Sweet Verona

Verona and Harry had been best friends for years, but when Harry became a part of the famous One Direction, he became too busy for Verona. She’s found herself a new boyfriend, who even wants to get married to her. She’s perfectly content in her life filled with Adam and not filled with Harry Styles. But when Harry decides to show up to her engagement party with the intent of getting Verona back, but she’s less sure about her feelings. She knows that she can live a perfectly fine life with Adam, but there’s the possibility for an amazing one with Harry.

Harry Styles Competition Entry
Cover made by @Blurry face


2. 2.

When the heavy front door shut signaling that Anne had left, Verona knew that at any moment, her mother would be at her door to argue about the fact that she had been rude to Anne, even though Verona felt that she was justified in what she had said.

“Verona,” her mother said to her as she appeared in the doorway. Verona simply raised her eyebrows at her mom, not really wanting to fight with her yet again. After Harry left, Verona got moodier, and especially during the time post-Harry and pre-Adam, Verona had gone a little wild. Sure, she had been technically talking to Adam, but they weren’t really official. She knew even then that Adam was much too good for her. Verona began going to parties with some older girls and found herself getting into trouble with guys. It wasn’t until the morning after her worst night that Verona realized she had to change her ways. She was nearly passed out from being so inebriated, being carried to an unknown car by an unknown guy, and Adam had seen her with the much older guy, and gotten her out of the situation. She didn’t even know that Adam had been at the party until the next morning when she woke up in his bed. She’d cried to him about all of the bad decisions she’d been making since Harry left, and since that day had stayed right beside Adam. And while that relationship had been mended, Verona and her mother still had a harder time getting along, especially with Verona still living at home at the age of 20.

“You shouldn’t have spoken to Anne like that. I know that you think losing Harry was such a bad thing,” but Verona wouldn’t allow her mother to continue.

“I have no interest in going to Harry Styles’ welcome home party, mom. I’ll just follow you around the whole night, is that what you want?”

Her mother sighed, and the age on her face began to show, or maybe it was all the work of Verona herself stressing her mother out. “Your old friends are going to be there, Verona.”

Verona stayed silent for a moment, feeling a bit of regret and embarrassment for herself. “Mom, you know that they won’t talk to me anymore. I ditched them like Harry ditched me.” And it’s true. She’d started hanging out with people who got her blackout drunk to forget Harry Styles, instead of the other people who Harry had also ditched. She often forgot that it wasn’t just herself.

“You should consider coming,” her mother said, leaving the door as wide open as her suggestion.

And Verona did consider going to the party, she even brought it up to Adam, telling him all about what both his mother and Anne said to her about it. Still, when the evening of the party came, Verona could feel that Harry was in close proximity by the way that she felt like throwing up. Instead of getting ready to go to the small gathering at Harry’s old place, Verona was getting ready to go out with Adam and his friends (her friends, too, but really Adam’s friends) to a bar. She might get blackout drunk to forget about Harry Styles again. At least she could count on Adam being there this time, like she’d been able to for nearly four years.

When her mother entered the room on that night, she was silent at first. So silent that it wasn’t until Adam said, “Oh, hi, Kristy,” that Verona even knew that she was there. With a pointed look at Adam, her mother said, “Are you bringing him to the party?” The way that she said it, Verona knew that her mother was going to really fight with her later on about the fact that she wasn’t going to the welcome-home party.

Verona sighed. “We’re actually going out with some friends tonight, mom,” Verona said, never looking away from the mirror of her vanity, only glancing at her mother’s reflection, as if she were a basilisk, ready to petrify her. Verona’s certain that if her mother could petrify her in that moment, she would.

“Oh.” Her mother’s voice was tight, and she spoke with such palpable disappointment. Her mother liked Adam, but Verona could tell that she wished Adam would have convinced her to go to the party. Maybe her mom thought that Adam didn’t realize the impact Harry had had on Verona’s life, but he knew plenty, which is why he had fully discouraged going. He’d said that maybe the two of them could be acquaintances in the future, but that it had to be on Harry to make the first move. Verona knew that he was right. Adam was always right. “Well, I’ll be heading over to Anne’s house, now. I expect you’ll be home tonight?”

Verona knew that it wasn’t a question, so she nodded her head, and when her mother left the room, she felt the tightness in her chest ease a little bit, but the closeness of Harry couldn’t be chased away that easily. It would take a decent amount of alcohol to rid herself entirely of that feeling.

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