Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


35. Addie's Birthday

May 13th 2020

Lana’s POV

The last episode of OUAT and the day Ginny comes home from the hospital with Jocelyn Kate. I’m going to nickname her Josie though. Today is Addie’s fourth birthday. Today my fan Mikayla turns 18. I plan to wish her a happy birthday the first chance I get. As soon as I wake up Sean runs out to buy a few last-minute party supplies and I get Addie to watch Allie sleep while I set up all the things I need to set up. I set up a playpen for the twins. A play area for Hugo, Oliver and Adelaide because they’re four and six. The twins are almost a year. For Liam and Lizzie whom are nine months old I set up two bouncy chairs. For the two newborn babies I set up the rocking sleepers. I have six children all under a year old coming to my house.

The party begins and presents are all stacked up on a beautiful table covered with a beautiful pink table cloth. The OUAT birthday cake is set up before the birthday girl all pretty in her new Snow-White costume that she got for Christmas. Addie blows out the four green candles and makes a wish. I sigh as I check on the two sleeping infants. I walk back into the dining room to find Bex feeding Lizzie cake. Jennifer feeding Liam cake and Marcus supervising the twins eating cake. Hugo and Oliver are neater than babies eating cake at least.

When we get the children cleaned up and playing us adults all have a drink. Colin has some good news.

“Jennifer and I have some wonderful news. I’ve been declared cancer free.”

“Colin that’s wonderful”

“Thanks, Bex.”

For celebration, we each drink another round. Thank goodness I had that drink because as soon as we’re done I can hear four distinctive baby cries. All four of us mothers leap into action. Then the twins start fighting. Colin and Marcus separate them. Addie comes in crying and Sean scoops her up. Hugo and Oliver run to their father who seems a bit overwhelmed. I stand up with Allison in my arms and say as loudly as possible over eight screaming children and declare…


As us four mothers start setting the children down for a nap. The four fathers put their heads together to come up with enough things that the children can sleep in. We pile everything into the nursery. Victoria is put in Allison’s crib. Vanessa goes into Allison’s cradle. Addie goes into her bed. Jocelyn and Allison go into separate rocking sleepers. Liam goes into his carrier and Lizzie goes into hers. The two boys go on pillows on the floor. Us adults hurry into the hallway and sigh. Rebecca and I go downstairs to start cleaning up the mess from the party. We walk in and find a pile of presents.

“Bex we forgot the presents.”

“We’ll open them after naptime. The men will return all the napping equipment to the proper place. Jen, Ginny and I will watch the kids as you and Addie open presents.”

“I’m so glad that no one is having a baby anytime soon. It’s like we all hit 30 and boom let’s start making babies.”

“I know. I have three and three is enough.”

“Two of whom were adopted.”

“My twins are my pride and joy. I’m never going to tell them. Why should they know? Their real parents are dead.”

I give my big sister a hug and pour her a glass of gin and tonic. She gulps it down and we return to the scene of the crime. The living room, we start scooping up toys and putting away unnecessary baby equipment.

“Remind me to never have nine kids in my house again.”

“Hopefully no new ones anytime soon.”

“Right? Imagine if you, me and Jennifer all had another baby. That would be twelve babies. All they do is eat, poop, cry and puke. With Allison, I’ve had enough for two.”

“Well now you know the struggle.”

I get up and walk upstairs to the nursery. Six adults are sprawled out sitting on the floor. Every now and again one gets up to check on the kids. I stand at the top of the stairs with my hands on my hips and say.

“What are you doing? There are drinks downstairs waiting to be drunk. Come on parents. The kids are all asleep. Bex and I have cleaned up. Let’s have a little fun.”

At the very moment that we began going down the stairs. The first child woke up and began hollering at the top of his lungs. Jennifer ran in to rescue her son. Liam was in his carrier, eyes opened wide and screaming at the top of his lungs. Jennifer bends down and picks him up. She walks out the door ever so quietly when Elizabeth begins hollering. Elizabeth wakes up, Vanessa wakes up, Victoria wakes up. Allison wakes up and screams. Jocelyn Kate, Adelaide, Hugo and Oliver all wake up. I scoop up Allison and calm her down. The parents each take a child or two and head down stairs.

After we all get settled in the living room, I hand Addie her first birthday present. She rips open the red and blue wrapping paper and pulls out a Barbie doll box. She smiles and says thank you.

“Who’s it from?”

“Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Colin. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome darling. Happy Birthday.”

“Happy Birthday lil’ mate.”

Addie next opens the green and black present. She opens it and finds a t-shirt from Bex. It has the Wicked Witch on the front and on the back it says ‘Wicked Always Wins.’ She gets up and hugs Rebecca before returning to her pile of presents. In all she got three t-shirts, two Barbie dolls, a new set of books and a new tiara. Finally, she got a new dress up dress. She did also get a few movies.

“Alright lil bean I think it’s time for us to leave.”

“No Aunt Bex, stay. Please?”

“We got to go honey. See you later, okay?”


Bex wraps her arms around my daughter and plants a kiss on Addie’s forehead. Addie kisses all her aunts and hugs all her uncles. When they’re all gone I turn around to get Allison. Allie is sleeping in her rocker and looks so peaceful. Addie stretches her arms and motions for me to pick her up. I do and I carry her into the playroom. I put in one of her new movies and kiss her head. I go upstairs and gather Allison into my arms. Sean wraps his arms around my waist and kisses me.

“You’re so good with them Lana. Good with both our daughters.”

“I still wish I could give you a son.”

“No, no need. I’d rather have you here alive. I couldn’t raise them without you.”

“I couldn’t raise them without you.”

Sean kisses me again and heads upstairs. I check on Adelaide one last time and find her passed out. I put Allison in her carrier and then carry both her and Addie up the stairs. I put Allie in her crib and Addie in her bed. I kiss both my daughters and return to my bedroom. I change into a pair of pj’s and Sean wraps his arms around me before turning on a romantic movie. 

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