living with one direction

sarah always loved one direction mainly zayn she always wanted to meet them but she wont need to when she finds out her father is there new manager...but will she get feelings for one of them


7. toys

zayn turned the radio on and teenage dirtbag came on atlleast 9 times we all sang to it jake was going crazy when he heard it ''were here'' zayn said parking we all got out and went inside i let jake down and he ran to a brigth blue harness like his eyes i took it with a nice brigth blue a shade darker leash .zayn went over to the toys and took  few that don't make noise niall chose the best dog food for him and some treats liam and harry got a bed and louis was getting  few dog clothes we paid then left home i  put the harness on jake he din't mind having it on him zayn pt down the toys next to his bed and played with jake a while ''jake you gotta love toys cuz toys are cool'' zayn said playing with him ''jake food'' i said poring food into his dog bowl he cme running to it with a toy ''i just smiled petting him ''he's the best dog ever '' he finished and me and zayn went to the dog park i unleashed jake into a pen with other puppies i sat next to zayn on a bench ''he's so cute when he plays '' i said 


when it was dark i leashed jake and started to walk home with zayn .i stopped and saw dylan my brother ''dylan''i ran p to him and hugged him zayn came walking with jake ''hey im zayn'' zayn said polite ''im dylan im sarah's older brother '' they shook hands ''oh dylan i never texted you to say that zayn is my boyfriend'' i said all exited ''who's this little guy'' dyln said petting jake ''that's jake i got him today zayn and the boys got me him he loves the toys zayn got him'' i said smiling''i better go home'' dylan said zayn said  bye and i did too we wallked home i unleashed jake he went in his bed annd me and zayn went to are room the boys were aleready sleeping me and zayn went to bed

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