Millerville is a big, busy city. A city where the people are friendly and everyone is safe. A city which is seemingly perfect. Until the sun goes down. Trouble is around every corner. Nowhere is safe. Guns and sirens fill the air. The Westside Wolves patrol the streets keeping the baddies out and everyone safe.


3. Chapter Three

Jack's P.O.V 👾

I was up at 5:30am on a Sunday. I couldn't sleep and I didn't know why. I walked over to my curtains and opened them. The whole of Millerville is my view: busy roads anytime of the day, people stumbling home from the club and a beautiful sunrise. I didn't have work today so I guess it's a chill day. My phone beeped so I picked it up. It's a message from my brother Matt. Why has he text me so early?

Big Bro ~ Just setting off

Wait what he's coming here. That never ends well; Matt is the perfect child and we always disagree. He lives in London where he studies. Grace our adopted sister loves  him but on the other hand ,Charley our 22 year old brother, really hates him. Last time we had a family get together I ended up breaking Matt's nose. Oops.

Me ~ Didn't know u were coming

Big Bro ~ Oh anyway we are arriving at 9am

Me ~ We ?

Big Bro ~ Me and my fiancé Clara

He has a fiancé even more shocking he can actually attract girls. Wow he must have changed. The Matt I know is too bothered about becoming just like dad to care about anyone else. I wonder what she will be like, I doubt she will be hot. Probably just some snotty nerd.

Me ~ Alright see you then

Big Bro ~ Just make sure Charley doesn't show up

Oh ok so he was expecting me to use my magic powers and make Charley disappear. Yeah not happening. I turned off my phone and I put it on the bedside table. I pulled out my laptop and go on YouTube. I only go on YouTube so I can watch my sisters videos because I'm a good brother and I want to keep her safe. I made my friends promise to protect her and treat her like a sister. They have done that for years. I clicked on her latest video and watched it.

I decided to take a bath. I walked over to the bathroom and ran the bath. I heard other water running meaning Addy is up. After 45 mins I got out if the bath and looked at the time 6:30am. Everyone will be getting up in half an hour so I got dressed into black skinny jeans and a red flannel. I ran down the stairs, slipped and nearly fall. I rummaged through the cupboards to find the ingredients for chocolate chip pancakes. Mine and Ads favorite food.

By the time I had finished making them it was 7am so I set the table and ran back upstairs to wake up everyone. I went to Grace's door first. I walked over to her sleeping figure and gently shook her shoulder. "Grace wake up" nothing so I shook her shoulder harder, nothing. Plan B "GRACE WAKE UP !" I yelled and that did the job. She jumped up and scowled at me. I laughed and walk to Ads room I open her door and found her on the floor looking through her old diary. Shit. She turned to me with tears in her eyes. I ran over to her and embraced her in a hug as she started to sob. I hate seeing my sister cry.

"I've told you not to read this Ads" I stated.

"Yeah I know but I can't help it" She cried. I think back to a year or so ago, when Addy started to show signs of PTSD, she would breakdown and she would self harm. I don't want her to start self harming again because last time she attempted suicide. I saw her look at her scars so a grabbed her wrist.

"Don't Ads you are perfect the way you are". She nodded. I decided to lighted the mood.

"By the way I made your favourite pancakes for breakfast" I knew the would lift her spirits. She jumped up after she wriggled free from my arms and darted down stairs. When I got to the kitchen everyone is there apart from my dad.

"Let me guess work" I said sitting down.

"No he's gone to pick up your brother from the airport" She answered swapping the pancakes with a bowl of fruit. Ungrateful. Grace, who is sat next to me thinks it was funny to wipe chocolate sauce on my sleeve.

"Grace!" I yelled but she only giggles. Addy also laughed, so I take some sauce and flick it at her. When it hit her face her mouth opened and she glared at me. Grace and I were laughing at Addy, who ended up laughing as well.

After breakfast I got changed into a different shirt. I changed into my black long sleeved baseball tee. I checked my phone and see that Selena has messaged me. She has been my crush since year 6 but we have only ever been friends.

Selena : I need to tell you something xx

Me : What ?

Selena : I really like you more than a friend xx

I was in a state of shock. That was really random. My crush of 5 years actually likes me back! I did a little happy dance then reply.

Me : I feel the same way

Selena : Really ? xx

Me : Selena will you go out with me ?


I did it. My crush is now my girlfriend. I texted her back saying I would talk later. I thought of her Strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and pearly white teeth. She's beautiful. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard someone clearing their throat behind me. I turned and see Addy leaning on the door frame looking at me with a smirk on her face. Oh she knows. She walked up to me and folded her arms.

"Who was that you were messaging?" asked Addy.

"Oh you k-know" I stuttered

"Your lying to me J because your stuttering " She walked even closer to me but she's had to look up as I am taller. I couldn't lie to my twin because she knows when I lie.

"Ok you got me......I asked Selena out" I sighed. Her eyes went wide and she paled.

"What?" She said slowly.

"I asked out Se-" I didn't get time to finish as she interrupts me.

"Why Jack, you know you can't get into a relationship !" Addy said throwing her arms up.

"Maybe I want to be happy for once !" I yelled back.

"This could ruin both of us !" She sneered "You better be careful because if he finds out we are in serious trouble". And with that she walked out.

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