Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


37. Addie's Reaction to Another Baby

Addie’s POV

July 15th, 2020

Today is Mommy’s not telling you birthday. I think she’s 43 but that would have made her 39 when I was born and that’s a little too old. She says she lost a baby years ago. I think Mommy’s 32 today. I’ll have to ask her though. That would mean she was 28 when I was born almost 29. And she turned 31 when she found me and she was 30 when she readopted me. Daddy’s always saying how he’s a year old than Mommy so that means Daddy’s 33. Daddy walks into my bedroom and finds me standing at my dresser wearing a pink tutu and white pants and a white ballerina shirt with a pink ballerina. He picks me up and puts a pink bow in my hair.

“Daddy how old are you?”

“Does that make Mommy 32?”
“Yes today is Mommy’s 32nd birthday but she’s just 29 again.”

         “What does that mean?”
“I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

         Daddy helps me put on my pink ballet flats and picks me up and carries me on his hip. We walk into Allie’s rainbow nursery and Daddy turns on the big rainbow chandelier. It’s much cooler than my pink room with zebra print at the top and cheetah print at the bottom. Daddy redid it for my fourth birthday. He puts me down on the floor and I stare through the bars at my little sister. He changes her diaper and puts her in her white onesie with the blue ballerina on the front. She opens her eyes and then closes them again. All she does is sleep, eat, poop and cry. Little sisters are annoying. I sometimes wish Mommy had a boy instead but I’m happy to have a little sister.

“Daddy how old is Allie?”
“Allison is four months old.”

“She’s pretty for a baby. Most babies are feo (ugly) but Allie es hermosa (is beautiful)”

“She is beautiful isn’t she but you are too.”

“Let’s go wake Mommy up.”

“She’s already awake and standing in the door.”

         I turn around and find Mommy standing in the nursery door wearing her t-shirt with the purple ballerina and black ballet flats and black skinny jeans. Her ballerina has a golden crown and a black tutu.

“Mommy is everyone going to wear a ballerina today?”

“No, just us because we aren’t going to see anyone.”

“What are we doing then?”
“Addie your daddy and I need to have a talk with you.”

“No sweetie never.”

         I cry and run into Mommy’s arms, she picks me up and strokes the back of my head. I cry into her shirt and she holds me close. I don’t know what came over me. I just have the fear that one day she will take me back.

“Addie it’s been a year. Mommy won’t ever take you back. I promise. You’re my baby and I love you so much.”

“Then what are we going to talk about? School? I don’t want to go to school.”

“You’re not going to school until your five.”

“Then what?”

“We have to talk about something important. Let’s all go into the living room.”

         Mommy carries me down the stairs and sits me on her lap in the living room. Daddy puts Allie in her rocker and sits in front of me so I can’t run away if I need too. Mommy holds me and Daddy comforts me. Now I’m scared.

“Sweetie today we’re going to buy baby stuff.”

“For Allie?”

“No. For your new baby brother. At least we hope it’s a boy. Mommy’s pregnant again.”


         I wriggle my way out of Mommy’s arms and sprint for the door. I open the door and then slam it hard. I sneak my way back into the house and up to my room through the garage. I hide in my closet and sit there and rock back and forth with tears streaming down my face. Mommy and Daddy both call for me. I hear Mommy coming closer and closer to my room. She opens the bedroom door and calls softly.


         I don’t say a thing but I here Daddy downstairs screaming my name.


         She opens the door and picks me up. I lay on her lap and cry. Daddy comes in and sees us. He stops at the door and sighs. Then Allison starts crying so Daddy runs to take care of her.

“Mommy…when were you born?”
“1988. I’m 32. Why did you run away when I told you I was pregnant?”


“I know I told you that when Allison was born but I promise you I won’t die when I have your brother.”

“How do you know it’s a boy?”
“I just know.”

“What’s my brother’s name?”

“Samuel. He doesn’t have a middle name yet.”

“Can it be Samuel Michael. Maguire at the end?”
“Yes it can be and now it will.”

“Mommy I read your papers that were on your desk when you got home from your anniversary. You were still sleeping. I saw the number 95.”

“What else did you see?”
“Chance of death by last two delive-r-i-e-s is 95”

“Addie don’t worry about it. We still have to go shopping and paint the nursery blue.”

“We have a blue room. The empty guest room is blue.”

“You’re right. Now, all we have to do is get furniture.”


“Come on let’s go.”

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