Bad Things

Of all the men mom had married, there wasn't a single one that could replace my dad. Except one.


16. After Dinner Special

That evening, I wasn’t exactly sure about what I was going to walk into. I think it’s safe to say Louis was in the same boat. When we arrived, both Harry and Jade were waiting for us inside at a booth. We sat down across from them, ordered our drinks and meals before beginning to jump into conversation.

“Glad we can double date. I asked Perrie, but she said she had plans with her boyfriend.” said Jade. Well, good to know we weren’t first choice. I thought sourly. Harry didn’t seemed as enthusiastic to be here, unlike Jade. Louis looked like he wished he was dead or somewhere else rather than sitting here with me.

Though, I’m thinking that he stayed for my sake. I was relieved that he was here. I couldn’t face this dinner alone with Harry and Jade. “So, since you and Harry have been dating for a short while now, have you ever thought of moving in together?” I asked. The two of them exchanged glances with each other, as if the topic hadn’t been brought up.

“Kathryn, we haven’t been dating for that long. Besides, your stuff is still at his place. Maybe you should go find a new place.” That hurt like a stab wound. It was almost as if she was just twisting the knife right into my chest. For a moment, I couldn’t breathe. The waiter brought over our meals before we began to dig right in. “Why of all people would you want to date Harry?” I asked her.

“Excuse me?”

“Yeah, the guy’s a cheater and a liar.”

“He wouldn’t be if you didn’t provoke him. He told me all about the reason why he and your mom divorced. You’re such a slut if I ever saw one.”

“Well, I’m not sleeping with the boss to get a raise! I’m just sleeping with him.” Louis had to move out of the booth so that I could get out. I started to head towards the door and felt something hit me at the back of my head. I turned around to see that it was a roll of bread. Such a child. “Hey! We’re not done here!” Jade called out. “I don’t know why he hired you in the first place. I bet you slept with him just to get a job at the company.”


“Harry, stay out of it.” Interrupted Jade.

“Yeah Harry, listen to your new girlfriend. I’m moving back home.” It was then I stormed out of the restaurant. I walked over to my car, fiddling with my keys as they dropped to the ground. I was about to reach for them when Louis had bent down to pick them up. He handed them to me. I thanked him. “You need a place to crash?” asked he.

“I’m staying at my mom’s.”

“You sure? What if she asks you about what happened tonight? C’mon, I’ll drive.” Louis held out his hand. He had on this painted smile. Even though I didn’t know him very well, I felt like I trusted him. I handed him over my keys and got into my car. “Wait, what about you?” I asked, buckling myself into the passenger seat.

“I had a friend drop me off. He needed to use my car.” Louis began the drive over to his place. I recognized the area--Liam lives around here. He parked the car in the parking lot in front of an apartment building. I followed him up to the third floor and entered his apartment.

It was a fairly nice place with a great view. “I know we weren’t able to finish our meal at the restaurant. I have some leftover pasta. We can open up a bottle of wine, if you’d like.” I told him that I’ll help warm up the food while he opens up the bottle of wine.

After we ate, the two of us were sitting on his couch while drinking some wine. I was starting to feel like Louis and I had this connection, almost as if he reminded me of my dad. “What are your parents like? If you don’t mind me asking.” The fact that I haven’t heard anyone ask me that question before, either that or I don’t remember.

“My mom’s my best friend. She and I are always there for each other. I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for her. She’s helped me with everything and taught me all that I know about boys, relationships. As for my dad, I wish I had gotten to know him as an adult. I will always be his little girl. It saddens me that after all the men my mom had married that not one could ever replace him in my life. Though, I feel that Jared, the man my mom is currently with, is someone I can accept as a father.” I told him.

“What Jade said about you... were those true?”

“The fact that I had come in-between the marriage between she and Harry? Well, it was partially my fault as it had partially been Harry’s. Both of us are equally to blame for their separation. Harry also said that working for my mom was causing a strain, and he wanted to branch out on his own anyway. My mom started to realize that Harry wasn’t going to be in her life forever, as her husband. One, it was the age difference between the two of them. And two, she had guessed that Harry and I would end up together eventually. Now, I just think that there is no hope for him and I to be together.” I looked down at my hands. Louis reached out with his arm and pulled me in for a hug. Apparently I really needed one because of the fact that I had broken down in front of him.

“If you want, I have an extra room for you to stay the night. Besides, you’re in no shape to drive now.” said he. I pulled away and thanked him. He told me where the bathroom was located so I could take a shower. I reminded him that I didn’t have any clothes. “I’ll let you borrow mine. I’ll also grab you an extra towel too.” Louis stood to take our empty glasses into the kitchen.

As soon as he left the room, I stood up and looked at the pictures on the shelves. Most of them were of him and his family. There was one in particular that caught my eye. He was posed with a man. Louis walked into the room to tell me that everything was ready for me in the bathroom. “Who’s this guy you’re pictured with?” I motioned towards the picture.

“An old friend, Zayn Malik. He’s a big time singer now. Yeah, we.. He was my old roommate. He’s actually back in town visiting his girlfriend, so he needed to borrow my car.” said Louis.


“Yeah, Perrie.” I nodded before thanking him again and walked to the bathroom. After taking my shower and getting ready for bed, I was just about to enter the guest bedroom when I noticed Louis’s door was open. I had only caught him for a brief moment of wearing no shirt.

He had tattoos on his body, like Harry. I must say that the tattoos shouldn’t come as a surprise to me. It was when he turned around did I feel like a deer in front of headlights. I felt myself blush bright red with embarrassment. “Oh um... didn’t mean to stare.” I looked away towards the floor.

Louis chucked lightly and asked, “Join me?”

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