Instant connections but broken

This story elaborates how the fast-paced culture causes fall out of modern day relationships. It also highlights the depression created when relationships do meet expectation. Ranvir is an ordinary guy who is quite unhappy in his current life. Shweta meets him at party and proposes him her love after some meetings. Ranvir shares his past to Shweta where he shares his multiple experiences.


2. Beginning of the retrospective

In evening when they meet at the same café, Ranvir tells” I know it was awkward yesterday but I will narrate you my whole story. “It starts from 12 years ago, when I was junior college named RS College of Commerce and Science, I was in 12th standard. One day, I was studying in canteen for a test. Suddenly, I heard a girl screaming behind me about her hatred to mathematics and asserted that she would fail the test today. Then I thought I should help her out. I went to her and asked her if I could her help. Then I explained her some concepts and formulas. I also taught her some tricks and codes to remember the formulas. She was very happy and she introduced herself as Priya.

          We used to regularly meet every day in the class. Slowly, our bonds became stronger. Finally, I approached her and told her she was the important person in my life and I really cared about her. I added that I loved her and asked her if she love me. She said yes and that was the happiest moment of my life. This was my first relationship. We used to talk a lot in the class and over the phone at home. Also, at the same time my interest from studies started deteriorating. So, my grades were dropping slowly. This made my parents angry. There was always pressure from my parent’s side for studies. I was so happy with my relationship that I could not concentrate on my studies. It was my exam week. Now, I was worried because of my parent’s expectation.  My first exam was physics. While writing the physics paper I forgot a formula for important calculations. So, I slyly asked the boy who in front of me he told me the formula immediately. I was quite nervous because this was the first time I was cheating in an exam. Finally physics exam was over so I was relieved. Next day, I was writing the chemistry exam paper, I forgot some equation so I poked the same boy again. As I asked him, the invigilator saw me talking to the boy in front of me.

          The invigilator came to my desk and snatched my exam paper. Then, he told me angrily that I was caught cheating and I should get out of the class. My mind went blank. I had no reaction. Later, I was summoned at principal’s office where I received a letter of suspension for one year and my parents were called. My parents were shocked to hear this news. When we reached home, my father was scolding me and my mother was crying loudly. I promised my mother that I would never cheat in exam again and will study hard for next year.  Priya was also shocked but remained strong and positive. After some days, results came and Priya had achieved excellent grades in her exams. She had planned to apply for reputed medical colleges in Mumbai. She had some relatives in Delhi. So, she was open to Delhi also. After few days, she told me she did not secure admission in medical colleges in Mumbai but was able to get admission in a Delhi College. Priya was very happy. Before her day of departure, we met at restaurant for lunch. She told me that she wants to break up with me because according to her long-distance relationship do not work out. She also mentioned that I had become a distraction for her. I tried to explain her that things can work out if we try but she had made up her mind.

          I was totally upset by this. I was motionless. Priya just told me bye and went away from there. I knew she did that to avoid her tears. I was feeling low and betrayed. She left me when I needed her the most. I had put myself on house arrest for some days. This was so difficult to digest that it took four months to absorb it and to become normal. Slowly, Rest of the months I spent studying hard. Finally, after the exams I received excellent scores. I started applying to some of the best engineering colleges in Mumbai. I received multiple acceptance letter and I choose G.T engineering college.

          At first day of college I was excited because I would meet new people and new friends. This was a new journey for me. When I stepped into the college I was awe struck by the buildings and facilities. I asked a guy passing by I was a first-year student in IT engineering and if he knew where my classroom should be? The guy replied that he was also first year student of IT and he does not know. Suddenly, we see a big guy coming towards us and he asks whether we were first year students. We both nodded our head. He told to come with him and he was a senior. I was scared because I had heard lot of stories about ragging in engineering colleges. He took us near a board and advised us that this is the notice board for first year engineering students where all the class schedules and rooms are posted. I was relieved and thanked him. I went to my lecture. There were more than 60 students in my class. My class students looked quite friendly. There were 10 girls and rest were boys. The lecture started soon and boredom started griping our mind.

Despite being an engineering college, there were some beautiful girls in my class. I had a crush on one of them girl named Anita. She looked open by thoughts and used to talk very freely without any fear. One of my senior caught me secretly prying Anita. He giggled and told me she’s quite beautiful, do you like her. I nodded yes. He replied “With my experience, I would teach you this law- Brains x Beauty x Availability = Constant. This constant is always zero. So, don’t waste your time looking at her. Just go and talk to her”. I decided to talk to her and befriend her. I noticed that she used to appear interested in Applied Chemistry class. So, I went to her to introduce myself and asked her for Applied Chemistry notes. I even added she looked quite active in Applied Chemistry class and did she like it. She said she liked Applied Chemistry. Next day, I returned her notes and tried to get to know her more. Suddenly I saw a recognized face looking at me but could not remember the name. I approached him and asked him if I knew him. He said that he was my junior in RS junior college and asked me how I was in first year of engineering college I was supposed to be in second year. I told him I had medical issues for one year. I had to lie to keep up my impression with Anita. 

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