My Stolen Kiss

"Can you like someone just because you were told they like you?" He turned to look at me.

"Why? Is that bad?" I said looking at him as well. "I've been giving love for years and I'm tired! I'm tired of it not getting appreciated or returned! It's all good if you marry Stacey and completely forget about me!" He let go of the umbrella and placed his hands on my shoulders. My breath hindered as droplets of rain poured onto my head, slowly but steadily washing my tears away. In comparison to the clouds teardrops, mine where burning each inch of my skin. Allowing me to completely break down, with every shard left of my emotions.

"You like me!" He said shaking my shoulders. "You can't like anyone else except me." A frown was growing onto his face, completely contrasting with his feared stained eyes, showing that he was scared to break me or lose the last sane piece of me.


14. 1.4

Chapter 14. Episode 2

Kaitlin and Mrs. Louis are going to look at Nicks photo album.


In K's POV

The first pictures I saw were of a boy that was about 10 years old. "So Nick was good looking back then too." I said to myself turning the pages towards the back.

" Ah, I remember this one." I said out loud. I was pointing to a picture of our Freshman ceremony. I started to smile like a fool because that was the first time I fell for him. Mrs. Louis smiled at me, I think I was blushing. I changed albums. The one I grabbed this time was white with gold linings. I saw that in this album he was younger about 7 years old. I turned the page and saw pictures of a little girl.

"Who is this little girl?" I asked puzzled.

"This is..." She said shyly." This is Nick." I got more confused.

"No way."I said turning the pages more.

"I wanted a girl so badly that I told myself,'this child will be born a girl'," she said looking at me. " so I only bought girl's clothes." She said. I nodded turning the pages. " Then things escalated from there." I smiled looking at how pretty his mom dressed him, and at how pretty his poses were.

"You're the first person I've talked to about this." She said surprised. " It's a secret from Luke too." This caused me to look at her. " For now let's keep this a secret." She said.

"Sure." I said smiling.

"Well..." She said turning the pages of the book, she ended up taking a picture out. "I'll give you this as a bribe for keeping it a secret."

"Really? Thank you so much." I said taking the picture and studying it.

The next morning

In Nobody's POV

Everyone was sitting at the breakfast table, but Nick was the last one to sit down. Kaitlin watched him walk over to the table, she was also smiling like a psycho. "Nick, good morning." Said Mrs. Louis. This time Kaitlin was laughing or more like giggling.

"Good morning." Kaitlin said teasingly, Nick looked at her. She brought her hand to her lips and pulled them down so she could look serious. Nick just rolled his eyes and looked down. Kaitlin was serious for about 13 seconds before she started to giggle again.

"What is it Kaitlin?" Asked her father. She looked at him."You're sick?" He asked again.

"No, it's nothing."she said taking a sip of her coffee.

"Maybe she went nuts after studying too much yesterday." Said Luke, Kaitlin looked at him and she immediately remembered about the picture, and of course she laughed again. She was trying to drink again but she was silently giggling. Nick stared at her over his newspaper.

Thirty minutes later

"People don't live a meaningless life, 1861 American civil war, 1861 American civil war." Kaitlin said out loud while studying. Keith and his friends were staring at her. " People liberate slave warriors, people liberate slave warriors." She repeated. "1863, 1863." She said. "Emancipation proclamation, emancipation proclamation 1863." She said looking at nothing specifically. Her friends came in through the door and said to her.

"Kaitlin, you really are serious about this." Said Sasha.

"Hey Kaitlin where are you living now?" Asked Keith but she was still saying facts out loud, he waved his hand in front of her, but she still didn't budge. "There really is something wrong with her." He said but of course didn't stop her from studying.

"Kaitlin." Said someone at the door. She immediately knew who it was and turned around. She stood up and everyone in the classroom looked at Nick who was leaning against the door frame. The classroom all said in sync.

"Nick Louis!" He didn't seemed bothered.

"You jerk, how dare you talk to Kaitlin." Said Keith waking up to him, he ignored Keith.

"Kaitlin, could you bring your bag and come out for a second?" He asked looking at a shocked Kaitlin.

"Yes." She said nodding. He left and she grabbed her bag and went out the door.

"Ahh, could it be that jerk has changed his mind and wants to date her?" Asked Keith surprised. Immediately he went out the door followed by Sasha, Jade, Cade and Jack. They were trying to be sneaky when they saw Nick and Kaitlin standing together with their backpacks.

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