[The Savior: After the fall]

Humanity has encountered thousands of wars and conflict but none which could rival the scale of the massive destruction, The Fall. Since The Fall, mankind has reached its turning point. Technology could no longer advance and majority of the population were wiped out. Who is the savior of this world?


1. Prologue: The Fall

It was the sunny afternoon of July in New York City. The businessman and varieties of business related individuals kept with their daily routine. With the unique expressions varying from anger, frustration, enjoyment, and even happiness, no one would have noticed that life has been any different from the day before. All I had in my mind was the excitement of visiting the central park along with my family members. On the yet another day in my trip to New York, unexplained phenomenon occurred within our sight. A large aperture was revealed from the sky. At first, people were suggesting that it must have been one of the realistic computer graphics for the latest movie. However, the guess didn't prove to be quiet correct.

The aperture was actually a crack within dimensions that are parallel to ours. Creatures, known by the name Fallen in the present time, began its onslaught on nearby individuals. The person who were slaughtered to death by these creatures were said to become one of them within span of few days, meaning that it is type of infection. The seemingly normal day instantly became the worst nightmare to whoever was on that site at that day.

I lost everything I had: family, place to live, and friends. The worst turning point of the human history was on this day, July 23rd of 2021. The scale of refugee came grew larger by the days, maybe by each minute. Although humans were finally united, without the border of ethnics, race, gender, or nationality, our military technology couldn't surpass the strength of these creatures.

The Fallen has the durability that easily surpasses that of titanium, strength that can easily break through heavily armored tanks, and speed that matches that of most four-wheeled vehicles. We abandoned our hopes in surviving through these world. We would eventually be eaten by these monsters as source of their nutrients. It seems that they had intelligence between that of us, humans, and apes, which meant that they had bit of learning capacity. Not a single country exists anymore after a year of The Fall.

Humanity's population has declined significantly. Of eight billion existing population in 2020, less than one percent, two hundred million, survived in year 2023 and the decline is still steady to this present time. In 2030, nine years after The Fall, humanity, which had been considered dominant for many years, has been endangered by the foreign species. The population was less than million and many still die from scarcity of food and the danger of these creatures. It was until the arrival of the Savior that our current situation had changed. The man known as the Savior was once ordinary person like any one of us had been. 

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