashing, he’s a true prince. In March, you’re going to have a new baby.”

“I don’t want a new baby. I bet if you ask your daddy will let you help him.”

“With what?”

“The baby’s room.”

“I’ll ask him.”

         I kissed Momma and Colin carried me down the other hallway and into another dark room that smelt bad. Colin carried me in and set me down on the ground. Aunt Jennifer had her hair put in a ponytail and her blue eyes sparkled when she saw me. She held baby Liam in her arms but handed him to Colin when she saw me.


         I carefully climbed onto the bed and hugged my aunt. Colin sat down and held the baby for me to see. I wanted to touch him but I didn’t

“He’s cute. Hi Liam I’m Addie your cousin.”

         I kissed his forehead and then kissed Aunt Jen. Uncle Colin put Liam in his plastic container and then carried me back to my Mommy. When I got back to Mommy I was ready for a nap so I laid down on her lap and went to sleep.

“I love you Mommy.”

“I love you too Adelaide”

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