A Christmas Miracle


1. a Christmas Miracle

it all starts with a teenage girl named Alisa who has one other brother younger than her named Alex. There dad is in the Army and was just stationed somewhere two weeks before Christmas. Alisa tries to be the bigger person for her brother and her mom, but every night she would cry herself to sleep thinking about him. When their mom is at work Alisa is in charge of Alex. One day at school Alisa is joined by her friend and her boyfriend who was also with another boy. His name is Joey and he is a pitcher for the school baseball team. Alisa's friend Sara is trying to set them up because they would be a perfect match. They both are good students and love baseball even though Alisa was rejected from the team, she still is a really good player. The only problem is that Alisa and Joey are friends and she always said how his eyes remind her of her dads. Joey didn't know about her father leaving and he didn't think about how upset she would be. Alisa runs to the bathroom and misses fifth period crying in the bathroom. She headed to geometry and the only open seat was next to Joey. Alisa didn't look into his eyes but tried to play it cool.

Joey- hey Alisa are you OK.

Alisa- i'm fine. It just..... my dad.... he was stationed in Iraq and is most likely going to miss Christmas.

Joey- i'm so sorry.

The period could not go by any slower until after it seemed like an hour passed the bell rang and Alisa went to guidance instead of gym. It was finally he end of the day and Alisa was home faster than the bell could finish ringing. Two weeks past and it was Christmas Eve. Alisa, Alex and her mom all go to a Christmas Party at their Aunt's house. Alex was playing with his friend Jackie and her mom is talking to all her friends. Alisa doesn't see anyone she really wants to talk to so sits on the couch playing on her phone. A boy comes over standing in front of her and it is Joey. She was so confused on why he was at the party until she found out that his mom is friends with her aunt. My aunt comes over and introduces him to and gives her a wink while walking away. Meaning she wanted me to ask him to dance. Alisa really didn't want to but he did. He put out his hand and Alisa takes it and they head to the dance floor. They were dancing until a slow song comes on. Joey puts his hands on her waist and she put hers on his shoulders. Alisa stares into his eyes the whole time and lost in the moment they kiss. Everyone starts clapping but they soon realize that Santa and Mrs. Clause walked in the room. Alisa looks at Joey than goes outside. Joey follows her and sees her sitting down on the porch. He sits down next to her and they start talking.

Joey- hey did you run out because I kissed you or...

Alisa- yeah or. I'm sorry I ruined the moment but I just miss him.

Joey- I'm sorry. I wish I could do something for you.

Alisa- I remember how he always dressed up as Santa for this party. I can pretend that behind that beard and hat that it is him but I can't fool myself for that long. I will wake up tomorrow and.....

Joey- hope he comes down the stairs with mom in his pajamas ready for a coffee and opening presents with his kids.

Alisa- how did you know?

Joey- my dad isn't around a lot either. He is always working and traveling for work. The first varsity game I started in, my fist hit in high school, my first date.

Alisa- I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Joey- its OK. Its getting a little cold lets go inside.

Alisa and Joey head inside and Alisa's Aunt is calling up people to get a gift from Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas. Joey got called up even though he was a little to old to sit on Santa's lap his mom made him for a picture. He told Santa that he wanted the courage to ask Alisa out. Alisa was up and she sat on his lap to get a picture as well. Alisa asked Santa if she could have her dad home for Christmas. Santa said “how about Christmas eve?” Alisa was kinda confused but realized what he meant when he took off his beard and hat. It is her father and he said “I'm right here baby.” Alisa hugged her father half to death.

Alisa- what, how, why are you home?!

Dad- they didn't need me and sent me home.

Dad- and for you're wish Joey. What you asked for must be accepted from Santa first. Come by tomorrow morning for your answer.

Joey- yes sir, and welcome back.

The party continued and they all left around 10:30 to get home before Santa came. Alisa and Alex fell fast asleep and woke up in the morning to snowflakes covering the trees and ground. Alisa runs downstairs and sees so many wrapped presents under the tree. Alex follows her to the tree. Alisa's mom and dad both come down the stairs and go get their coffee. Its just how it should be. Hours past and the floor is covered with wrapping paper and opened presents. The doorbell rings and Joey is standing in the doorway. He was holding a bouquet of flowers and got the nerves to ask her father for his blessng.

Joey- sir, I have come back as you asked for your approval to ask your daughter to dinner on Saturday?

Dad- where will you be taking her?

Joey- it is up to where Alisa wants to go.

Dad- what time will she be back?

Joey- that is up to you, sir. When you want me to bring her back.

Dad- how will you treat my daughter?

Alisa- dad I think that's enough questions. You like him remember?

Joey- I will treat her with the utmost respect that she deserves.

Dad- good answers. Now. It is all up to my daughter whether she wants to go out with you.

Alisa- yes I will go out with you Joey.

Alisa's dad went back to the living room and left the two to talk. Alisa stepped outside and talked about their first date. She took the flowers and they were standing under the mistletoe. They kissed and it was the beginning of their friendship turned into a relationship.

The End

word count: 1,126

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