Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


13. MySupernatural-one new message

Harry's POV.

i was in my study/recording studio trying to write a song when my laptop buzzed. a new message on MySupernaturl. like MySpace byt for supernatural beings(haha). 

newVamp_101: hey im a new vampire and i was wondering if we can chat and exchange knowledge?

hum who could this be? i know everyone...oh! Scar?!

#1Vamp_123: Hi there, whats ur name? i thought i new every vamp.

newVamp_101: i'm Tina. you?

haha she's going by the lastpart of her name. lol.

#1Vamp_123: hi Tina, i'm Edward. what could i do for you tonight?

newVamp_101: right just some one to talk to. 

#1Vamp_123: about 20 get to know you Questions?

newVamp_101: what do you like to do for fun?

#1Vamp_123: ummm....i like to write Music. you?

newVamp_101: ummm....dancing.

#1Vamp_123: really. hum....ur turn

nv101: if you could have any power, what would it be? 

1v123: haha ur a geek too. think

nv101: haha yes im a geek. and nice.. ur turn.

and it went back and forth till morning.

nv101: well edward i wish i could keep talking but my will be up soon so i should go..

1v123: me too but my brothers.. demons you know...oh wait you don't sorry. 

nv101: haha.ok gtg Ed.

1v123: bye Ti.

and with that i hear her study door open then a knock on mine. i vamp speen putting my laptop away. "come in" she comes in. im looking at my desk ."hey Scar."  "how did you...nevermind. whoa you have a recording studio!" she squeals  "yeah. i record music. wait do you sing?"   " i might, y" she says  'you could use it if you want?" i say. 

"i don't know...maybe" she says  "okay..anyway what was you original question?" i ask "training?' 


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