Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


40. Seeing Lizzie Again

Addie’s POV

The hospital is big and Mommy and Daddy are worrying about my baby sister. We left the party early. Now we’re waiting in the ER. Allie stopped screaming before we got here but she’s still red and Mommy is still worried. Daddy holds me on his lap as Mommy gives Allison a bottle. The doctor calls us back and that nice lady checks out my little sister. She hands Allie back to Mommy and checks her clipboard thing. Daddy squeezes me tight and squeezes Mommy’s hand.
“How old is she?”
“Five months.”

“Nursing or formula?”

“Breastfeeding but not directly. I freeze my milk and put it in her bottle for her.”

“She has an intestinal issue. I would switch to formula for a few weeks and we’ll give her antibiotics.”

“Why is she red?”

“Crying. Babies turn red when they’re mad or in a lot of pain. You should know you have two.”

“Addie was given up for adoption. We recently just go custody again.”

“My apologies.”

“It’s fine.”

         We leave and Mommy carries me whilst Daddy carries Allie.

“Yes Addie.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too lil’ girl.”

“Are we going home?”

“Yes, why?”
“I wanna go to the park.”

“We might if you behave.”

“I’ve been behaving all day.”

“Okay. Sean we’re going to the park.”

         When we get to the park Mommy sets me down and I run off. She returns to a park bench and starts playing with Allie. I run up to her and stare at her. She finally looks up at me.



“Come play with me.”

“Ask your dad. He might.”


“Adelaide! Don’t speak to your mother like that.”

“Yes, Daddy. Mommy come play with me? Please?”

         Mommy puts down her book and carries Allie’s carrier over to Daddy. She takes my hand and we walk over to the swing. She pushes and I giggle. She keeps pushing me higher and higher. Finally, she stops and I jump down and run to the slide. When I reach the bottom, she catches me. We play on the swings, we play on the slide, we play on the monkey bars and then finally it’s time to go.

“It’s time for dinner Addie. Where do you want to go?”

“Can we go to…Applebee’s?”
“Sean do you want to go to Applebee’s?”
“I was thinking about Roni’s.”

“Addie do you want to go to Roni’s?”

“Yes, I love Roni’s.”

“Have you ever been there? Lana, have you taken her?”

“No, I haven’t. Maybe Ella or Lizzie at the orphanage took her.”

         Mommy’s mention of Lizzie at the orphanage made me start crying. Mommy knows I miss Lizzie. I miss Lizzie a lot. We get to Roni’s and we sit in a booth. I get chicken tenders and fries and a root beer. Mommy gets a burger, fries and a root beer. Daddy orders a steak, a baked potato and root beer. Mommy just feeds Allison another bottle while we wait on our food. Our food comes out and the waitress looks familiar. I stare at her and gasp.


“Addie not to loud and what?”

“It’s Lizzie.”

“The waitress.”

         Mommy turns, stares and then turns to me and smiles. I’m so happy. Mommy raises her hand and Lizzie comes back.

“How can I help ma’am?”

“There’s a little girl that wants to see you.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand.”

         I peer out from behind Mommy and smile. Lizzie bends down and I run to her. She picks me up and I kiss her cheek.



“I missed you Lizzie.”

“I missed you too lil’ one. I see you’re happy with your mommy and daddy and little sister.”

“I have a baby brother on the way. He’s in Mommy’s tummy.”

“I missed you lil’ one.”

“I missed you. I love you Lizzie.”

“Addie I would love to stay and talk but I have to go.”

         Lizzie pulls out a box wrapped in wrapping paper.

“I never got to give you your third birthday present. You went away too fast. Here you go. I made some adjustments. I never thought I would see you again. Bye Mrs. Parrilla and Mr. Parrilla.”

“It’s Maguire.”

“Sorry Mrs. Maguire and Mr. Maguire my apologies. Bye Addie I love you.”

“I love you too.”

         I rip open the present and find money wrapped in a pink ribbon. I hand Mommy the money and read the note. It’s hard to read Lizzie’s writing so I ask Mommy.

“Mommy read this please?”

“Okay. It says ‘I know you’re only three but this is for you. I’ve saved every penny I’m made since I was fifteen. I’ll soon be 18 and must leave you so I’m leaving you money so you can have a good life. I don’t know if your mommy will ever come back. If she does and has loads of cash then save this money until you can’t anymore. It’s for your education because you don’t have parents. I’m not able to go to college but I want my little Addie too. Love Lizzie’ Addie Mommy’s going to keep this money for a while okay?”
“Okay Mommy. I’m hungry.”

“Then eat.”

“I love you Mommy.”

“I love you too Addie.”













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