Millerville is a big, busy city. A city where the people are friendly and everyone is safe. A city which is seemingly perfect. Until the sun goes down. Trouble is around every corner. Nowhere is safe. Guns and sirens fill the air. The Westside Wolves patrol the streets keeping the baddies out and everyone safe.


5. Chapter Five

Adelaide's P.O.V 🌹

I threw myself onto my bed and exhaled heavily. I had just got back from the gym and I had to get ready for school. I went to the gym at 6am like I did every morning with Jack. That's what I get for being the leader of the cheer squad.

I was still tired from the night before, because we decided to stay up and chat with Matt. It was nice to talk to him as we haven't seen him in so long.

I dragged myself off the bed and took a quick shower. After I was clean I put on my light blue jeans and pastel pink blouse then slipped on my black converse.

I ran over to my dresser and put on my pearl necklace and earrings. I looked at the clock and realised the time.

I threw my school books into my bag and rushed down the stairs. I darted out of the door and swung Jack's car door open hen jumped on.

I slammed the door behind me. Jack was in fits a laughter as he pounded the steering wheel.

"Someone's a bit late" He wheezed.

"Haha funny, now drive or else we will be late" I yelled. My stomach rumbled.

"You didn't eat?" Jack asked concerned.

"Yeah J I had all the time in the world this morning to eat" I said sarcastically.

"Good job I always have a spare apple". I felt like a rock had been thrown at my stomach. I looked down at the apple then Jack.

"Ow. Who the hell carries around a spare apple !" I hollered. He only laughed.

We reached school with 5 minutes to spare, so I walked to my locker. I met Emma, who was stood outside of our lockers. She was wearing her black ripped jeans, green top under a leather jacket and combat books.

I opened my locker whilst Emma was going on about some action film she wanted to see. I was grabbing the books I needed, when I could feel a presence behind my locker door. I realised that Emma had gone quite.

"Adds" She whispered as she pointed behind the door. So I shut the door to find Raff. I jumped in surprise.

"You scared me" I said turning to face him.

"Sorry babe I didn't mean to" he replied leaning in. Next thing I new his lips were on mine. They were soft and they tasted like mint.

When he pulls away I was still in a state of shock. I managed to smile at him which he returned.

"See you at lunch" he gave me another kiss and walked away. I turned to Emma, who wore a smirk.

"What was that ?" Emma questioned with another smirk.

"I-i don't know"

"Oh come on you two are totally together !" My cheeks felt like fire. My gaze met Emma's and she suddenly started laughing. I furrowed my brows.

"What ?"

"The look o-on your face !" I whacked her on the arm as the bell went. We headed to our "favourite lesson" - Physics.....Yay.

Lunch came around, so we made our way to the cafeteria. We sat at our usual circle table by the window. Margo was already sat there reading her chemistry book.

"Sup nerd" Emma said putting down her pizza on the table.

"Fluff you Emma" replied Margo as we laughed.

"Someone's grouchy today" I stated sitting across from her, my back facing the rest of the cafeteria.

"I guess someone's got the hots for you Addy"

"Shut up Em". She just stuck her tongue.

"Real mature Em, real mature"

"Why is THE Rafferty Woods making his way over to our table" Margo said looking up from her book, her eyes widening.

Suddenly someone kissed my cheek. I turned to face Raff, who wore a his signature smirk. He plopped down next to me a threw his arm over my shoulder.

"Hey babe, how has your day been?" He asked.

"Good thanks" I replied smiling.

"Remove your arm from my sister right now" Jack stood behind Emma with a serious look on his face.

"Jeez Jack calm your tits" He retorted. I laughed in response.

"Why is your arm harassing my sister ?" He questioned motioning his arm to Raff's arm.

"Because this arm is part of her loving boyfriend" Raff retorted with a smirk. Jack's face dropped and he slowly sat down next to Emma.

"I'm sorry what did you just say ?!" He spoke in a low voice "Em am I hearing this right?"

"You most definitely are Jack, seems like your sister has a boyfriend" I glare at Emma who gives me a smile in return. I was low key hoping someone has a knife on them.

Jack looked at me and mouthed hypocrite to which I shrugged in response.

"Anyway, you are all coming to my party this Friday " Raff announced.

"Dude I am so looking forward to it, it will be lit" Miller shouted.

"Lit ? Seriously" laughed Harry.

"I still don't know what to wear" stated Jack eating his chips.

"Well I think I'm going to wear my new leather jacket. It attracts the ladies" replied Raff looking at me and bring me closer.

"I don't understand why people go to parties when they should be a home studying. We are at an age when school is important. We shouldn't be waisting our prime years on sex and drinking" Margo piped up from her Chemistry book. Emma just shook her head in embarrassment and I sighed.

"Okay nerd whatever you say" Raff says brushing her off.

"I will bring shitloads of drink" said Miller putting his hand up.

"I will bring the music and lighting" said Harry.

"Do you want me to come early and help you set up" Jack offered.

"Please" Raff responded.

"What do I bring ?" I questioned. Raff turned to me and pulled me closer.

"You bring your pretty little self" He smirked. I blushed and I never blush.

I walked to my locker to put my books away. I opened my locker door and slid in the

books. Someone cleared their throat from behind the door. I ignored the person a kept the door open.

All of a sudden the door slammed shut, taking my fingers with it. I cursed and held me fingers.

"Who would have thought the most badass girl in the school would cry over her fingers" The deep voice made me tense. I looked up at the boy. My jaw clenched and I glared at him.

"Well Ethan, I thought the schools biggest dick would grow up. Guess we both got it wrong" I spat back. He laughed evilly and looked towards the window and back.

"You're weak without him. Shame I never got to finish him off myself" He said venomously and walked away.

I resisted the urge to punch his throat and cry. I stormed out of the school and over to Jack's truck.

Once I was there I walked to the side facing away from the school and slid down the side. My eyes were burning and sore.

Memories flooded back and I let the tears spill. I am never this weak but the memories struck deep. Some many emotions filled me: anger, sadness and helplessness. My thoughts were interrupted by a families voice.

"Addy ?" I tried to cry quietly but a hiccup escaped. I was engulfed in a hug and i cried into their chest. They stroked my hair and held me tight.

Once I calmed down I opened my eyes and saw Jack. I have him a weary smile and he returned it. He helped me up and we got into his truck. We started to drive.

"What happened ?" He asked

I sniffed before replying "Ethan said he w-wishes he had finished h-him off". Jack's face dropped and he took my hand in his.

I composed myself and watched the road. We started our drive home. We turned the corner and I frowned with confusion.

We were turning away from the house.

"Where are we going ?" I said letting go of his hand. He turned to me and smiled. I saw the sign for the hospital and a warm feeling went through my chest.

The truck stopped and I got out. I met Jack around the front and we shared a look then walked in. The walk to the room was silent, neither of us wanting to speak.

We walked passed the front desk, not needing to ask what room we were going to. We knew. This has been a common thing over the passed year, coming to the hospital.

My palms became sweaty as we approached room 12A. As I got closer I saw the lifeless figure occupying the bed.

Wires, tubes and machines attached. Their skin paler than usual, eyes still bruised. I took in the harsh sight. Their curly blonde locks lacked life as they sprawled out on the pillow, stains of blood still present.

Jack and I have been told on multiple occasions that they might not pull through, but we have every hope they do. I couldn't imagine a world without them. It has been horrible this past year. Some people at school are a constant reminder of that fateful night.

The winters chill blew hard against my bare arms. I stood close to Jack as we paced down the alley. The tall, dark buildings were a beacon for danger. I had a firm grip on my gun, my head darting at any sound. Jack walked ahead while I made sure no one followed. Someone grabbed my whole face from behind. I panicked and went to scream but the person let go. I turned around ready to shoot. However, I stopped when I see my other partner laughing.

"I could have killed you !" I yell. Jack turned around and saw us.

"Knock it off guys. We need find the hideout".

I try to tell him that it was all their fault and not me, but he puts his hand up to silence me. I turn back to my partner and scowled at them , which made them laugh even more.

We followed Jack down an alleyway. We walked through a backstreet until we saw two vans and a car. The people were armed and passing money and packages around. All three of us grabbed are guns and hid behind the nearest wall.

"Okay what's the plan ?" I asked

"We go out there and shoot the fuckers !" Our partner said making guns with their fingers and pretending to shoot.I shook my head chuckling.

"No we call and wait for back up" Jack said. Jack has leadership qualities so we follow his orders. Jack pulled out his phone.

"Matt we need back up....In an ally West of Martin Avenue....Got it....bye"He turned his head in our directing. "We wait until we see the cars and then attack" We nodded and waited.

Moments later we saw cars speed around the corner. We darted around the corner to attack the gangs. I took a shot at one of the men trying to escape and shot him down. A man ran behind Jack, attempting to shoot him but I beat him to it.

The fight was intense. I could see Charley and Matt taking out the front van and the rest of the team taking out the second van. My partner was fighting beside me. Shots were being fired everywhere.

Someone caught my attention, one was trying to run. I raised my gun to shoot but as I was about to shoot a heart wrenching yell came from behind me. I snapped my head to see my partner had been shot. I ran to them and took in the sight. They had been shot in the chest and was bleeding rapidly.

" me!" I screamed, tears poured down my face. I placed my partners head in my lap a held their face.

"Keep your eyes open okay" I saw Jack running towards us "we are going to get help". They nodded their head but when they did, their face contorted in pain.

"Hey keep your eyes open don't you dare shut them" said Jack ripping his t-shirt sleeve off and placing got over the wound. I cried for help but everyone was still shooting, my voice refused to be heard.

I focused on my partners face. Their eyes stared into mine, the deep blue reminded me of the ocean. I grabbed their hand and they held mine back with a firm grip. Jack ran to get help and told me to keep out of sight.

I studied their face, every freckle, every mole. I smiled a the fond memories we had. Slowly I felt their grip loosening. I began to panic. I shouted for my brothers or anyone else. I looked at my partner and saw their eyes closed. Their hand now slack. I burst into tears.

"Addy !"

"Addy !"

"Addy !" Someone interrupted my thoughts. I looked at my brother, who gave me a weak smile, and tried to smile back.

"You okay ?" He questioned. I looked back into the room and sighed.

"Do you think he will ever wake up ?" I whispered. Jack looked at me with sadness in his eyes.

"I sure hope so Ad's" He replied putting his arm around my shoulder in a comforting way. "If not I will find his soul and whoop his ass so hard our ancestors will feel it". I giggled at this.

We spoke to the nurse, to see if his condition had improved. However, the news was disappointing.

We made our way back to the truck and sat for a moment in silence. Jack rolled down the windows and began the drive home, but he took the long way round.

"So are you and Raff dating ? He asked placing one arm on the window and rested his head against it.

"Yeah. It kinda just happened you know" I lied. He turned his head and chuckled.

"So much for not getting a boyfriend ever again" I laughed with him but thought to then.

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