Bad Things

Of all the men mom had married, there wasn't a single one that could replace my dad. Except one.


15. The Third Wheel

The relationship I had with mom was broken. She was supposed to get married Saturday. I was back at work, only thinking about what she had suggested to me. She wanted us to be mother and daughter again. I thought about taking her up on that offer. “Kathryn, do you know if Harry’s single?”

There was a new girl in our office. I glanced over at her. The girl’s name was Jade Thirlwall. Perrie and I exchanged glances with each other. Harry and I weren’t exactly official, even though we were living together. “I don’t know if he’s seeing anyone. Maybe you should ask him.” I told her. If she knew what was good for her, she’d stay away from Harry. It’s not that I didn’t want her to try to date him.

During lunch break while Perrie and Jade were talking in the break room about Harry’s status as a single man, I was just on my way to his office when a man walked out. He had brown hair and bright blue eyes. He hardly seemed to acknowledge my presence because he passed by me without a glance. Who was that?

I entered Harry’s office and set down a folder on his desk. “Thanks.” said Harry. That’s it? I nodded and turned to exit the room. “Oh, can you ask Perrie to come see me in my office?” I told him that I’ll let her know before leaving his office. I walked to the lunch room and told Perrie that Harry needed to talk with her. Perrie stood and quickly left the room. She knew something that I didn’t know.

I joined Jade at the table. “What was that about?” asked she. I shrugged, only thinking about the other man that had left Harry’s office. I should ask Perrie about it or ask Harry himself. Though, I didn’t want to ask Harry. He was acting a bit differently.

After work, I had agreed to join my mom for dinner at the house. I drove over and parked the car out front. I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. The door opened. Jared had been the one to answer the door. He let me in. I walked immediately to the dining room where it had been set up for four plates. “Who’s joining us?” I asked.

“Harry didn’t come with you?” I saw the confused look on mom’s face when she had seen that I came alone.

“He had a date."

“A date? I thought the two of you were… together.” Yeah, me too. I sat down in my seat and started to take my serving. Harry had left the office early with Jade and asked me to close for the night. Perrie stayed behind with me, even though she was running late for her date as well. I told her that I would be fine on my own.

The rest of the night had gone quietly. After dinner, I didn’t bother to leave. I headed upstairs to my room. I took my shower and fell asleep. The next morning, Jared had gone to work. Mom was making breakfast for the both of us. I had accidentally slept in. “You’re not going to work today?”

Mom had finished cooking breakfast and was putting servings on our plates. I poured myself a cup of coffee and shook my head. “Honey, what’s wrong?” There were few moments in which mom was actually my mom rather than acting as my best friend. This was going to be one of those moments.

“I think Harry is starting to like someone else."

“What makes you say that?"

“He hired this new girl at work, and she’s taken a liking to him. She was asking me if he was single. I don’t know where Harry and I are at. I mean, we live together but that doesn’t mean we’re together. I feel like we’re just roommates.” I took a sip of my coffee and sat down at the table.

Mom brought the plates to the table. I started to eat my breakfast. I couldn’t remember the last time mom and I ever ate together. It was kind of refreshing. “Maybe you’re just going to have to date someone else.” said mom. Thanks for the motherly advice.

I thought sarcastically, but she wasn’t wrong. Mom was typically right about most everything when it came to relationships. Though, what was there to gain in dating someone else? Jealousy? I was already jealous of Harry dating someone else. Jade. “You didn’t have to postpone your wedding for me.” I told her.

“I wasn’t going to have a wedding without you being there.” I could see the look in mom’s eyes and see how she really felt about me wanting to be there on her special day. If I was getting married, I’d probably postpone it too. I smiled softly, nodding before finishing up my breakfast.

“I’m going to get dressed and head into work. I’m going to be in trouble.” I told mom. I put my dirty dishes away into the sink before heading upstairs to change into my clothes. I got into my car and headed to work.

When I arrived, I had a run-in with the blue eyed man I had seen walking out of Harry’s office. I was heading in the direction of my desk when I heard him call out to me. “Hey, you’re Kathryn right?” He asked. I nodded in reply to his question. “Harry mentioned you."

“What did he say?"

“Well, not much. He does go on about this girl he’s been seeing.  Her name is Jade. I think she works here."

I looked down. Well, fuck. “Yeah, she does."

“My apologies. I’m Louis Tomlinson.” Louis held his hand out towards me. I reached out to shake his hand and gave my best smile. He pulled away before asking me what was wrong. Before I could answer, Harry was approaching our direction with Jade. I shouldn’t be jealous of her. And yet, I had Harry first. Actually, Harry was never mine to begin with. “Hey, where were you all morning?” Jade asked.

“Slept in. I forgot to set my alarm. I was just about to head to my desk.” I answered.

“I was thinking about you joining Harry and I for dinner.” I could see that Harry wasn’t looking at me. I started to wonder what was going through his mind. “Oh wait… Louis can be your date."

“What?” Louis and I both asked her.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun. Promise!” Jade smiled before she and Harry walked away. Louis and I stood there in place, not knowing what to do or say. We did watch the two of them walk away. “So, I guess we’ll be seeing each other tonight.” said Louis.

“Yeah. I guess so." All I know is that between Louis and I... one of us will be third-wheeling pretty hard.

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