She wanted to leave all of her problems behind and just run away. But sometimes what you try to run away from follows you.

Layla ran away and didn't look back, a new small town, hot guys and clean slate seem to be just what she needed. But when the camera flashes and the mysterious feeling that someone is always watching her suddenly appears again. Is this new town her escape or a stalker nightmare come to life.

-Pretty Little Liars Competition-


1. Chapter 1

Rain droplets ran down my skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps everywhere it touched. I sloshed through the mudded empty parking lot, a short cut to my small house. The tears on my face slid rapidly down, blurring my vision, only the small street lights made anything visible. The heavy footsteps which once followed now were silent, but somehow I knew he was still close by.

"leave me alone" I yelled, through my choked tears. " I don't ever want to talk to you ever again". My head buzzed with serranoes, all of which couldn't of ended with the outcome of tonight. How could I trust someone like him, how could I trust anyone after this.


A small glimmer in the distance caught my eye my house, I ran faster hoping he wouldn't catch up. If he would, I don't know what would happen. I raced for my back door, and was able to just slide it open without any hesitation. I instantly locked it, upon seeing a tall dark figure approaching the house.

I heaved out a heavy breath, the tears on my face had now dried, but the goosebumps on my skin seemed to want to remain. Something in the back of my head told me that something was terribly wrong still, something bad was going to happen. 

I let out a small gasp I never left the back door unlocked. I left earlier using the front door which I had locked upon leaving.

My breaths became more uneven, any attempt of silencing them was a joke. I turned around facing the screen door, broken glass surrounded the small window next to the lock. My eyes widened Someone broke in again, they could still be in the house. The noisy hardwood floor upstairs answered my previous thought, whoever broke in was still here.

​I spun around, you need a weapon Layla or else you are going to get killed, I ran towards the kitchen, my heavy footsteps betraying me. A knife lay on the counter which I knew wasn't there earlier, I grabbed it swiftly ready to defend myself.

"Layla, Layla, Sweet little Layla" His voice hummed from behind me, a voice which I had recognized since I had moved to this town, a voice which once brought me comfort. A voice that now easily sent shivers down my spine, I turned around and meet his eye contact.

 "I would put that knife down, you don't want to hurt yourself" He cool voice laughed, the sick smile on his face only made my grip tighter on the knife. His body was covered in the dark shadow of the night, but a streak of moonlight struck upon the shiny black object he was holding, a gun.

​"I never wanted it to be like this Layla, all I ever wanted was for you to love me, as I loved you for all of those years" He sighed taking a step closer to me.

I gasped, ​years, I had just met him earlier this summer when I moved here.​ I took another step back, but my foot crunched on the glass which was scattered across the floor. There was nowhere left to go, my back was pressed against the wall. 

"I see now that you had never loved me" He sneered looking up at me, a look of hurt crossed his baby blue irises. He stopped stroking his gun, and then he raised his arm having the gun pointed at my eye level. He's going to kill me, I finally realized, this was it, if i didn't do something this would be the end of the road for me. 

"No, no ,no you have it all wrong. I've always loved you" I gasped. The tears which I had thought dried up now streamed down my cheeks, leaving a salty taste in my mouth.  

"Really, you did" He answered a wolf like grin grew on his lips. He slowly walked over towards me and reach up to touch my face. I flinched any as soon as his cool rough fingers made contact.

"Liar" He yelled backing up a step. "Layla you know what I do with liars" He raised his gun and positioned his hand to take it off safety, which slightly distracted him from me, now or never Layla. I took this as my opportunity to stab him. I leaped towards him with all the force i could muster and sunk my knife into his thigh, then I instantly ran towards the door as he yelped in pain.

I swung the front door open and started racing for the street, I was never a the fastest on my high school track team, but this was the one race i had to win. The street was a mile away from my door, i would have to trek through Garment Woods before I could make it there. A task which even in daytime could be practically impossible, the thick vegetation could make any experienced hiker lost. Deep chuckling came from inside the house, I took a quick glance back only to see a flash of light. From all of those times I thought it was my imagination it never was, someone was always stalking me. "Layla come back, I only want to talk" He yelled in a whiny voice. The knife seemed to have no effect on him he raced toward me.

The moonlight highlighted some parts of the forests floor, I jumped over fallen tree branches and attempted to maneuver around the countless ditches. Clumsily in my flip flops I skidded to the ground feeling a tear in the process. I screamed in pain and tried to get back up but my ankle seemed useless. His chilling voice echoed through the night. "You can't hide from me Layla, not when I know everything about you".

I rolled next to a fallen tree, which concealed my figure slightly. At a quick glance he would most likely not be able to see me, I just had to stay quiet. With one hand I covered my mouth, to try to steady my frantic breathing, and with the other I rubbed my throbbing ankle and closed my eyes.

I thought back to all of the times I had seen him, I never thought he was capable of this. If I had known he was the one taking pictures of me in Atlanta, I never would of come here. I curled up into a ball, there was nothing I could do, a tree against my back only provided a little bit of coverage he would find me soon enough.

"Layla?" a voice questioned from above, I flung back in fright hitting my head slightly on the hard bark of the tree. But I looked up to see him, the guy I thought was my biggest problem hours ago. The guy who broke my heart, the one who I thought loved me. My mind then could only replay what I had seen at the party, him kissing her, then her pulling him upstairs. Then his warm green eyes locked with mine, at that moment I knew whatever we had this summer must of been a joke to him. I had ran from the party only to end up in the situation we were in now.    

I shook to realization, no mater how betrayed I had felt earlier, that was the least of my worries.  "We have to go, he's going to shoot us" I told him in my calmest voice I could muster. Then coming to a sudden thought. "Oh my gosh he's going to try to kill you" My panicked eyes met his dark green ones, hes always hated him. Now i know why, if he loved me, he would do anything to get rid of anything in his way of me loving him back.

"Wait what do you mean Layla, did someone try to hurt you?" He questioned scanning over my appearance which couldn't of looked good to him. My jeans were now torn in places that could be considered inappropriate, and the blood running down my shoulder from the fall could easily cause worry. 

Why was he out here, if I did mean nothing to him, he never would of came after me. For all I know she could of just of threw herself onto him, it wouldn't be the first time she tried to mess with me. "I'm fine" I mustered up to say to him with water pooling up in my vision.

Why did I ever accuse him of cheating, he only ever cared about me and now we were going to die. "We have to go now, I know I sound crazy but he's" I started to say but was cut off.

"Layla, why did you run off. I thought we were having fun"  I looked up with panic he stood only feet away from us. "I will always love you Layla" His chilling voice said and then he pulled the trigger.


Hey everyone this story is for the Pretty Little Liars Competition. Don't worry this isn't the only chapter, I will write another soon.

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