School Sleepover


1. school sleepover

it was a Friday at school and we were in last period which for me was library. The seventh and eighth graders were working on Christmas ornaments for the library. The bell was about to ring but our principle Mr. Parent came over the speaker with an announcement saying that all roads are closed from the Blizzard outside. Everyone was freaking out and didn't know what to do. It was the day right before break and everyone just wanted to go home. When the bell did ring we went back to our homeroom classes and packed up ready to leave when we were able to. Our teacher made us sit in silence and do work. We were not allowed to use our phones or talk at all. Time passed and the fifth sixth and eighth graders were playing outside in the snow with their teachers. One boy asked if we could go outside with the other classes and she said no. an hour later at 5:00 one of the girls asked if we could go play with the other classes and she said “i already told you no and no is my final answer.” it was 5:30 and the other classes were watching a movie in the library drinking hot chocolate. I finally asked if we could join them and she once again said no. one boy has had enough and stands up and says “i am sick and tired of sitting here doing nothing. I'm going to join the other classes and if anyone else wants to come stand with me.” the room was silent and he was going to sit down but I stood up. Two of my friends stood up as well and soon the whole class was up. We grabbed our coats and headed out of the room. Our teacher threatened us with a detention if we left but no one stayed. We raced outside and had a snowball fight. Girls against the boys and of course the boys won but we fought back. We made snowmen and snow angels while the boys pelted snow at each other. The fifth, sixth, and eighth graders came outside wanting to play with us. We started another snowball fight with the fifth and sixth graders against the seventh and eighth graders. It was getting dark and we had to go inside. We all went into the library and watched a movie and had more hot chocolate and leftovers from the bake sale. We were running in the halls and having a ball. The other grades were dismissed early and it was just the middle school. The five teachers that were left were outside and by the time they came back inside all the students were fast asleep on the floor an on the tables. We all woke up and it was morning. A bus arrived to take all the kids home and all the parents just thought it was bad dream. The seventh graders were off the hook with detention when their teacher forgot about it. We all needed a rest the next day but I can vouch for everyone that if we could do that again we would.

The End

Word Count: 530

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