The demons inside

Alice Lovegood is an average girl, she's an A+ student and is also counted as a teachers pet.

One day her sister, Skylar, disappears and leaves Alice only a necklace, she doesn't know her life is about to change from then on. Romance will blossom and wars will be won. Was Skylar really who Alice thought she was?


2. .her encounter.

 Skylar threw her hoodie over her head, letting the tears fall softly. She griped her necklace that changed colour with her emotions, It turned a deep blue. Sadness.

     "Skylar?" a voice called from the shadows. It was sweet yet had a deadly tone to it.

 She spun around, looking for the source of the voice. After a few minutes she realised she was on the other side of town. 

 She wasn't supposed to be here, she knew that all so well. Quickly her hand moved to her pocket on instinct and she replaced her necklace with a pocket knife. Her pace quickened as the adrenaline began to kick in, she started a steady jog that turned into a quick run.

     "I know you're there Lovegood, you can't run!" The voice was now dark and harsh, almost sounding like a parent disciplining their child, it sent her brain into frenzy.

  Slowly she placed her hand into her pocket and clutched her necklace tightly in her grasp, her smile became twisted and dark, like a murders, like she knew a deadly secret that would kill whoever she told. She wasn't Skylar no more.   

     "Come on out then Luke, I know you're there, in the shadows like always" Her voice was taunting and mocking, carefully she placed the necklace around her neck and a dark light enveloped her body and a large area of the land, it was a cloaking device. Dark wings, almost demon like, sprouted from her back as a boy around her age stepped out of a alleyway.

 Brown swept hair and blue eyes were the most noticeable features of the boy, his lips were plastered in a thin line and he wore a hoodie, almost identical, to Skylar's. However, the colours were lighter and had a more welcoming feel to it, whilst her colors were dark and menacing. 

 White, feathery wings sprouted from his back and a white light came from a chain around his neck, it blasted Skylar to the ground as she let out a blood curling scream, tears silently fell from Luke's eyes, he couldn't bear to watch his lover die. Her body disintegrated and all that was left was the necklace that once belonged to her...


 This was just the begging, a lot more damage was needed to be done.


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