Bad Things

Of all the men mom had married, there wasn't a single one that could replace my dad. Except one.


14. Reconciliation?

In the days leading up to my mom’s wedding, the invitation was just staring at me in the face. It was plastered on the refrigerator door. Within the last month, Liam and I broke up. As it turns out, he was seeing someone else as well. Her name was Sophia Smith.

The two of them met while in college. I moved out of Liam’s apartment and moved in with Harry because I had nowhere else to go. I couldn't move back home with mom. Harry didn’t mind me moving in with him. Actually, it had been something the two of us talked about.

“I didn’t think we’d actually move in together.” said he. The two of us were getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. Mom’s wedding was tomorrow. I had asked him to help with zipping up the dress. I smiled softly and turned to face him. I kissed his lips.

“You know, I’d rather zip you down.” Harry pulled away with a playful smirk. As much as I loved the idea, we were late for the rehearsal dinner, which I constantly reminded him about. It was then the two of us were headed out the door.

We had driven over to the venue where the rehearsal dinner was being held. Most of the guests were already there, including Liam and Sophia. I’m sure we turned a few heads as soon as Harry and I entered the room. It wasn’t a surprise to me that we would capture some of the attention of guests in the room.

Mom’s closest friends had met Harry when they were married.  I noticed Liam’s eyes casually glance towards our direction. I could see that he was envious. He didn’t need to be. Sophia was such a beautiful girl. He’d be lucky to have her.

Mom and Jared approached us. Jared greeted me with a hug while giving Harry a firm handshake. While the two of them talked, mom led me away to talk outside by ourselves. “Did you think about attending the wedding?” asked mom.

“I’ve decided to go with Harry.”

“Why did you end your relationship with Liam?"

“It wasn’t working out. I couldn’t picutre myself being with him. I’m happy you have someone who makes you happy."

“At least I know this time my daughter won’t steal him away from me.” Ouch. Okay, so mom and I weren’t going to reconcile any time soon. I thought that if I showed up to this rehersal dinner that we could get past everything that had happened. I guess not.

“Guess you lost your chance to see me tomorrow. Harry can go without me.” I turned and walked out of the room heading towards the entrance. Both Harry and Jared saw me. I congratulated Jared on the wedding tomorrow since I won’t be going.

Harry had heard what I said and left us. Where was he going? Before anything else, I could hear mom’s voice and Harry’s. “She’s your daughter and this is how you treat her? It was my fault as well as hers Alice. I don’t know if you can see it, but she’s hurting on the inside because you’re choosing to shut her out too. She came to this rehearsal dinner. If you have any idea how hard it was for her to face you after everything that happened, it goes to show that she had chosen to put the past behind her, which isn’t what you aren’t doing.” Jared was about to speak up but I grabbed his arm. Harry and mom needed this.

“She’s lost a father. She doesn’t want to lose her mother either. The fact that you two are both keeping secrets from each other really surprises me because Angela talked about how close the two of you used to be. I’m surprised you didn’t even tell her that you were getting married. The fact that she heard it from someone else says a lot about who she’s put her trust into. Come on Kathryn, let’s go.” Harry walked past me and headed towards the entrance.

Everyone in the room stood silently, glances exchanging between mom and I. When I looked at her, I could see there were tears in her eyes that she had been holding back. I remember there was one big fight mom had. It was with my dad.

Honestly, we both thought that he was going to leave us for good. He came back of course. It was strange to see the look after so many years. Mom had always put her men first before me. She’d find a new man and forget all about me. “Bye mom.” That was all I said before following Harry.

Harry and I arrived at home. Neither of us had spoken a word since we left the rehearsal dinner. “Are you feeling any better?” He turned to me. I shook my head before finally letting go. I started crying. Harry wrapped his arms around me. I held onto him tightly.

What happened between mom and I? I started to feel like our relationship was broken. “I’ll make some hot chocolate while you take a shower.” He suggested. I nodded before pulling away and headed to our room. After my shower, there was a knock at the door just as Harry made the hot chocolate.

I walked over to the door. To my surprise, mom was standing at the door. “Can I… come in?” asked she. It wasn’t a shock to me that she knew where Harry lived. After all, they did keep in touch after the divorce since she had sent him an invitation to her wedding.

I glanced over at Harry before slowly nodding in response to her question. Harry walked over and handed me the hot chocolate. “I’ll leave you two alone. I’ll be in the room.” Harry kissed my cheek before leaving the room. I walked over to the living room and sat down on the couch. Mom sat down as well.

“Harry treats you well.” said she.

I nodded, “Yeah. He’s been really good to me.” I took a sip of my drink.

“You seem happier with him around, and I’m glad you two have each other. I know I haven’t been the best mom in these last few years. I’m not trying to make excuses. I really haven’t been the same since your father passed away. It’s not easy to find a man who treats me as well as he did. You know I’m not trying to find a man to replace your father. I know that we haven’t been mother and daughter in a long while. It’s been very difficult to adjust to being a single mother. Truth is you grew up without my help at all. You took care of yourself and you took care of me. Your father would’ve been so proud to see you now, if he were still alive. We wouldn’t be here if he was. Your dad would know what to say in every situation. He completed me in a way that no one else could. Then I when I met Harry, I thought it almost seemed to good to be true. Yet, I started to notice the way he looked at you while we would have dinner together. He never looked at me that way. The best thing was to let him go. I was too stubborn to. I didn’t want to be left alone again. Then work became stressful because he was thinking about going off on his own. I supported his decision. I wanted to tell you myself about the divorce, so you didn’t have to hear it from him. I wasn’t sure if the two of you were still talking then. I knew you were still mad at me. Then the day when we were supposed to have lunch together and you started to be upset with me, I saw your father. Kathryn, you are your father’s daughter. You two are very similar to some extent. I know you’ve started to notice our differences because I had differences with your father as well. Jared is a great man, and I know that you seem to like him as well. I’ve decided to postpone the wedding.”

I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion. “What? Why? Mom—"

“Jared and I agreed that the wedding will happen when my daughter decides to go. Since you are not going, the wedding will be on hold. Honey, I don’t want you to go as Harry’s date or you are forced to go. I want you to want to go. I want us to rebuild our relationship as mother and daughter, which is the relationship we lost in these last four years. I miss my daughter. I just want you to think about it. We can start next week, if you’d like.” Mom interrupted. She gave a soft smile while she gave my hand a soft squeeze. I nodded before she stood up and exited the condo. 

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