Millerville is a big, busy city. A city where the people are friendly and everyone is safe. A city which is seemingly perfect. Until the sun goes down. Trouble is around every corner. Nowhere is safe. Guns and sirens fill the air. The Westside Wolves patrol the streets keeping the baddies out and everyone safe.


7. Chapter Six

Adelaide's P.O.V🌹

We were stood behind our chairs in English. Our teacher was taking the register. Once our name had been called out we would sit down. My name was called out so I sat down. When Millers name was called out he stayed stood up. Mr Tennet, my English teacher, looked at him.

"Mr Daniels your names has been called"

"I know sir but I'm Rosa Parks, I am standing up for my rights" Miller replied making the whole class laugh. Mr Tennet glared at him and he sat down smirking.

"Thank you Mr Daniels"

"Why do you call me that it's so formal. Does that mean I can call you something like lord ?"

"I prefer master thank you" Mr Tennet retorted walking towards the front of the classroom. "Sit down Mr D- I mean Rosa"

I was sat with my chin resting on my hand, half asleep. Mr Tennet, was going on and on about Macbeth. We were studying Act 2 scene 2, when Macbeth kills Duncan. Mr Tennet was reading it line by line, asking us questions as he went along. Harry, who was sat next to me, was jabbing his head with his pen.

"I want this suffering to be over!" Harry whisper yelled. Mr Tennet's head snapped in our direction. He stalked over and stood beside Harry's desk.

"Harrison since you are so focused on the work why don't you answer me this question". Harry signed and opened the play. I laughed quietly.

"No laughing Miss Gregory or else you will be my next question victim. Right Mr Lister, why are Lady Macbeth and Macbeth talking in short fragment sentences ?". He peered over his glasses and gave him a creepy grin.

"Well Sir, Maccy B has just killed the King and he thinks someone has heard him. So I'd say they are thinking, shit we better move fast or someone is gonna whoop our asses"

"OUTSIDE !" Mr Tennet shouted "You don't not use language like that in my classroom".

"Come on Sir, everyone was thinking the same thing I just said it" Harry said defensively. Mr Tennet pointed to the door. Harry scraped his chair against the floor and slumped his way to the door.

I watched him walk outside as Mr Tennet followed him. He shut the door and continued to talk about the play. For the next five minuets he was stood there pulling faces against the glass. I sat there laughing, getting the occasional glare from Mr Tennent.

After a long hour, English was over and it was lunch. Harry bounced into my left side and put his arm over my shoulder. We walked through the crowds of people rushing to get their lunch.

"How was English with out me ?" Harry asked leaning into me as we walked through a group of people.

"Absolutely thrilling" I said sarcastically. Harry laughed then kissed the side of my head and whispered in my ear.

"Remember we have double English today so there's more where that come from" He said. Meaning another whole hour of Macbeth and Harry's jokes. I shake my head at his childish behaviour.

There was a sudden crowd of people blocking the entrance to the canteen. Harry was standing on his tip toes to see what was going on. The crowd was chanting and shouting, some even filming whatever was happening.

"I can't see !" He whined as he started to jump up an down like a five year old.

I pushed through the people and get to the front. To no surprise I see my brother and Ethan punching the shit out of each other. My eyes went wide and I looked around trying to find someone strong enough to break it up.

My eyes found Raff and Miller, who had just pushed to the front of the crowd. They were both as shocked as I was.

His eyes met mine and he turned to Miller, saying something, then they both ran into the fight. Miller grabbing Ethan and Raff grabbing my brother. Both boys were struggling to get out of hold and continue to fight.

"MR JACKWELL TO MY OFFICE NOW !" The headteacher bellowed. Ethan shook out of Miller's hold and turned to give him a dirty look. He picked up his rucksack and stormed his way through the crowd. Both Harry and I made our way to my brother.

"Alright people shows over" shouted Harry as he turned back towards the crowd. They left, some groaning and claiming money from bets.

I clipped my brother over the head and he groaned in pain. "What was that for !"

"That was for getting into a fight when I told you I can handle myself" I replied angrily. I bent down to Jack who was sat on the floor.

I inspected his injuries and saw that he only had a black eye and a cut lip. Once I was finished he got up and went to the canteen followed by Harry and Miller.

I sighed and shook my head. I turned to Raff and saw him looking at his knuckles. They were cut and bloody in places. I walked closer and held his hands.

I reached in my bag to find something to treat them with. His eyes followed my every move. I took out some plasters and stuck them on the cut areas.

"Animal plasters really" Raff laughed. I glared at him.

"That's all I had so be grateful I actually helped you". He pulled me closer and kissed

me. He pulled back and whispered a thank you. We walked to lunch hand in hand.

"What did you mean when you said you could handle yourself ?" He questioned.

"It's nothing just a bit of beef between Ethan and I, nothing I can't handle" I reassured. He stopped walking and grabbed my other hand. He looked straight into my eyes.

"If you ever need anyone to talk to I'm always here. I will always listen no matter how silly it might sound. You can ring me up at two in the morning and I will answer. I will text you back even if it is drunk text. I will never hurt you. You can trust me".

For the first time in my life I felt as if I could believe him. I squeezed his hands and smiled. He pulled me in for a warm hug. We stayed until our moment was ruined by Ethan and his goons.

"Aw. Looks as if the cold bitch does have a heart" He said sarcastically.

"Leave her alone dick" Retorted Raff.

"Looks like she taught you well" He mocked.

One of his crew stepped forward cracking his knuckles "We could always arrange a private conversation and maybe you could join your b-" He couldn't finish because a threw a right hook at him. He staggered back in disbelief.

"You will regret that" He shouted holding his jaw. Ethan stepped forward with his hands in his pockets and put his head down as he chuckled . He looked at me through his eyelashes and sighed. He walked up to me and whispered in my ear.

"I don't think you learnt your lesson did you. You might have a lap dog now but if he finds out what your are really like he might not be too happy. Especially if I tell him about that one night that we-" He didn't have the chance to finish. I grabbed Raff's hand and pulled him away.

Raff tried to ask what he said but he can't know. Not now, it will ruin my chances of ever being happy again.

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