The demons inside

Alice Lovegood is an average girl, she's an A+ student and is also counted as a teachers pet.

One day her sister, Skylar, disappears and leaves Alice only a necklace, she doesn't know her life is about to change from then on. Romance will blossom and wars will be won. Was Skylar really who Alice thought she was?


1. .Skylar and Alice.

  Alice Lovegood is an A+ student, she always get's the highest marks in tests and is considered a teachers pet. She has strawberry blonde hair and green emerald eyes, a tiny nose with a few freckles and pink rosy lips. To be honest she was rather pretty for a nerd.

  She had never enjoyed being in the spotlight and she never had any friends, all she had was her books and her sister, Skylar Lovegood.

     "Alice?" her teacher asked as she spotted the blonde beginning to doze off. Alice blinked in surprise and looked around,


     "The bell went off 5 minutes ago, it's time for you to go home."

  Alice nodded and packed up her stuff. She left the school and began walking home.

     "Alice!" her sister called from her car, "Get in!" Alice threw her stuff into the car and sat down, putting her seatbelt over herself.

  Time seemed to have slowed down as every second seemed like hours, every minute seemed like days and every breath seemed like it pierced through her lungs.

     "You alright lil' sis?" Skylar, Alice's sister, asked.

     "Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine." Alice lied.


After what seemed like hours in the car, Skylar and Alice finally got home. Skylar sat down on the couch and immediately pulled out her phone, checking all her social medias, Alice pulled out her math textbook and began revising.

​     "Mum, I have to go!" Skylar shouted as she threw on her leather jacket and grabbed her keys.

​     "Where are you going Skylar?" Alice asked in curiosity, "Im going out Alice" Skylar replied in a low growl.

​With that Skylar slammed the front door shut and left.



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