Sweet Verona

Verona and Harry had been best friends for years, but when Harry became a part of the famous One Direction, he became too busy for Verona. She’s found herself a new boyfriend, who even wants to get married to her. She’s perfectly content in her life filled with Adam and not filled with Harry Styles. But when Harry decides to show up to her engagement party with the intent of getting Verona back, but she’s less sure about her feelings. She knows that she can live a perfectly fine life with Adam, but there’s the possibility for an amazing one with Harry.

Harry Styles Competition Entry
Cover made by @Blurry face


3. 3.

When Harry saw Verona’s mother, Kristy, open the front door to his house, his heart immediately sunk from the realization that Verona had not followed her inside. He’d prepared himself for that moment, since he hadn’t exactly spoken to her in about four years. Harry sighed, Of course she didn’t come, Idiot.

He watched as his own mother went and hugged Kristy and brought her his way. “Harry,” she said with a smile as she hugged him. “Verona really wishes that she could have made it.” Harry knew that that was a lie. He already knew that Verona never believed his mother when she told Verona that he missed her. He wouldn’t believe it either if he were Verona. He would fully believe that they had nothing anymore if he were her.

“It’s good to see you, Kristy. Verona and I will have to catch up sometime while I’m home.” He knew it was unlikely to happen, but he lied to make her feel happy.

She smiled, “Good luck getting her away from Adam.” A pause. “Well, they’re just basically always together. I’m surprised they haven’t moved in together yet.”

Harry looked to his mother, who had turned her face away kind of embarrassed. Harry had asked her about Verona many times over the last year, and his mother never once mentioned that she was still together with Adam. Even Harry’s obsessive stalking of her Instagram and Twitter pages had not given him any indication that Adam and Verona were still together. Of course, Verona hardly ever put pictures on her twitter and only the occasional selfie got posted to her Instagram page, but there weren’t any pictures of her and Adam together from at least the last year and a half.

Harry remembered telling Verona to date Adam. At the time, he was in his peak of fame and wanted nothing more than to rid himself of his lame childhood in Holmes Chapel. As much as he knew that he cared about Verona back then, that included her. For four years, he’d managed to only meet up with his parents whenever they could come visit him in London, or whenever he would fly them out to a concert in some very different part of the world. But now, with his extended break with the conclusion of One Direction, Harry couldn’t evade his hometown any more. He had to be back in Holmes Chapel, at least for a little bit. For the first two and a half years, Harry had not wanted to go back because of his hot shot fame and his big ego. But the last year and a half had been different. When he realized that most people in his famous life weren’t really there for the true Harry Styles, he’d wanted his old life and friends back. He’d brought himself to call all of them and they all forgave him, with the exception of Verona. He assumed that she’d blocked his number.

He regretted telling her to date Adam, mainly because after that is when she stopped talking to him. He realized that it was entirely his fault, and he couldn’t blame Adam one bit, but the thought of the two of them being together for over four years really upset Harry. “I guess I’ll have to steal her away,” he said, only partially joking.


Verona arrived at her house late in the evening, slightly more drunk than she had wanted to be, and way more drunk than Adam wanted her to be. All night, he kept trying to pull her away from the bar to “go somewhere quiet” but Verona had not wanted to. After all, if he wanted a quiet night, they should have stayed in, even though Verona knew she wouldn’t have liked that at all. Not with Harry’s party happening just a block down the road.

Her mother was standing in the kitchen when Adam and Verona arrived. Verona noticed that she didn’t look angry anymore, and wondered why her mother was still awake if it weren’t to yell at Verona.

“V,” Adam said, chuckling when she finally gave him her attention. “I’ve been trying to ask you all night, and I’d wait until tomorrow, but I just don’t think I can wait anymore.”

“What is it?” She noticed that her mother had moved into the living room. Was Adam going to yell at her for her mother? She didn’t know.

Verona was concerned that she had done something seriously wrong until Adam bent onto one knee. She gasped. “V, we’ve had four long great years together as boyfriend and girlfriend. I knew before we were even dating that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much and I want for you to be my wife.”

Verona didn’t cry like she’d expected she would when she thought about this moment happening over the last four years, and her first thought went to Harry Styles down the road, wondering if he would want for her to marry Adam. She felt conflicted and like she didn’t want to agree. But, Verona didn’t think she could handle losing Adam, so she said, “Yes.”

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