Sweet Verona

Verona and Harry had been best friends for years, but when Harry became a part of the famous One Direction, he became too busy for Verona. She’s found herself a new boyfriend, who even wants to get married to her. She’s perfectly content in her life filled with Adam and not filled with Harry Styles. But when Harry decides to show up to her engagement party with the intent of getting Verona back, but she’s less sure about her feelings. She knows that she can live a perfectly fine life with Adam, but there’s the possibility for an amazing one with Harry.

Harry Styles Competition Entry
Cover made by @Blurry face


5. 5.

Verona felt like throwing up. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him, and his eyes were glued on hers. She felt Adam nudge her side, and she looked at him, tears beginning to form in her eyes. “Excuse me,” she said, and she walked out of sight to find her mother.

“Did you know he was coming?” Verona asked, not bothering to wait for her mother to finish talking to her aunt.

Her mother’s face contorted into a look of confusion, “Who, dear?” Verona didn’t have to answer her as her mother looked past her and saw Harry standing in their living room. “Verona, I swear I had no idea. But, maybe since he’s here-“ Verona cut her mother off with a strong look, one that clearly stated that she had no interest in trying to be friends with Harry Styles again. He’d broken her heart once, and she was not going to let it happen again.

Verona quickly made her way to the upstairs bathroom, where she knew she could get away for a while. Also, she really had to throw up. She stayed in there for close to twenty minutes when someone opened the door without even knocking. Verona started to the intruder that the room was occupied, but couldn’t find words when she realized that Harry was entering the bathroom.

“I thought I’d find you in here,” he said to her, his eyes never leaving hers.

“You don’t get to think about me.” Verona surprised herself. She didn’t think that she’d be able to talk around him ever again. She certainly hadn’t been planning to ever speak to him again.

His eyes got soft and he frowned, “V,” he said.

“My name is Verona.” Harry had called her ‘V’ since they were young. She always hated when Adam called her it, because Harry had. But she couldn’t stop him from saying it, and she never wanted to admit to Adam that thinking about Harry still hurt her. She was always worried that Adam would realize that she had always been in love with Harry, so she chose to pretend that it didn’t still hurt. Except for tonight. It was easy to pretend whenever Harry wasn’t near her.

They both stood, neither of them saying a word for just a moment. Verona’s thoughts were racing as much as her heart was, and she was sure that Harry’s mind was filled with uncertainties. She noticed him lock the door. “You look great tonight, Verona.” Her limbs froze up, and she was unsure what to say back, so she didn’t say anything. “I met Adam.”

“Don’t talk to him,” Verona immediately said, feeling more protective of Adam than she ever had before. One of Adam’s friends had an obvious crush on him, and Verona had never felt any type of jealousy. Adam put it to Verona just being too polite, but Verona knew that it was because she didn’t feel incredibly strongly for him.

“He actually came up to me,” Harry said, shrugging his shoulders. Verona didn’t speak back. Instead, she took in his appearance. He looked much different than he did when One Direction started. His hair was longer than hers, and much curlier. He was wearing a suit that put the rest of the men here to shame, but she should have expected that. He had a lot more money than the rest of the men (and women) here. “You really do look beautiful, V.”

She wondered if he planned to apologize to her, or if he would just keep making small talk, hoping she’d forgive him without even asking. She wouldn’t forgive him even if he did apologize, but still. “Why are you here?”

He was shocked. Verona wasn’t sure at what, though. Maybe it was because they were both so different from the last time that they stood in this bathroom, maybe it was because she had been so frank and mean to him. When they were younger, Verona melted into whatever Harry said and did whatever he wanted her to do. But, not anymore. They weren’t the same people anymore.

“I actually came to give you this,” he said, pulling an envelope from his back pocket. She moved closer to him, but warily. She took the envelope from his hands, and moved back. But Harry had sensed her weakness, and moved closer to her. She cursed herself for taking the envelope, but her curiosity go the better of her. “Are you going to open it?”

She did. Her eyes widened when she saw what it was. In almost the manner of a child’s birthday party invitation, in her hands was an invitation to join Harry and his friends (she assumed that included friends she had ditched) in Jamaica. “What?”

“I’m sorry, Verona. I need you to know that.”

He took a step closer to her, and she realized that Harry wanted her to make a choice that she didn’t think she’d ever have to make: Harry or Adam.

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