living with one direction

sarah always loved one direction mainly zayn she always wanted to meet them but she wont need to when she finds out her father is there new manager...but will she get feelings for one of them


1. meeting them

''sarah wake up we got guest'' my dad yelled from the other side of my door i opend my eyes ''im awake ill get ready ill be there in 5 mins'' i heard hi leave . i took my coverts off then fell off my bed ''IM OK'' i yelled getting up i took mu shower dried my hair and put on a my ''i <3 one direction'' shirt on with a pair of yoga pants. i walked down stairs i looked in the living room i almost yelled ''honey i got news-'' ''omg dad '' i cut him off and gave him a hug i was crying ''hey boys'' i said to them they could tell i was nervous i was never really nervous in my life .louis got up and yelled ''GROUP HUG'' he slammed into me then the other boys came slamming into me and louis. we pasted almost the hole day painting there rooms louis and harry were together same with niall and liam and zayn had his own room.


''im going to bed nigth'' my dad yelled from the stairs ''but there's no super i gonn strve to death'' niall shouted i laughed at his irish accent i could tell me and the boys are gonna be best friends ''harry knows how to cook niall he can make you guys something'' my dad yelled back when we heard his door slam shut we all looked at eachother 

''what are we gonna do now'' louis asked being quiet for the first time ''we can go to the beach cuz this is a beach house ya now '' they all looked at me confused ''you guys din't see the beach outside its obvious '' they all ran outside i laughed at them i loved the boys they were the best ''wait for me boys ''  i ran up behind louis and pushed him in the water zayn pushed me in he laughed abit then i stood up took him by the shirt and pulled him in with me we all laughed until niall was complining ''imm hungry im gonna starve to death guys'' ''we can cook something on the grill and have a nigth outside kinda like camping but on a beach we can bond '' the boys looked at me then all shouted ''YEEEEESSS''

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