Songspiration. (Short stories inspired by songs)


4. You Could Be My Whole World, I'll Be Your Satellite (Dolph Ziggler)


I sat at the table with Carmella, Enzo and Cass talking about embarrassing moments and our debut matches when Seth joined us sitting next to me. “What’re you guys talking about?” Seth questioned leaning on me.


“We were just talking about embarrassing moments. You know a little something about that don’t you Seth? I mean who could forget the day we saw all of the Architect?” I teased.


“That was forever ago!”


“Too bad it got taken down before I could get a snapshot or something,” I commented.


“Get a snapshot of what?” Nick questioned walking to the table at the tail end of my response.


“Seth’s nudes,”


“Are you crazy?” Carmella asked me freaking out at the same time I was laughing.


“Okay, first off it was just one picture and if you’re that desperate to see, I could just send you one later.” Seth winked at me.


“Don’t give her anything to compare to Seth. It’s taken me this long to get her attention.” Nick cracked.


“Oh shut up!” I replied trying not to laugh too hard. Nick sat down on my left side snaking his hand into mine as he leaned in to kiss my cheek.


“You look beautiful.” He whispered leaning back in his chair rubbing his thumb over my knuckles meanwhile Seth was still leaning his head on my shoulder. He was comfortable where he was and that was evident.


“I almost died when I saw him in nothing but a towel on RAW,”


“That could’ve been any night.” He commented.


“Damn Nick, showing your slutty side,” Seth added. I couldn’t help but laugh at the comment realizing it was slightly true.


“When you were in that storyline with Lana, Rusev and Summer Rae,”


“Oh that night, you know what no one knows is I wasn’t wearing anything under that towel. Everybody still to this day thinks I was wearing my trunks or something to cover-up but I didn’t have anything.” He fessed up.


“I don’t think anyone wanted to know that.” Alexa joined in on the conversation.


“Well, now you know,” I replied for him while he stuck his tongue out toward her.


“SmackDown’s about to start,” Alexa informed us. Some of us got up and found a TV to watch meanwhile others had to go for a segment or interview.




“Good luck,” I kissed him before sweeping my thumb over his cheek. He stared at me with a smile on his face.


“You’re all the luck I need.” I was about to say something when my dad interrupted.


“Nick your match is next.”


“See you after I win.” He kissed me one more time.


“I love you!” I shouted as he took off to Gorilla then I walked back to the room where both Seth and Alexa had been waiting for me. “Did I miss anything?”


“Nope,” Seth replied.


“Is Nick ready for tonight?”


“He’s been acting a little off all day today but right now he seemed fine. I think he’s ready to tie Jericho.” We watched both Nick and Luke Harper make their entrances and all through the match we were cheering Nick on, me, more than anyone else. “That was a 3!” I shouted at the screen as the referee stopped counting the pinfall after Harper kicked out. “His shoulders were very clearly on the mat,”


“Don’t you think you’re overdoing it?” Alexa questioned.


“I should be at ringside!” I replied. “He deserves the title,” I stated. “After all the crap he’s done and been through he deserves to be remembered as the man he is. The character he is whether he’s Face or Heel.”


“I wish I could find me a girl who’s as passionate for me as you are for Nick. I’m jealous.” Seth commented.


“They don’t make them like me, honey,” I replied. Both Alexa and Seth broke out laughing which made me laugh realizing I went from Nick’s and Dolph Ziggler’s advocate to a full of herself Stasia Hale.


“Kylee you’re dad needs to see you.”


“Now,” I questioned. “Nick’s match isn’t over.”


“It’s urgent.” I looked at Lex and Seth and they shrugged just as in the dark as me.


I followed Road Dogg to Gorilla and my dad got up from the desk. “I know it’s last minute but we want you to go out there at the end of the match.”




“We’re throwing Stasia and Dolph into a storyline. We want to showcase your relationship on TV.”


“Does Nick know?” just as those words left my mouth Nick hit a Superkick stunning Harper but it didn’t take him down so he rushed over and finished him with a Zig Zag going for the pin immediately after. “Here is your winner and the new Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler!” JoJo announced.


“He will now.” My dad replied. “Go,” I did as he said and walked out there. The crowd didn’t know what to make of it. A lot of them knew we were dating but they never saw this happening so soon. Hell neither did I. I slid into the ring excited for Nick and attacked him with a hug. He was so caught up in the moment he hugged me back and pulled me in for a kiss caressing my face. Once we broke away from the kiss I raised his arm high for the world to see he was the Champion.


The second we stepped through the curtain half the roster was gathered to congratulate him and the camera crew was right there to interview him right away. I stepped aside to give him his moment but he wanted me there right by his side.


“Dolph, how do you feel now that you’ve officially tied the legendary Chris Jericho with 9 Intercontinental Title reigns?”


“How do I feel? I feel great man, I just stole the whole damn show and now I’m the new Intercontinental Champion!”


“Tonight is the night everyone will remember, the night Dolph Ziggler made history. After tonight no one will forget the name Dolph Ziggler, Gracias.” We walked away with the camera still rolling.


“That was great. Now we’re going to need you guys for Talking Smack later.” My dad said before returning to his job and sending us on our way.


“So how surprised were you when I went out there?” I asked holding his hand.


“I didn’t even notice what was going on until we stepped through the curtain and when we did I was just waiting for Hunter to tear into us.”


“Road Dogg came to me and said my dad wanted to talk and that’s when he told me that we’re going to be in a storyline together, basically putting our relationship on full display.”


“That’s fine by me. Any chance I get to show you off.”


“You mean, brag.”


“Same difference right,” he joked. I smiled and glanced at my watch and right on cue there Jamie was letting me know I was up next. “See you later.” He reached for me but missed.




It’s been very easily two hours since I last saw Nick. It seems like any time we have a chance to be together and spend any amount of time something comes up and tonight was another one of those times. Thankfully the show was over and it was time to head back to the hotel but then Ambrose invites only the guys to celebrate Nick’s title reign leaving any of the girls to either hang-out or wait until they got back. Normally I wouldn’t mind spending time with Nia, Lex, and Carmella but I’ve been doing enough of that lately so I went back to my hotel room to sleep.


“Kylee wait!” Nick shouted jogging to catch up. “I don’t know why they’re doing this. I don’t want to go but I have to otherwise they won’t leave me alone.”


“I know you don’t have to tell me. It was Ambrose’s idea. I’ll see you later tonight or in the morning.”


“I’ll be home in an hour. even if I have to use you as an excuse. I love you.”


“Love you too.” I pecked his lips before he took off. “Nick!” he stopped and turned around. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” he looked at me weird. “Give me the title before you lose it at the club. I don’t think you want to try and explain that to my dad or Vince.”


“Oh right.” He said just as it dawned on him. He handed me his duffle bag with the title inside.



I was comfy in bed already dosing off not really waiting for Nick to get home from partying with the guys but wondering when that would be, he said he would be home in an hour. I glanced over at the clock. “It’s over an hour,” just as I said that he came in and took a breath.


“Finally alone.” He commented. “There’s something I’ve been wanting to do.” He pulled his phone out of his jacket and pressed play. He placed his phone down for Papa Roach’s No Matter What to start playing. He held out his hand and I reached for it. He pulled me closer holding me in his arms as we swayed to the music. “Let’s go outside.” We stopped and he opened the sliding door to the balcony. He stepped out first and helped me out. The song continued to play as the wind blew and the stars shined just as bright as the midnight sky while we danced. It was a sweet and romantic moment and then he stopped, pulling away. “Kylee, there’s so much I have to say but first I want to start by saying I didn’t plan for things to go the way they did today. I expected to do to this a lot earlier tonight.”


“Nick what’s going on?” as the third verse came around he went into the pocket of his jacket and pulled something out. A small navy blue box.


“I bought this a couple months back and I’ve been debating the best time to do this and this morning when I woke up next to you something just clicked.” He paused laughing nervously. Just as he started to speak again Satellite by Nickelback came on. “We’ve been together for awhile now and while this isn’t the longest I’ve been with someone it’s the surest I’ve ever been about something, about someone. If I don’t know anything else I know one thing and that is that I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want only you for the rest of my life. I love you and I have just one question, will you be my wife? Will you share a life with me?”


“Oh my God Nick, you’re-“ I started crying truly happy that he wants to share a life with me. I was taken aback that this is something he wants, marriage. I wasn’t expected this to say the least.


“You Could Be My Whole World, I’ll Be Your Satellite.” He sang to me. I giggled.


“I want to share a life with you. Yes, I’ll be your wife.” He slid the ring on my finger and as soon as I could I wrapped my hands around his face and kissed him. My hands slowly made their way to his chiseled jawline meanwhile his hands rested on my hips.


“I love you.” We said in stereo.

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