Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


32. Christmas

Sean’s POV

Christmas 2019

I roll over and wrap my arms around my beautiful wife. In three short months, we’ll have our beautiful baby Allie sleeping in her cradle next to the bed and keeping us awake half the night. Lana turns over and smiles at me before whispering.

“Merry Christmas Sean.”

“Merry Christmas to my beautiful wife.”

“Let’s get up before our little monster wakes us up.”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

I get out of bed and change into a pair of jeans and my Christmas shirt. I slip on my slippers and kiss Lana on the cheek. She stands up and gets dressed. Her baby bump getting in the way of everything. I try to hug her but Allison is stuck between us. I kiss her passionately on the lips and hold her tight.


We both laugh and turn to find Adelaide standing at the door with her stuffed Evil Queen in one hand and another hand over her face. Her expression is one of pure disgust. Lana and I kiss again before I walk over to pick up my little munchkin.

“Addie guess what today is?”

“Today is Christmas Daddy. Can I open presents?”

“You have to wait for your cousins to get here.”

“But I want to open presents NOW!”

“Sorry Pooh Bear you have to wait.”


Addie squirms out of my arms and Lana tries to catch her as she races by. Lana sighs and starts waddling off in the direction of Addie.

“I can’t keep chasing her forever.”

“Then don’t. She won’t get her way. Come on Lana let’s go downstairs.”

At that very moment, the doorbell rings and a knock is sounded. I assist my beautiful wife down the steps and she opens the door. Rebecca stands at the door carrying Elizabeth who’s four months old and Marcus is carrying the twins. The twins have red hair like Bex but they have brown eyes. Even if they were adopted they look just like Marcus and Rebecca.

“Come on in. Addie’s in a mood. Sean wouldn’t let her open Christmas presents.”

“We’re here now. Marcus take the twins to the living room and set them up. Then go get the presents. Here Sean take Lizzie. I’m going to go get my niece.”

Bex hands me Lizzie and I hold my baby niece very carefully. She’s peacefully sleeping with her pacifier. I walk into the living room and sit down on the couch. I watch Marcus set up the twin whom are only 16 months old.

“They’re a handful aren’t they?”

“I love them. Rebecca was so happy when she was asked. She accepted immediately. I’m glad she’s happy with three. I don’t have the heart to tell her.”

“Tell her what?”

“When I was born my parents were told I would never have children. Lizzie was a one in a million chance. I told Rebecca about this when we were first married but she kind of forgot. I don’t want to remind her.”

“I doubt she’ll want more children than three. Like Lana…I hope Lana doesn’t want another one after Allison.”

Lana opens the door and I can hear Jennifer and Colin come in. Colin’s weak from his cancer. He’s getting hormonal therapy instead of chemo or radiation. Colin’s carefully carrying his son in his arms while Jen carries the Christmas presents. Jennifer sets up Liam’s carrier and lets the little baby boy sleep. I hand Elizabeth to Marcus as Addie comes running in with Bex behind her. My daughter hops up onto my lap and giggles. She plays very carefully with the twins and waits patiently for Hugo and Oliver.

Ginny and Josh come in last. Hugo is three and Oliver is five. They come in and start playing with Addie. Ginny comes in with her barely noticeable pregnant belly and sits down. Lana snaps a few pictures and then we do a group photo. Each individual couple with their children do a photo next. I kiss my wife as Bex holds the mistletoe. Colin kisses Jennifer under the mistletoe and Marcus kisses Bex. Finally, Josh and Ginny kiss under the mistletoe.

“The Kane’s, the Dallas’, the Maguire’s and the O’Donoghue’s wish all the Snowing, Outlaw Queen, and Captain Swan fans out there a very merry Christmas. To the Swan Queen fans, we wish you a Merry Christmas too and our condolences because your ship has neither sailed on OUAT or in real life either. To our Seana fans, our Bexus fans and our Colifer fans, Merry Christmas from our house to yours. Love Lana.”

Lana finishes the video message and everyone waves. She quickly posts it on twitter and lets the children rip into their Christmas gifts.

Addie gets a new set of books. She gets a new battery for her Cinderella Car which is still on set and a tricycle because they’re awesome. She also gets a new set of Princess dress up dresses because she’s grown out of all of them.

“Look Daddy…Look Mommy. It’s Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Elsa, Belle and the Evil Queen. That’s wicked. Thanks, you guys.”

Addie comes around and gives everyone a hug. She kisses the twins and Elizabeth and Liam. She also kisses Lana’s belly and Ginny’s belly. She sits on my lap and watches as everyone else opens their presents.

Oliver gets a set of toy trains, a set of books for school and a new school uniform. Hugo gets a set of toy cars, a new set of play clothes and a set of books. Both boys also get a $25- dollar gift card for any store they want. The twins Vanessa and Victoria get three matching outfits in color coordinating but opposite colors. Such as Vanessa gets pink and green whilst Victoria gets green and pink. They both get a new baby doll and a new binky. They both get a new pair of shoes and socks.

“Bex how do you tell which prefers which color?”

“I hold up the color palates and Vanessa usually points to pink but Victoria always points to green. So, I know which colors my babies like.”

Rebecca opens Elizabeth’s presents and pulls out two new baby bottles, two new binkies, a pack of burping cloths and a cute new Wicked Witch onesie. She also pulls out a pink rattle.

“Thanks, you guys. Here I’ll give Lizzie her new binky.”

“Bex can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah Lana anything.”

“When are you going to wean the twins off binkies?”

“I read a book and you should wait until they’re two. Once they hit two take them immediately.”

“Okay thanks Sis now I know because Addie still had hers when I found her.”

“No problem now Jen and Ginny and you know.”

Ginny opens the presents for her new baby due in May. She’s having a little girl so we all pitched in a bought her a gift card to go baby shopping. We also got her two free spa days. Jennifer opens Liam’s presents and finds two new binkies, two new bottles, a pack of burping cloths, and a cute new Captain Swan onesie. She also pulls out a blue rattle.

“I think it’s Lana’s turn?”

“Thanks, Bex.”

Lana opens her present and finds just what Ginny got. A baby shopping card and three spa days.

“I think I’ll use a spa day on someone special. Like my husband.”

Bex got four spa days and Jennifer got two as well. All the men got a new set of knives, grilling equipment and tools.  We then let the children play, but the babies down for naps and go get lunch slash Christmas dinner ready. As my wife cooks with all the other ladies I come in with a beer and plant a kiss on her cheek. I start making my delicious eggnog and pour it into glasses for the adults and bottles for the four babies and sippy cups for the two toddlers.

“Four babies, two toddlers. Two more babies on the way. There’s only three boys. The boys are outnumbered.”

“Don’t worry Sean after Allison we’ll have a little boy. I promise.”

“You do?”

“I promise. We’ll have an adorable little boy.”

“What if I don’t want a little boy?”

“You do…you put up with me and Addie. You’re fixing to deal with Allison. You want a little boy.”

“Yes, I do but what I want more is Christmas dinner.”

Rebecca throws a towel at me and laughs. She puts her hands on her hips and all the women stop cooking. Bex turns to Jen and Ginny. She smiles at Lana and turns to me.

“Mr. Sean Michael Martin Maguire…if you want dinner so bad. Why don’t you cook it?”
“No thanks.”

Lana smiles and kisses me before seriously saying.

“Than be patient.”

I smile and say.

“I forgot I’m in a house full of actresses and actors. They’re both crazy.”


“Yes Lana?”

“You’re an actor too.”

“When do we go back to work?”

“February 14th.”

“Why that late?”
“Cause Adam and Eddie were like…they’re pregnant…they need time off. Regina can’t exactly have children.”

“Did we ever finish the honeymoon episode?”

“Yes. Don’t forget the season comes back in March.”

“Season 7. How can I forget?”

“Season 8 Lana. It’s Season 8 and one more season.”

The phone rings and I pick it up. I listen and hear Adam’s voice.

“Hi Lana…it’s Adam. Do you have the cast at your house?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Tell them to all sit down and put me on speaker.”

We all sit down and pray that the kids stay asleep.

“Go ahead Adam.”

“As you all know Season 8 resumes in March. You’ve been on hiatus since June really. We’re going to have to go into overtime to finish this season. Are you okay, with that?”

“How many episodes do we need to have a full season?”
“That’s a good question Bex. We need seven more episodes to finish the season. We need the honeymoon episode started and the wedding episode finished. We also need the second musical which is when Henry and Cinderella have their anniversary and second child. It’s complicated. We were going to bring Jared back but he’s 20 and he’s sworn off acting.”

I turn to Lana and she has her head low. Jared was like her son so when he swore off acting she was disappointed. Then he moved to Africa, then he got married.

“I also have news. As you know Season 6 was pushing it. Season 7 the ratings dropped. ABC gave us one year to bring up the ratings and since we’ve done like three comic cons and Lana’s only done one…OUAT has been cancelled. You’re out of a job but Merry Christmas.”

“Adam that’s terrible. What about the convention in MS?”

“We did a survey there’s not enough Oncers to still fund it. We’ll lose money. It’s be cancelled. Eddie has some good news.”

I turn to Lana and watch the faces of my family and cast members drop. OUAT being cancelled after Season 8 was..bad and good. We’ve come far since 2011. Eight years of magic and no more OUAT. Eddie comes on and a baby starts to cry. Marcus goes to get the baby and shortly comes back when Eddie’s almost done talking.

“Great news cast. If you want a job we’re bringing a new show to you. It’s going to be called All in the Family and you’re all main stars. All in the Family is a show about how four women can’t have children. They’re four husbands donate sperm and use IVF. There’s a mix up though. Katrina’s husband Josh’s sperm accidentally goes to Ethan’s wife Alyssa. In the end Katrina and Ethan marry. Josh and Alyssa marry. The board has approved.”

I shake my head and the rest of the cast shake their heads. It was a good idea. Lana gets the phone and talks.

“Eddie it’s a good idea but…we have families to raise. The boys want to start a painting business and us ladies are going to start being stay at home moms. We do want to discuss this new idea but chances are we won’t sign the contract. See you in February to keep shooting.”

“If you guys ultimately decide to stop acting. You’ll get paid your net worth from the government. Merry Christmas cast.”

All of us join as one to wish Eddie and Adam a merry Christmas as well.


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