*Final instalment in the 'Little British Girl' Trilogy *
One year after Elia’s death, and the entire planet is rebelling. With the news of Xander’s assassination attempt against his own daughter alarming the world, Elda and Luci are leading a powerful resistance, competing with the Southern rebellium, with no powerful government to stop either of them.
And yet, nothing seems to have changed.
Annabeth, alongside Beverly, Zacharia, and Steve Ryans, hide out amidst the chaos , unable to prevent what’s happening right in front of them. Disheartened and helpless.
Then one day, a girl turns up, a girl with heterochromia, with some interesting letters, and some even more interesting information. Could it be that Xander Moore had another daughter? And that Luci has a half-sister?


24. Epilogue (Many years later)

Quinn hadn’t been to the original peace zone in years. It almost felt odd to return, trekking through the woods to that fateful spot. But at the same time, nothing could have felt more right.

As she approached the stone, she realised little had changed. A sign, clear as day, was positioned feets away from the border, stating a clear message to all passers-by.

This is a peace zone.

People who reside her have a right to live a life without violence. None who come here shall bare arms or fight on the land between the stone slab and the edge of the woods. Disrespect this and you disrespect the dead, and all who have suffered. You wrong all those inscribed names.

She glanced at the slab as she read those words, smiling slightly. She noticed, in particular, the words under the name ‘Luci Reeds’,I forgive you, not for you, but for myself.’ She stroked it as she passed by, paying her respects.

Inside the zone was bursting with life, people running around, rushing to their next job or errand. Children, actual healthy living children, played in the open fields, their laughter filling the air. Just years ago it seemed like this would have been impossible, but once people stopped to think, they realised that it was all too easy. Once Annabeth and Daniel set up the first peace zone others followed suit, creating safe spaces for people who didn’t care about north and south or east and west, or even up and down, and those people who just wanted to live undisturbed set up their own small communities. Before long there were peace zones everywhere. Those who still chose to fight and argue among themselves ended up killing each other off, and within ten years most of the planet was peaceful again. The worldwide north-south civil war became but a memory and a chapter in the history books. People learnt once and for all that ruling through divide means ruling through conflict, and that a world where people were just kind and rational was so much better in comparison. New cultures formed, some zones grew into countries, whilst others, like the original, stuck with staying small. The world was unrecognisable, but that only seemed to give people hope.

Quinn made her way through the clearing, heading towards her friend’s house, a small family-run business, ‘Watson & Jackson’, and as she rang the doorbell and stepped inside she realised the most important change of all, that belonging had become less of a geographically-decided concept, and more of an instinctual feeling.

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