Five Days

"What's the worst that could possibly happen? It's only five days."| As head assistant to late night talkshow host James Corden, Alicia Mendez has dealt with her fair share of obnoxious celebrities. So when reknowned boy band member Harry Styles is announced as a week long guest in honor of his solo debut, she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, he's exactly who she's stuck with for the next five days.


6. E P I L O G U E



"You ready?"

It was just like any other day now that Harry had left, but it wasn't at the same time.

Alicia looked up at Corden and smiled, "Without a doubt."

One day later and Alicia had taken on the task of pitching some of her archived ideas. She figured it was now or never. 

"Shall I just give up the head of the room to you?"

"I mean, I'm not saying you shouldn't."

He laughed, "Alright, get a move on and get those secret folders. Wow me. I'll be waiting in the conference room."

Alicia nodded as she turned the handle to get into her office. She was going to begin shifting through folders she had already prepared for a moment like this, but noticed something upon her desk.

"What in the-"

It was an almost empty chessboard. It was a little worn, obviously from the break room. But it looked as if someone had played to the point where...

"End game." She whispered, her heart beating wildly, "He wants to be-" She couldn't even finish her sentence. She didn't dare jinx it. Instead she gathered the folder she had marked a while back, knowing exactly what she had to do.


"We're heading to England." Alicia said as she began to play a slideshow to the entire staff. She flew through pictures of Big Ben and Buckingham palace, hoping to get them as enthused as she was. 

James tilted his head in confusion, "England?"

"Think about it." She said, smiling widely, "The golden boy heads back to his native England, bringing his now lauded show with him."

"English Carpool Karaoke"

She nodded, "I've already got Ed lined up."

"No you don't!" James said in utter shock.

"I do! He's agreed for the 7th of June if we're to do it."

Milo looked at her questioningly, "So we would be going to England in-?"

"June. It's just enough time to get permits to film at historic sites, and it's when most of the guest stars are free."

"Including a certain someone's boyfriend?" Milo said, getting at the whole point of her idea.

"That's beside the point." She said without letting him get a rise out of her. She knew that's what everyone expected, and she'd be damned if that's what she gave them.

"I like it." James said nodding. "We've never done anything like this before, no one has."


James stayed quiet for a brief moment, clearly thinking it over. 

Then he stoop up, clapped his hands, and laughed, "Hope everyone's got their passports in order, because we're going to England."

So not only had Alicia killed her first pitch, but she had managed to ensure that in a few months she'd give Harry as clear a message as he had left her.

Now if she only had any idea as to how to approach sweeping romantic gestures. Oh well, she had two months to think it over. 



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