Just Magical


1. ➳Part 1


Another hour of geography...
I'm not stupid or have problems with learning, or contrary, I often go to competitions in math, chemistry, history and language. But geography was the worst subject. Maybe I did not understand it, maybe nobody wanted to explain it to me. But I always got A on the exam, and from the oral C. The teacher could not bear me. Hanna, my best friend, is a lucky one. She at least has B and a sometimes A. Tomorrow we will go on a trip, more specifically camping with the company. There they will all be popular from school. Looks like everything looks perfect ... But it is not. I heard a few days ago that Professor Hitersson goes with us. Uh, why? Whenever something is perfect in my life something must spoil it. And in this case, that's it. Hanna and I have already picked up a bunch of stuff. Just parents have to sign permission and that is it.
I've writed some quotes in my notebook. I did not listen to the most prolific. I almost fall aslep. The only thing I want is to finish college and have fun. I would like to move and live a life like never before. Otherwise, I like to hang out with friends and school friends, quarters, and the nearby Manchester streets. Sometimes we go to the games, to cinema or out and walk around the city. At home is a different story. At home I was mostly alone, because mom and dad were at work. Both are my doctors. I really admire and respect them. I have a very good relationship with my dad and my mom. But I would love to have a good relationship with each other as well. I'm only child, but Hanna is like my sister. We almost always are together and organize pajamas-party.
"Arabella!" Said Professor Hitersson. Honestly, I knew that she would test me, beacuse i wasn't listening, but I did not worry too much. "Yes?" I quit the innocence and diverted my view from the notebook to a professor who looked angry. "If you do not start listening, I'll write down the unit, did you understand?" She cried to me. "Sorry to interrupt you, but you must have replaced me with someone ... I've been listening to every word you have," I said, defending. "Well, we'll see the test, right?" She raised her eyebrows and continued to write on the board. "Of course," I smiled. "Oh yes, I did not forget about that event since yesterday," she remarked. Over lunch, a teacher from England sent me some papers to Teacher Hitersson. I knocked on the door of the cabinet, but nobody opened me. After a couple of minutes, I went to the toilet and found Hitler and some men kissing them. "I'm sorry," I said quickly and headed back to the classroom. Professor Hitersson stopped me and said I should not tell anyone about it, otherwise he would make me laugh. But since I do not like Hitler's professor, or his threat, I've proclaimed the whole class. But nobody told her yet, so she thought the secret was safe with me. But let's get back to my watch. "Such events are not forgotten ..." I said in a quiet voice and the whole class laughed. "Be careful not to look at you ..." Hanna whispered to me, sitting with me in the bench. "No, do not worry," I said and laughed at her. Soon he came back to me. By the end of the hour I have counted seconds ... 3, 2, 1 ... It's a bell! I quickly stored the books and went out into the hallway with Hann. Soon I was greeted with Nash, Ryan and Cameron. "That professor does not know who he is dealing with, huh?" Cameron asked. "Noup, but he will soon find out," I said to him. We both laughed and left school. "See you!" - we all greeted and everyone started their way.

In the evening

I started packing. It was important for me to bring something comfortable and sporty. "Ara, hurry up ..." she said, opening the closet door. Ara is my nickname. "Should I add something else?" I asked her
While I put my toothbrush and toothpaste in a special compartment. "Do not put any unnecessary things you know you will not use them, you will be more burdened." She was right. "All right, Mom." I agreed with her. Mom was sitting at the other end of my bed. It seemed to me something important to say. Very important. It's just not her and Dad. We've been talking about it a hundred times. But this time it looked more serious. I did not know what to do, so I sat next to her. "Arabella, be cautious, watch out for yourself and your friends, do not let anything happen to anyone," she said seriously and took my hand. "What could happen?" I asked her. "Arabella, I know why I'm saying this. Please, understand me seriously," she added. "All right," I said, and hugged the mother who was worried. I did not know why, but I realized something was wrong. I wanted to ask her what, but she would not answer. Believe me, I know from experience. My mom helped me to pack the remaining things.


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