Arabella's Ghost

1789. Massachusetts. Georgie has been living with her father since her mother and sister passed away. Now, her father must leave for Georgia to go pick up Georgie's new mother, Miss Bradford. But as soon as her father returns, strange things begin to happen. And no one has any idea why.


3. Arabella

This old empty house is lonely,

even though father is here.


And even though I used to know Georgie,

the only empty house still remains.


This old empty house is boring,

cream color lines it's walls


and though Georgie remains in her pale blue skirt,

the colors remain the same.


And here I remain,

and here I remain.


And here I have died,

and here I have stayed.


I don't remember much from my childhood,

it was probably bleak anyways.


Cooking and cleaning and baking,

trying out motherhood frays.


And though I hate to leave behind Georgie,

I'm kind of glad I'm here.


And though I hate father left behind Georgie,

I'm sure she has no fears.


She knows that I'm here,

she knows that I'm here,

oh does she know I'm here?


I hope

she knows

I'm here.......


Here I will stay


and here I'll remain


until Georgie is gone


and father is gone


'till my whole world is gone.......


and Georgie isn't here.

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