Millerville is a big, busy city. A city where the people are friendly and everyone is safe. A city which is seemingly perfect. Until the sun goes down. Trouble is around every corner. Nowhere is safe. Guns and sirens fill the air. The Westside Wolves patrol the streets keeping the baddies out and everyone safe.


4. Chapter Four

Adelaide's P.O.V 🌹

I walked into my room and slammed the door. Today I needed to forget about J's selfishness and spend time with my family. I changed out of my joggers and replace them with black jeans and I threw on my mustard yellow jumper. I applied a small amount of makeup. I checked my phone and sent Emma and Margo streaks on Snapchat. I put my phone on my bedside and started to walk out of my room when I heard a tapping on my window. I turned towards it realising I had forgotten to open my curtains. I walked over and opened them to find a figure with a hood covering their face against the glass. I screamed and fall back. The figure then removes the hood to reveal brown hair with green streaks in. I stood there in shock, it is my brother Charley. He gave me a smirk and gestured me to open the window so he can get in. I opened the window and he stepped inside. His tall, skinny 6'4 ft figure towers over me.

"Jesus Christ you scared me" I whisper yelled.

"Good to see you too sis" He replied ruffling my long blonde hair. He hugged me then he strode over to my bed and flopped down. I closed my window then stood in front of Charley. 

"What are you doing here? I thought you were in prison ?" I questioned in a whisper.

"I came to see you and why are you whispering?" He said sitting up.

"Because your not supposed to be here!" I whisper yelled again.

"Oh come on I'm not that bad, Mum and Dad don't mind...well they are hardly at home anyway" He said looking around my room.

"Yeah but Matt thinks differently" I snapped. He whipped his head towards me in shock.

"Matt is here" He said on a hushed voice. I nodded.

"Well he is on his way here now Dad has gone to pick him up from the airport"

"Well shit. I came because I have been released early for good behaviour." He grabbed a notepad and pen and wrote something down. He shoved it in my hand and got up.

"Here is my number if you ever need me. I am going to leave because I am not staying here as I will cause lots of trouble. Tell J-dog I said Hi" He made his way over to my window and opened to climb out. "Love ya" He said before he jumps out. I ran over to the window and watched him dart across the lawn and jump the fence. I shut my window and turned towards the door. I jumped again as I saw Jack in the door way. I smiled and he frowned at me.

"Who was that ?' He asked

"Charley" I replied simply "Oh and he says hi". I brushed past him and made my way downstairs.

"Wait I thought he was in prison" Jack said as he followed me across the hall.

"He said he has been released for good behaviour" I told him.

"Charley, good behaviour, funny" He laughed. We made it to the top of the stairs and heard the front door close. I looked at Jack and he sighed.

I reached the bottom of the staircase with Jack and came face to face with my eldest brother. His brown hair is slightly messy, his defined face wore glasses and a happy smile. His tall figure of 6'4 towered over me just like Charley and Jack. I'm not small, they are just really tall. I smiled at my brother whilst Jack frowned and messed with his dirty blond hair. I elbowed him and side eyed him, he got the gist and smiled. Matt pulled my 5'8 frame into a tight hug. He smelled like aftershave. Like really strong aftershave. He moved to Jack and did the weird boy hug- handshake thing, which I have never understood. He hugged mum as well. He then held hands with a pretty brown haired girl who was around my height.

"Everyone this is my fiancé Clara" Matt stated. Clara said a small hello and waved. I smiled back whilst Jack is trying not to burst out laughing. Mum and Dad welcomed her to the family and insisted on catching up with Matt -A.K.A the perfect child.

"Adelaide please show Clara to her room" Asked my mother.

She calls us by our real names even though we don't like to be called them. Also, we have maids for this.

"Of course I will" I say as cheery as I can with a fake smile. I take one of her bags and lead her upstairs. We walked down the long hallway and reached the room. I opened Matt's door and put down her bag. She entered with caution and placed her bag down. I turned and walked to leave when she spoke.

"" She looked at me.

"Oh I'm Addy and please don't call me Adelaide" I walked back into the room.

"I feel really intimidated around you and your family" She said honestly.

"Don't be just be yourself. Don't let my parents scare you. They will soon forget about you and pretend like your not there."

"Oh I'm so sorry.....I'm glad I have someone to talk to.....Matt wouldn't listen to me complain" She sighed and sat on the bed so I joined her.

"Yeah he has always been like that"

We talked about things and we get to know one another. She is a genuinely nice girl and Matt has done well.

"Can I be completely honest with you?" I asked after our chat.

"Sure you can" She said crossing her legs.

"No offence but I thought you were going to be a snobby,stuck up bitch that wanted my brother for money or something like that. But now I've met you I was completely wrong. You are one of the nicest people I've met and I know I have only just met you but you just listened to me ramble on about my ex boyfriend. You didn't even look as if you weren't interested"

"Well I like having someone to talk to and I never had a sister but I wanted one. But just talking then has shown me that I don't need a sister when I can just talk to you" Clara hugged me after she finished speaking.

After a few minutes she let go and smiled to which I smiled back. We both stood up and made our way downstairs. Clara went into the kitchen to find Matt whilst I plonked down next to Jack on the sofa.

"What were you two doing up there?" He asked. Here's the deal with Jack and I, we can fight then the next minuet be fine with each other.

"Having a girly convocation. She's really nice" I said putting my legs on Jack's lap. He laughed and placed his hands on my ankles.

"Ew Ads you need to shave your legs!" He exclaimed to which I laughed. Mum then called us to dinner with a disapproving look on her face.

We jumped up and walked into the dining room. The table had our silver cutlery, fanciest plates and our most vintage wine. I sat in my usual seat next to Matt. The servants brought out our food on silver platters and placed them on the table. They lifted the lids to reveal chicken, vegetables and gravy. It looked like we were going full out tonight because Matt is here. We usually have dinner without our parents; they are at work or are just out and we make it ourselves. We ate the food provided while mum and dad were asking Clara what she did in her spare time and things like that.

After dinner we were excused. Mum and dad both left for a work night out, so we were left to do our own thing. I sat in the living room scrolling through my phone. Matt joined me with a beer in his hand.

"Did Charley visit you today ?" He asked.

"Yeah, he got out of prison early so he thought he might as well"

"Why didn't he stay ?"

"One he is not in mum and dads good books, Two I told him you would be here"

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