Millerville is a big, busy city. A city where the people are friendly and everyone is safe. A city which is seemingly perfect. Until the sun goes down. Trouble is around every corner. Nowhere is safe. Guns and sirens fill the air. The Westside Wolves patrol the streets keeping the baddies out and everyone safe.


1. Chapter One

Adelaide's P.O.V 🌹

I pushed my way through the crowd with Emma and Margo following. I was fuming. Will and Miss Whore were caught together last night and I demanded an explanation. I threw open the cafeteria doors and spotted Will. I stormed over to him throwing my blonde hair over my shoulder. Will looked up from his friends and saw me.

"Oh hey bab-"

"Don't you dare !" I interrupted " I know what you have been doing with that bïtch "

"That bïtch has a name !" He yelled back standing up.

"So it is are together" I stated. Alice or whatever her name is wrapped her arm around Will and gave me a smug smile. I looked at Will and gave him the "I'm waiting" look.

"Yes we are and we are very happy together" He said and walked away "Oh and by the way were over" and with that he left the cafeteria with Alice.

I stood there shocked, I didn't expect that. I didn't even get the chance to yell a sarky remark. I felt the need to get him back, I was going to make him jealous. Jack, my brother and Will's best friend, looked like he is about to kill. Even though he is his best friend I'm still his little sister. He stood up but I grabbed his arm, I gave him the "leave it" face which he returned a "we will talk later" face and sat down. Although I was ready to get back at him, my heart felt empty. I glanced at Will's other friends and spotted Rafferty staring at me. He soon realised I was looking and looks away.

Margo placed her hand on my arm. "You ok ?" She asked.

"Yeah thanks" I replied. I think it's time to start my revenge all I need is a plan.

End of the day

Last period finishes as the bell rang.. I grabbed my bag and slung it on my shoulder. Students filled the empty hallway. Margo ran to catch up with me. "Hey Addy, how are you ?" She asked.

"You know what.....I feel great" I replied smiling.

"Good I'm glad you do" she said before giving my a quick hug. We went our separate ways and I waited for my brother to pick me up. BEEP BEEP !

Ah there's my brother. He pulled up in his red truck.

"Get in Ads" He said as he opened the truck door for me. I climbed into the truck. It was an old thing Grandpa gave it to Jack as a gift. Jack loves it, he even has a name for it- Beyoncé after the singer. When I had shut the door, Jack set off. I rolled the window down full to match Jack's.

"So why didn't you let me punch the shit out of Will?" He asked.

"Well I didn't want to cause too much drama" I replied simply.

"I would have loved to knock some sense into him" Jack laughed. I laughed along with him.

We approached the house, well more like mansion. It was a great White House with stairs leading up to the front door, a fountain and flowers in the centre of the courtyard. The truck came to a holt. I jumped out whilst Jack rolled up the windows it. I took out my keys and unlock the door. The white walls brightened the room, the grand marble staircase stood in the middle, maids and butlers wandered the halls. The house was grand and had many rooms which were handy as I have 3 siblings including Jack. Our parents were always at work. Our mum is a Nurse and our dad is the CEO of a company, so they are very busy.

" Hello Miss Gregory how was school !" asked Linda our maid, who is like a second mum to us all.

" Great thank you and remember just call me Addy " I replied. Linda nods her head then continues to rearrange the flowers in the vase.

I ran up the stairs and straight into my room. My room has a double bed, a computer desk, walk in wardrobe and a balcony facing the garden. My room is a teal colour and I have pictures of friends and family all over my room.

I pulled out my MacBook and check my YouTube channel, I like to post the occasional video . I responded  to comments whilst sat on my bed. KNOCK KNOCK. " Come in " I said to whoever is behind the door. Jack walked in and plonked himself on my bed.

"Ok so I need your honest opinion" he said.

"Ok go" I gestured with my hands. I placed my laptop aside.

"Ok....... Your like my little toe, I bang you on every piece of furniture" he said slyly winking at me.

"Seriously" I said to him but he just rolls his eyes so I continued "O..kay but is that really what you are going to say to Emma " I answered.

"Wait what ?" He questioned looking confused.

"I know you like Emma" I replied punching his arm.

"No I don't" he shouted, obviously which meant he is denying it.

"Okay whatever helps you sleep at night" I said. Jack glared at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. He pulled out his phone, reads something then threw in across the room in rage. My eyebrows shot up.

"Wow....Ok what's up ?" I asked knowing he will tell me because we are twins.

"It's Daphne s-she's broken up with me " He answered as he stood up from my bed.

" So" I said knowing that he never actually liked her, it was for publicity.

"So what do you mean so, do you know what this could do to me ?" He yelled clearly annoyed.

"To be honest I thought she was a slut" I fired back. I knew this wouldn't end well. He hates people fighting in the past it has done damage to him.

"I could loose everything my friends, my popularity" he raged, starting to make a fist.

"Oh clam down" I said annoyed standing up off my bed and grab his shoulder. Just at that moment he swung at me and punched my face. The force of the punch knocked my off my feet. I sat there in shock and wiped the blood from the corner of my mouth. Jack looked at me terrified.

"I can't believe I just did that" He said shocked. I reached out to grab his hand but he pulled it away.

"Jack it's ok, you were angry and I pushed you" I said because this has happened before.

"No.....I-I think it's coming back" He stammered. Jack was referring to the antisocial personality disorder he was diagnosed with a few years ago. Before I could even say anything he charged out of my room and ran down the stairs. I followed him also running.

I followed him out of the back door onto the patio then stood next to him. He pulled out a cigarette packet and pulled a cigarette out. He placed it in his mouth and light it with a lighter.

"Jack" I started "I thought we got over this habit"

"I know but it calms me down" he retorted then made a puff of smoke.

"You know if mum found out you would be dead. She hates people smoking" I said leaning on the patio fence as I looked at the Winters evening sky. After a few moments of silence Jack spoke up.

"We both would have been dead a long time ago" He laughed "Do you ever get the feeling that mum and dad don't care about us ?"

I thought for a moment the said "Yeah I do they don't care about us and we never do anything as a family anymore". Jack put out the cigarette and turned to me.

"Promise me something Ads" He asked holding my shoulders.

"Anything" I replied putting my hands on his.

"Never leave me you are you only thing keeping me going"

"I promise" I said hugging him "Love you Fartface and you stink of smoke"

"Love you too Ads" Jack said laughing ignoring the last part.

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