Sweet Verona

Verona and Harry had been best friends for years, but when Harry became a part of the famous One Direction, he became too busy for Verona. She’s found herself a new boyfriend, who even wants to get married to her. She’s perfectly content in her life filled with Adam and not filled with Harry Styles. But when Harry decides to show up to her engagement party with the intent of getting Verona back, but she’s less sure about her feelings. She knows that she can live a perfectly fine life with Adam, but there’s the possibility for an amazing one with Harry.

Harry Styles Competition Entry
Cover made by @Blurry face


4. 4.

Verona stood in front of her bedroom mirror, picking out everything that is wrong with her outfit for the evening. The black dress was too short, her stomach looked to big in it, she shouldn’t have cut her hair. Her stomach was in knots.

She could hear her mother and her friends and her family in the downstairs of her home mingling. She imagined that her mother and Anne were already partially drunk (because they always are getting tipsy when they’re together) and she couldn’t even think about drinking to calm herself down. She thought she might throw up if she tried to put anything in her mouth.

A knock on her door drug her out of her thoughts, as she weakly said, “Come in.” Adam poked his head in. She knew that it would be Adam. Adam would always be there for her, unlike Harry. She mentally scolded herself to not think about him tonight. She didn’t care if she would see Anne and Gemma (who looked so much like Harry that Verona had outwardly groaned when her mother told her that Gemma was coming) and she didn’t care that he would be hardly five houses down from her the entire evening. The night was supposed to be about her and Adam’s engagement, and she couldn’t let Harry Styles ruin that for her.

“You look beautiful,” Adam said to her, kissing her cheek afterward. She smiled at him, and just hoped that he could help her get through this night as quickly as possible.

As she descended the stairs holding Adam’s hands, Verona noticed the room get quiet as just about everyone turned to look at the freshly engaged couple. A lot of their friends and family were there to congratulate them, but Verona kind of wished less people had shown. She liked everyone well enough, but she also knew that most of Adam’s family didn’t care for her much. Holmes Chapel wasn’t a very big town, so they all knew of her wild past. She tried not to think about it.

As half an hour passed, Verona thought that she might be able to make it through the night after all. She held half of a glass of champagne and had already started to feel better. She also hadn’t seen Anne or Gemma yet, which made her feel far more relieved than she would ever admit. Adam and Verona were talking to Adam’s younger cousin, when things took a turn for the worse. “Oh my god,” she said. Verona and Adam were quickly confused as they watched her eyes grow.

“Are you okay, Melissa?” Adam asked her, worry heavy in his voice.

“Is that Harry Styles?” Verona’s heart sank, as she and Adam turned toward the door to see Harry following his mum and sister through the door.


Twenty minutes before he walked into Verona Hoover’s house for the first time in five years, Harry had been sitting on the living room couch waiting for his family to come join him. Since he’d been home, they’d spent their evenings watching movies together.

His mum and sister walked into the room, both fairly quiet. When he looked up and noticed them both fancied up in cocktail dresses, he knew that something was up. “Where are you guys going? I had die hard picked out for us to watch.”

His mother’s face looked kind of sad, but Gemma immediately got very excited. “Oh, we’re headed to an engagement party!” Harry wondered whose it could have possibly been. His mum didn’t have many friends who would be getting engaged, and if it were one of Gemma’s friends, his mum wouldn’t have been going. As if she could read the question in his head, Gemma excitedly answered, “Remember Verona?” Harry’s heart broke. Verona was getting married to Adam?

“I’m coming,” he stated. Gemma squealed but his mother started to protest. “I’ll be ready in ten minutes.”


Harry’s eyes met Verona’s the minute he walked in the door. It wasn’t hard to find her, since the young girl she’d been speaking to said, quite loudly, “Is that Harry Styles?” He regretted coming as soon as all of the attention in the place was on him. He knew Verona’s family pretty well, and he knew her friends (none of which were at the party) but he didn’t know everyone else. Eighty percent of the people present had no clue that Verona knew Harry Styles.

Verona immediately got out of his sight, and Harry spent the night trailing his mother, like he would have done in middle school. A lot of the younger family members talked to him, asking how he knew Adam and Verona.

“Hello, Harry.”

Harry turned around. “You must be Adam,” he said, noticing the boy who had stood next to Verona when he walked in the house. The boy nodded.

“Why did you come here?”

Harry was surprised by his question, but he understood it. Adam didn’t want for Harry to hurt Verona, or maybe he didn’t want Harry to steal her away from him. “Listen, I know I hurt Verona all of those years ago, but I came here to try to show her that I still support you two. After all, she came to me for advice about dating you. I told her to,” Harry was lying through his teeth about why he came here, but he didn’t care much to tell Adam the truth.

Adam nodded, and without another word to Harry, walked away.

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